Will Captain Yami Die in Black Clover

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Yami Sukehiro is commonly known as Captain Yami in Black Clover. In the last chapter, there have been all kinds of speculations about Yami’s death by him. In this post, we will discuss everything he came to know about the latest incidents in Black Clover and how he relates to the speculation surrounding Yami’s death.

The posts have references to the Black Clover manga and probably spoilers for all those who are not up to date with the latest chapters. So read at your risk!

The current arc is the kingdom of swords arc and it has been serving us with its set of surprises and plot twists. In recent events, we have seen that the villains have gained enormous power. Yami may not belong to the clover kingdom, but his actions have shown that he is a true member. Furthermore, he has earned the title of captain and is known as one of the strongest mages in Black Clover. All this has made him have a fan base and be one of the favorites.

So how does one of the strongest wizards approach death? When Yami and Asta fight Dante, they win the match. However, there is a certain turn of events where Captain Yami is almost dead.

Is Captain Yami dead?

No, according to the latest updates, no Yami is confirmed to be DEAD! The fight between Dante and the black bulls. Asta and Yami have fought relentlessly against Dante’s overwhelming strength. Dante is almost unable to defend himself and the fierce battle was about to come to an end when something unimaginable happened.

It is Zenon’s appearance that affected the sudden turn of events. He used his bone magic on him and captured Captain Yami and saved Dante from further harm. The reasoning behind Zenon capturing Yami is to conjure the Qliphoth Tree. The following will release all the strongest demons from the underworld to the human world.

However, for the dark triad plan to work, there needs to be two arcane stage mages and either William or Yami. William is already captured. With William Yami and William captured and held captive in the center of the Quiploth tree, spell formation is not far off. Meaning, once the tree is fully grown and William and Yami’s mana is activated, it will be the end for both arcane mages.

There are limitless possibilities, but in order to save Captain Yami, we have to wait for whatever in the future of Black Bulls to be reset. But the death of Captain Yami is going to be a big blow for the black bulls. The consequences of capturing Yami remain to be seen until then, stay tuned for Spoilerfox.