Tokyo Revengers chapter 277 :spoilers and raw scans Takemichi and Mikey form a new Toman as many beloved characters return

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Tokyo Revengers chapter 277 :

Tokyo Revengers chapter 277 is the series’ last chapter, and fans have been anticipating a joyful conclusion since chapter 276 hinted at a thorough reset of the histories. Today’s disclosures not only expanded on this new chronology, but also highlighted the changed lives of some fan favorites.

Given the responses of readers to the last chapter, Tokyo Revengers chapter 277 is sure to irritate many fans. However, mangaka Wakui seems to have sought for an overall happy finish for his work, and every reader is likely to choose the survival of their favorite character above any other loss or misallocation of connections.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 277 spoilers hint at a long-awaited happy ending as a new timeline emerges

Mikey and Takemichi discover they had both gone back in time, according to the raw scans. Takemichi calls it a miracle, and the two boys run through the streets to celebrate the return of their loved ones, as Shinichiro, Baji, Sanzu, and Emma stare in bemusement. Later, as they gaze out over the city from a rooftop, Mikey inquires about the future. The latter responds that his purpose was to rescue Mikey, thus he did not plan ahead of time. He is not concerned, though, since his pal is present.

According to the spoilers, Tokyo Revengers chapter 277 then had numerous significant events. Takemichi is now a founder member of Toman, and he takes Kisaki with him as a buddy. Haruchiyo is also present since he never had a falling out with Mikey and hence has no scars. Shinichiro survives, and Kazutora and Baji are never imprisoned for his murder. The Black Dragons, ruled by Taiju, join Toman, as does Tenjiku, ruled by Izana.

Mikey and Takemichi stare at the sunset after conquering and integrating all of their prior opponents, much like Mikey did with Draken. The new Tokyo Manji Kai meets again in their Shrine, where the chapter announces the essential members. The tale jumps ahead 11 years, among the triumphant yells of Toman members. On July 3, 2017, the final page of Tokyo Revengers chapter 277 transports readers to a chapel.

Toman’s new formation

As shown in Tokyo Revengers chapter 277 raw scans, the new Toman is formed as follows:

President – Mikey, Acting President (Shouchou Dairi) – Takemichi Hanagaki, Vice President – Draken

Special Division (Sanbou) – Tetta Kisaki and Shuuji Hanma

1st Division Captain – Keisuke Baji, Vice-Captain – Chifuyu Matsuno

2nd Division Captain – Takashi Mitsuya, Vice-Captain – Hakkai Shiba

3rd Division Captain – Pah-Chin, Vice-Captain – Peh-Yan

4th Division Captain – Kazutora Hanemiya

5th Division Captain – Haruchiyo Sanzu, Vice-Captain – Senju Kawaragi

6th Division Captain – Smiley, Vice-Captain – Angry

7th Division Captain – Taiju Shiba, Vice-Captains – Hajime Kokonoi and Seishu Inui, notable members – presumably the former members of Black Dragons (10th Generation)

8th Division Captain – Izana Kurokawa, Vice-Captain – Kakucho, notable members – Haitani Brothers, Kanji Mochizuki, Yasuhiro Muto, Shion Madarame, and presumably the rest of Tenjiku


Beyond calling it a miracle, Tokyo Revengers chapter 277 does not explain how Takemichi and Mikey both went back in time. The raw scans make it obvious that the chapter does not portray how Mikey and Takemichi rescued their buddies, but readers may make an informed guess on that front. Shinichiro’s death was most likely avoided because Kazutora was not swayed by the Dark Impulses.

Given that the reason for Haruchiyo and Senju rejecting their family name was never clearly stated, it is intriguing to see them both take new surnames (Sanzu and Kawaragi, respectively). While Emma and Yuzuha are named, Akane Inui is not addressed. Given that both Koko and Inupi joined the Back Dragons, and subsequently Toman, it’s questionable if Takemichi is able to save Akane.

Takemichi and Hinata’s wedding is most likely set up on the last page of Tokyo Revengers chapter 277. Hina was noticeably missing from the spoilers, and with Kisaki in the mix, it’s unclear if her and Takemichi’s relationship would stay the same in this new timeframe. Another notable omission was the Mizo Middle Five. Hopefully, the official translation will provide readers with further understanding into these concerns.