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Tokyo Avengers already has the final arc. Takemichi has succeeded in his initial purpose of time travel, which was to save his high school sweetheart, Hinata. However, he also has another purpose: to solve the problem with the Toman gang. He desperately wants to save Mickey, who once accepted Takemichi into the Tokyo manji gang. In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 210 we will know “Can Takemichi save Mickey in the final arc?”

In the new chapter, we see that Takemichi has gone back in time. Mickey tried to save people’s business in exchange for him having to sacrifice himself to the take gang. The terms of the deal with Toman’s gang have pushed him over the edge.

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 210

In the previous chapter, we saw that Mickey broke up with the manji group in Tokyo. Also many members with familiar faces go on with their lives. Pah chan and Peh chan are seen looking for rooms and they are all quite picky. That was what led them to open their real estate company. The group members gather and Hakkai invites Chifuyu and Takemichi to meet everyone.

Chifuyu asks Takemichi to share his plan with everyone, but he disagrees. Takemichi is happy to see everyone, he understands how everyone has moved on in their lives. Chifuyu works part time at a pet store and everyone has their own goals or their own goals to work towards. He has memories of the days when he shared his dreams with Mickey and swore to protect everyone.

In the current timeline, Takemichi can relate to what Mickey had said back then. However, Takemichi wants to save Mickey from his fate and do his best to bring him to the future. He doesn’t have many clues. At that moment his phone rings, it’s Draken Kun! He asks Takemichi to meet him.

Ken Ryuguji aka Draken also has something planned. He is also good friends with Mickey. Calling Takemichi at this hour might also cause them to share similar thoughts, which is to save Mickey and bring him back to the future in one piece.

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Tokyo Avengers Chapter 210 Release Date

There has been no reported delay in the release date. In that case, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 210 will be released on June 16, 2021. However, if there are any other changes, it will be reflected here.

Where to read Toko Revengers manga?

Tokyo Avengers manga is officially available on Kodansha. But a subscription is needed to read the manga. However, the English translation is found shortly after its release in Japan.

About The Tokyo Avengers

Tokyo Manji Revengers is one of Kodansha’s award-winning manga. Takemichi falls into a future that he had never imagined. A future where he hadn’t accomplished anything and he lost his high school sweetheart and he doesn’t find much to live for. But he has the opportunity to rectify all the past.

With repeated time travel, the manga has come a long way since Takemichi and his group were beaten up by members of the Tokyo manji group. From there the group has come a long way where everyone has a purpose. The manga has already entered the final arc: The final battle to end everything. However, Takemichi doesn’t want Mickey to carry the words he said in the past. Will Draken be able to save Mickey together with Takemichi?

This is all about Tokyo Manji Revengers Chapter 210. Until the release of the next chapter, stay tuned for Spoilerfox.