Tokyo Revengers chapter 275 spoilers hint at Mikey’s upcoming time-leap

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Tokyo Revengers chapter 275 spoilers suggest that this future edition in the manga will be incredibly terrible. The conflict between Mikey and Takemichi will take an unexpected turn. This announcement startled the audience, considering the manga series is set to conclude in just a few weeks.

However, the events in Tokyo Revengers chapter 275 may result in the birth of a new time-leaper, Manjiro Sano. Mikey travels back in time to avoid a disaster, according to the final few panels released on social media.

Continue reading to find out why the Tokyo Revengers chapter 275 spoilers hint to Mikey becoming a time-traveler.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 275 Release Date and Time

The forthcoming chapter of Tokyo Revengers aka chapter 275 is expected to release on 25th October 2022. It will be published around midnight in Japan and will release globally on the following dates and times:

Pacific Daylight Time: 8 AM
Central Daylight Time: 10 AM
Eastern Daylight Time: 11 AM
British Summer Time: 4 PM
Central European Time: 5 PM
Indian Standard Time: 8.30 PM

Takemichi may have given Mikey his powers before his death in Tokyo Revengers chapter 275

The spoilers for Tokyo Revengers chapter 275 revealed, as predicted, that Mikey and Takemichi’s ultimate combat will take place in the chapter. Takemichi had already implored his companion to cease suppressing his Dark Impulses, which were steadily ripping him apart. Mikey was promised by Hanagaki that his ability to see into the future would keep him safe.

Manjiro, believing his friend’s words, allowed the Dark Impulses to completely dominate his body. Mikey will transform into an entirely new person in Chapter 275, one who is only concerned with death.

According to the leaks, the blonde will assault Takemichi with Haruchiyo’s sword. Despite his capacity to see into the future, Hanagaki will be too late to avert the assaults.

Takemichi will have cuts all over his body at the conclusion of the fight and will be unable to move. Mikey will take use of this opportunity and thrust the blade into his friend’s chest, sealing his doom.

Regardless, Takemichi will embrace Mikey and declare that he would go through whatever hardship to rescue his buddy. Manjiro will try to transport Takemichi back in time by holding his hand.

Unfortunately, Takemichi will die in Mikey’s arms since the trigger did not fire this time. Manjiro will no longer be dominated by the Dark Impulses, but his loss of Takemichi will be devastating.

However, during the final few leaked panels, enthusiasts discovered something unexpected. When Mikey and Takemichi clasp hands, the time-traveling abilities seem to be activated.

Wakui depicted this with a thin line connecting both boys, as if to indicate that the trigger did really operate. The community took note and devised a new explanation about what occurred with the powers.

According to the fandom, Takemichi never planned to travel back in time since he knew he couldn’t rescue Mikey.

Instead, he granted Manjiro the time-traveling skills that Shinichiro had given him before. Fans may learn in Tokyo Revengers chapter 275 that Mikey is now a time-traveler entrusted with preventing Hanagaki from dying in the future.

Unfortunately, the manga is scheduled to finish in chapter 278, which means Wakui will not have enough time to clear things out before the conclusion.

A new sequel?

After Tokyo Revengers chapter 275 spoilers were posted online, many fans wondered why Wakui would murder Takemichi so close to the conclusion. Giving Mikey the power to go back in time was a wise decision since it would protect him from the Dark Impulses. Nonetheless, Takemichi did not have to die in order to complete this mission.

Many fans assumed that when the Tokyo Revengers manga ended, Wakui would announce a successor series. The community speculates that this new series will center on Mikey as a time-traveler.

Wakui would have more time to explore the notion of Manjiro coming back in time to help Takemichi if he made a sequel. The series still has several story gaps and mysteries that have yet to be answered as of the imminent publication of Tokyo Revengers chapter 275. We’re still not sure why Hanma was portrayed as such a pivotal figure early in the series.

The riddle of how the aforementioned youngster and Kisaki became aware of the time-traveling ability was also seemingly forgotten. Furthermore, it’s almost impossible for Wakui to send Mikey back in time in just three chapters. The most reasonable answer is a hypothetical sequel with Manjiro as the protagonist.

Final thoughts

Tokyo Revengers chapter 275 is without a question one of the most contentious passages in the series. While some fans were angered at Takemichi’s death, others were concerned about the series’ future.

Still, we can only hope that Wakui has a plan for the future of his series. We’ve already lost our protagonist, so we’re in dire need of another.

The prospect of Mikey becoming a time-traveler and taking over as the manga’s hero after Tokyo Revengers chapter 275 is quite enticing to viewers. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a few more days to find out what Wakui has in store for his admirers.