Tokyo Revengers chapter 275: Takemichi faces a tragic fate trying to save Mikey from his Dark Impulse

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 275 is the series’ penultimate chapter, and it sets up the final time leap. A prominent character may die in this chapter, and Mikey’s Dark Impulse is explained in further detail. Furthermore, Takemichi’s attempts to save Mikey ultimately reap fruit.

While the character’s demise is practically certain, Tokyo Revengers chapter 275 raises questions. With the story nearing to a conclusion, mangaka Wakui will undoubtedly want to tie up as many loose ends as possible, albeit hopefully not by killing off one of his heroes.

Mikey fatally wounds Takemichi under the influence of the Dark Impulse in Tokyo Revengers chapter 275

Cold Hearted is the title of Tokyo Revengers chapter 275.

Mikey started the chapter battling with his control over the Dark Impulse before deciding to quit thinking about it. With a psychotic smile on his face, he chased after Takemichi, picking up Sanzu’s fallen Katana. Pah-Chin pondered in the background how Takemichi intended to get rid of the Dark Impulse, given that it was practically a curse.

Mikey proceeded to overcome Takemichi, slicing his arm and temporarily paralyzing him. Sanzu exclaimed that the Dark Impulse and Mikey are the same thing, and that everyone who attempted to rescue him had perished. This was the curse, and if Takemichi did not cease, it would take his life. However, seconds before being stabbed by the Katana, the Second Gen Toman President urged him to stop talking.

Takemichi, on the other hand, moved towards Manjiro, impaling himself even more, and hugged his buddy. He pledged that he would not succumb to the Dark Impulse and instead carry the load since Mikey was his “buddy for Life.” Mikey came to when he heard the word “friend,” and he was horrified at what he had done. Takemichi, on the other hand, requested to grasp Mikey’s hand and said that he was the trigger.

Takemichi insisted on going back in time and rescuing Mikey over and over again, much to the chagrin of the latter. His words blurred slowly before collapsing onto Mikey, who was clutching his hand. Takemichi, on the other hand, did not seem to have gone back in time.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 275 concluded with everyone there sobbing in agony as Mikey wailed while clutching Takemichi’s motionless corpse.


Takemichi and Mikey are seen holding hands in Tokyo Revengers chapter 275, however the former does not seem to have traveled back in time. Takemichi may have genuinely breathed his last here, in which case the collision of timelines would come to a halt until someone else took up the mantle.

The Dark Impulse, according to Sanzu’s allegation in Tokyo Revengers chapter 275, is a curse that has become inseparable from Mikey and displays itself by killing everyone who attempts to rescue the youngster. He adds that the years he spent following Mikey were like a trance, raising the issue of whether the curse may inspire other people’s love and affection for its host.

It is unclear if the curse has been broken, but Mikey’s response to the word “friend” shows that the curse feeds on his loneliness, and the only way to overcome it is to surround him with people who love him. It seems to reason that if those who care about Manjiro pose a danger to the curse, the curse will try to remove them, creating a self-sustaining loop.


The bulk of the fanbase believes Takemichi has delegated authority to Mikey, who will most likely do the series’ last time-leap, resetting a considerable number of tragedies. This raises the issue of whether Mikey will have to confront death in order to initiate his first time-leap, or whether Takemichi’s death would suffice.

However, it is conceivable that Takemichi is only unconscious and will awaken in the past or future, correcting whatever triggered the whole cycle. The incident is most likely Manjiro’s accident in the original timeline, which if subverted would result in a total reset. Many readers have noted that every time-leaper has perished tragically so far. Hopefully, mangaka Wakui will not choose to conclude his story on a sad note.