Tokyo Revengers Chapter 223- Draken About to Die!!!

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The plot of Tokyo Avengers has always been crazy. Death is often expected and situations become irreversible when it happens in the past. In the recent chapters, the life of one of the main characters is in danger. It is none other than, Draken.

Draken’s death is first mentioned in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 223, when Draken reveals that he was shot three times during the battle with the men who intended to assassinate Takemichi. The Tokyo Assassins have entered a new era of BRAHMAN vs. Three Deities, which will start shortly.

Mikey sees that it is raining hard outside the window and asks his helper what is going on. Mikey replies that he is worried about tonight. Meanwhile, at the Amusement Park, residents talk about guns and speculate who will be shot soon.

They opted to leave before blood was spilled on them, leaving Draken in charge of the stubborn punks. Takemichi is grabbing Senju and trying to protect her from injury. Draken steps forward and engages four men, but the fourth is already on the ground, having eaten Mikey’s kick.

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 222 Recap

Takemichi and Senju wanted to leave the amusement park in the latest episode of Tokyo Avengers, and Takemichi was surprised when Draken started telling him to take care of Mikey. Draken is lying on his back as the rain continues to pour down. Takemichi notices Draken’s tone of voice has changed and wonders what’s going on.

“Give Back” is the title of the chapter. Takemichi sees Draken lying in a pool of blood and breaks down crying. Draken expresses his displeasure with his hands and the changing sky. Takemichi assured Draken that he had called an ambulance and that Senju was on his way to help them. He vows to save him, but Draken informs him that he is dying. In the photo, Draken has three bullet holes in his body and Takemichi tells him to stop saying he will die. During the fight with the punks, Draken uses his body as a shield and absorbs three bullets as he defends Takemichi.

Draken is worried about what will happen and is advised to keep it a secret because he has the ability to see into the future. Senju was supposed to die to protect Takemichi in the future, but they were able to prevent it. Senju is puzzled as to what the two are discussing, and Takemichi mentions Draken’s gratitude. The two are relieved that they have altered the course of history.

Senju informed Takemichi that they had to leave or they would be in danger if anyone came. Draken urged Takemichi to tell Mikey that he doesn’t create a ruckus because he has already done his part and is lying in the rain.

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 223 Release Date

There has been no reported delay in the release date. In that case, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 223 will be released on June 16, 2021. However, if there are any other changes, it will be reflected here.

Where to read Toko Revengers manga?

Tokyo Avengers manga is officially available on Kodansha. But a subscription is needed to read the manga. However, the English translation is found shortly after its release in Japan.

About The Tokyo Avengers

Tokyo Manji Revengers is one of Kodansha’s award-winning manga series. Takemichi finds himself in a future that he could never have imagined. A future where he has accomplished little, he has lost his high school sweetheart and has no reason to live. However, he is given the chance to make up for his past mistakes.

The manga has come a long way since Takemichi and his friends were beaten up by members of the Tokyo manji organization. From there, the group has progressed to the point where everyone has a role to play. The manga has already started the last arc, which is the final fight that will end everything. Takemichi, on the other hand, doesn’t want Mickey to bear the consequences of his previous statements.

This is all about Tokyo Manji Revengers Chapter 210. Until the release of the next chapter, stay tuned for Spoilerfox.