Why Boruto chapter 77: is likely going to break the internet

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Why Boruto chapter 77: is likely going to break the internet

Boruto chapter 76, titled A Girl’s Sanctuary, had Eida connecting with Sarada and Sumire as they discussed the cyborg’s emotions for Kawaki and love in general. While talking with Eida, the two shinobi found they were resistant to her love enchantment, giving them an edge over the two karma bearers who were always under Daemon’s watch.

While chapter 76 was expositional in terms of substance, it did give some hints that the following chapter might herald the start of the series’ next great fight.


Clues left in Boruto chapter 76 suggest Boruto vs. Kawaki showdown and Code’s attack in chapter 77
Boruto’s vision

Boruto chapter 75 foretold the first signs of approaching tragedy when Momoshiki stated that Boruto and his own thoughts were seeping into one other’s mind as a result of the Otsutsuki utilizing his genetic data to rebuild his vessel’s body. However, the younger Uzumaki temporarily exhibited Momoshiki’s dojutsu and experienced some fragmentary views of the future, thus the adverse effects extended beyond merely their minds being connected.

The vision saw Konoha village in complete disarray, with Leaf shinobi looking for someone attempting to flee the town. It’s unclear if the vision was from Momoshiki’s point of view or that of an omnipresent observer, but the pieces depicted someone being harassed by Team 10.

An enraged Shikadai deployed Shadow Binding jutsu and questioned if such an act by someone he considered a friend was acceptable, after which the scene immediately changed to reveal Sarada crying out to Mitsuki, having discovered the fugitive. The vision then showed an angry Mitsuki activating Sage Mode, followed by Kawaki in his activated karma form and blood-stained visage, staring down at someone.

Boruto was reminded of Otsutsuki’s prophesy about his blue eyes stealing everything from him. The vision did not seem to take place in the far future, since all of the characters looked just as they do in the manga.


Kawaki’s reaction to Momoshiki’s presence

Momoshiki and Boruto’s thoughts crossed over again in chapter 76, garnering Kawaki’s notice. At the conclusion of the chapter, the elder karma-bearer faced the younger Uzumaki and demanded that the heavenly villain come out rather than skulking about within his vessel’s awareness.

Momoshiki had foreseen Kawaki’s hatred, urging the younger Uzumaki in chapter 75 to make sure no one, particularly Kawaki, could notice his active presence. It is extremely likely that the Otsutsuki would either reject or be unable to take over his vessel’s body as he had done before, forcing Kawaki to assault the blond ninja.

An dispute between the two karma carriers might lead Sarada and the others to discover that Kawaki attempted to murder Boruto during Code’s earlier assault, turning them against the elder karma bearer in retaliation. Shikadai and Mitsuki’s responses in the younger Uzumaki’s vision support this notion, while also implying that Kawaki may attempt to flee the Hidden Leaf hamlet after the debacle.

Another potential danger in the next chapter 77 may be an invasion on Konoha village by an army of improved Ten Tails. Eida parted ways with Code in Chapter 72, after which the villain retrieved the Ten Tails from their hiding location and tagged them with his Claw markings, promising to destroy Kawaki and the Hidden Leaf.

In Chapter 76, an angry Shikamaru chastised Team E for being late and inquired about Nishi’s whereabouts. Nishi was originally introduced in the series as a sensory-type ninja entrusted with keeping an eye on Kawaki after the death of Isshiki.

It is not unreasonable to believe that the sensory team discovered some type of breach or abnormality and were attempting to communicate the information to Shikamaru, who prioritized Sarada and Sumire’s disclosure of their immunity to Eida’s love charm above Team E’s report.


Final thoughts

Fans were let down by the substance of Chapter 76, particularly since chapter 75 was jam-packed with fresh facts and vital information. Readers who have questioned the love element dominating the recent chapter may find the potential of Kawaki and Boruto fighting again in chapter 77 significantly more appealing. Code’s assault on Konoha would be an even more unexpected occurrence that would have a significant impact on the series’ narrative.