The 100 strongest Naruto characters, ranked

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Naruto is a well-known shonen series. This thread will compile a list of the 100 most powerful characters from Masashi Kishimoto’s masterwork, ranked from weakest to greatest.

While Naruto characters’ strength varies dependent on power-ups, this list will only include the most powerful form of each character. Furthermore, Boruto characters will not be considered.

Given the variety of strategies used in the series, certain 1v1 matches may result in unexpected results. Characters rated higher are often stronger than those placed lower, particularly when comparing characters of various levels.


From Jinin Akebino to Kaguya Otsutsuki, the 100 most powerful Naruto characters, ranked weakest to strongest
Strong jonin Level

Some shinobi have achieved a high level of dependability after mastering numerous branches of ninja technique. Their unusual tactics make them well-suited to dealing with most scenarios. As a result, communities can rely on them.

100) Jinin – A member of the Mist’s Seven Ninja Swordsmen’s strongest generation.
99) Kushimaru – A member of the Mist’s Seven Ninja Swordsmen’s strongest generation.
98) Fuguki – A member of the Mist’s Seven Ninja Swordsmen’s strongest generation.
97) Ameyuri Ringo – A member of the Mist’s Seven Ninja Swordsmen’s strongest generation.
96) Fu Yamanaka – A senior member of Root, a clandestine ANBU group.
95) Torune – A high-ranking member of the ANBU group Root.
94) Asuma – A seasoned jonin from the Hidden Leaf.
93) Shino – A gifted member of the Aburame clan of the Hidden Leaf.
92) Sai – A former Root member
91) Haku – As a mercenary ninja with the Yuki clan’s Bloodline Ability, he became Zabuza’s companion.
90) Zabuza – A missing-nin dubbed the “Demon of the Hidden Mist,” he was a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist’s strongest generation.

Borderline S-rank level

The strongest jonin-class representatives may be eligible for the S-rank level. To be sure, in Naruto, rankings aren’t absolute. Some jonins are stronger than kages, while others are just marginally stronger than top jonins.

89) Chojuro, the Sixth Mizukage, was a member of the new generation of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.
88) Kurotsuchi – A Hidden Stone jonin who rose to become the Fourth Tsuchikage.
87)Temari is a talented Wind Release user from the Hidden Sand.
86) Kankuro – A Hidden Sand master puppeteer.
85) Konohamaru – A polished Hidden Leaf jonin.
84) Kimimaro – The Sound Five’s leader and the lone survivor of the Kaguya clan.
83) Choji – A gifted member of the Akimichi clan of the Hidden Leaf.
82) Neji – A young shinobi
cclaimed as a prodigy even by the Hidden Leaf’s Hyuga clan’s high standards.
81) Suigetsu – Suigetsu joined Sasuke’s Team Taka after being a skilled member of the Hidden Leaf’s Hozuki clan.
80) Juugo – A dangerous man who can alter himself using natural energy. He joined Team Taka under Sasuke.
79) Yamato – A well-known jonin and ANBU from the Hidden Leaf, he has the very rare Wood Release.
78) Hizashi – A talented jonin of the Hyuga clan of the Hidden Leaf.
77) Hiashi – The current Hyuga clan head of the Hidden Leaf.
76) Mangetsu – The most powerful member of the Mist’s Seven Ninja Swordsmen’s strongest generation.


Low S-rank Level

Although they pale in comparison to the greatest S-rank members, ninjas like Darui, Tsunade, Hidan, and Mei Terumi should not be overlooked.

75) Kitsuchi – A strong jonin from the Hidden Stone.
74) Hidan – An S-rank missing-nin and Akatsuki member.
73) Shikamaru – The current Nara clan chief of the Hidden Leaf.
72) Mei Terumi is the Fifth Mizukage.
71) Chiyo – A very competent and experienced Hidden Sand puppeteer.
70) Mifune – The commander of the Land of Iron’s samurai army.
69) Rasa is the Fourth Kazekage.
68) The Third Kazekage – Prior to Gaara’s election, he was regarded as the strongest Kazekage.
67) Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage, was a great ninja medic. She is one of the Hidden Leaf’s Three Legendary Ninjas.
66) Darui – A famous jonin who served as the Fourth Raikage’s right-hand man before rising to become the Fifth Raikage himself.
65) Konan – An S-rank missing-nin and Akatsuki member.

Average S-rank Level

Characters with an S-rank are formidable foes who should never be underestimated. They are all hiding extraordinary assets. They may become very deadly if they use their talents.

64) Guruguru – A Zetsu clone with exceptional talents.
63) Ginkaku – Along with his brother Kinkaku, he was the most infamous criminal in the Hidden Cloud narrative.
62) Kinkaku – Along with his brother Kinkaku, he was the most infamous criminal in the Hidden Cloud narrative.
61) Fu – The Seven Tails’ most recent jinchuriki.
60) Utakata – The Six Tails’ most recent jinchuriki.
59) Han – The Five Tails’ most recent jinchuriki.
58) Roshi – The Four Tails’ most recent jinchuriki. He was able to put up a good battle against Kisame before being beaten.
57) Yugito Ni – The Two Tails’ most recent jinchuriki. He was able to put up a good battle against Kakuzu and Hidan before being beaten.
56) Yagura – The Three Tails’ most recent jinchuriki. He was the Mizukage’s fourth year.
55) Kushina – A scion of the illustrious Uzumaki clan, she was a brilliant kunoichi and former jinchuriki of the Nine Tails.
54) Sakura – A kunoichi member of Team Seven of the Hidden Leaf. She became into a medical ninja who outperforms even Tsunade.
53) Rock Lee – A powerful taijutsu expert who was personally trained by Might Guy.


Mid S-rank Level

Tailed Beasts can’t unleash their full potential unless they have a perfected jinchuriki that completely exploits their skills. They are, nonetheless, very strong creatures.

52) Shukaku – The One Tail, a gigantic tailed beast.
51) Matatabi – The Two Tails, a gigantic tailed beast with two tails.
50) Isobu – One of the enormous tailed animals, The Three Tails.
49) Son Goku – One of the enormous tailed creatures, The Four Tails.
48) One of the gigantic tailed animals is Kokuo – The Five Tails.
47) Saiken – One of the enormous tailed animals, The Six Tails.
46) Chomei – One of the enormous tailed animals, The Seven Tails.
45) Gyuki – One of the giant tailed animals, The Eight Tails.

High S-Rank Level

Because of their unique abilities and skills, Akatsuki members are regarded tremendous dangers. Their actions guarantee that their names, like those of other first-class persons, are known across the Naruto world.

44) Hanzo – The Hidden Rain’s famous shinobi leader.
43) Sasori – A missing-nin of the S level who joined Akatsuki. He was a master puppeteer.
42) Kakuzu – An Akatsuki S-rank missing-nin. His body possessed a one-of-a-kind structure made of threads and five hearts.
41) Deidara – An Akatsuki S-rank missing-nin. He was able to execute deadly moves by using his Explosion Release.


Elite S-rank Level

The most powerful warriors in the S-rank class have highly refined skills and terrifying powers. Among them are many formidable Kage as well as two renowned characters, Jiraiya and Orochimaru.

40) Kisame – An Akatsuki S-rank missing-nin. His sword Samehada, as well as his tremendous Water Release skills, made him a formidable adversary.
39) Shisui – A skilled member of the Hidden Leaf’s Uchiha clan. He had exceptional command in genjutsu techniques.
38) Danzo – The ANBU faction Root’s creator and commander. He was chosen as the contender for the Sixth Hokage.
37) A Fourth – The Fourth Raikage was a quick and strong hand-to-hand combatant who governed the Hidden Cloud.
36)Onoki is the third Tsuchikage. He was able to make advantage of the very uncommon Dust Release.
35) Gaara – The One Tail’s previous jinchuriki. He rose to the rank of Fifth Kazekage and continued to hone his abilities.
34) Orochimaru – Former member of Akatsuki and one of the Three Legendary Ninjas. He is a terrible guy who seeks immortality.
33) Jiraiya is one of the legendary three ninjas. He was Naruto’s boss.
32) Gengetsu – Tsuchikage II. A skilled practitioner of genjutsu and Water Release.
A skilled practitioner of genjutsu and Water Release. Mu is the second Tsuchikage. He was Onoki’s boss.
30) A Third – The Raikage. He had a very tough body.

High Tier Level

Despite not being on the same level as the top tiers, these characters have tremendous potential. Sakumo Hatake’s renown, for example, eclipsed that of the Three Legendary Ninjas.

29) Zetsu – Kaguya’s tangible expression of his intent. He was practically unkillable due to his numerous talents.
28) Izuna – One of the most powerful Uchiha clan members of all time.
27) Sakumo – A ninja known as “Konoha’s White Fang” for his incredible strength.
26) Hiruzen is the Third Hokage. In his heyday, his power was astounding.
25) Killer Bee – The Eight Tails jinchuriki. He can fully use the abilities of his tailed beast.
24) The Gedo Mazo – The Ten Tails’ husk after its chakra was detached from its body.

Top Tier Level

Ninjas in this category have developed their skills to the utmost degree. Members of this class honed their skills in one or more areas of ninja art and learned amazing methods.

Few individuals can afford to engage in fight with these famous ninjas without risking their lives. In fact, their opponents would be wise to escape at the sight of them.

23) Kurama, The Nine Tails. The strongest of all tailed animals. Naruto Uzumaki was the one who sealed it.
22) Itachi – A brilliant member of the Uchiha clan. He was accepted into the Akatsuki.
21) The Six Paths of Pain – Six corpses controlled remotely by Nagato, who deployed Rinnegan methods on them.
20) Kabuto – As Orochimaru’s previous right-hand man, he gained access to the White Snake Sage Mode.
19) Minato – A brilliant ninja who rose to become the Fourth Hokage. “Konoha’s Yellow Flash” was his nickname.
18) Tobirama: The Second Hokage. He was a master of the Water Release and space-time procedures.
17) Nagato – Akatsuki’s originator and leader. He could employ the Rinnegan skills considerably more effectively than the Six Paths of Pain.


Legend Level

Hashirama Senju, the famous “God of Shinobi,” was a one-of-a-kind ninja. Even Madara and the Nine Tails couldn’t defeat him, as depicted in an incredible flashback.

Hashirama has tremendous overall strength with Wood Release and Sage Mode. Despite not being a godly-amped ninja, he may be on par with Kinshiki, a member of the Otsutsuki clan, in terms of power.

16) Kinshiki – An Otsutsuki clan member.
15) The First Hokage, Hashirama. He was known as the “God of Shinobi” and was the first to employ the infamous Wood Release.


God Tier Level

This category contains just a few ninjas with legendary and fearsome abilities, such as Obito, who became the jinchuriki of the Ten Tails, and Might Guy, the greatest taijutsu fighter in the series.

Ascending to superhuman levels, they reached and beyond the level of certain Otsutsuki clan members. Toneri and Momoshiki, for example, were the major antagonists in the previous Naruto films.

14) The Ten Tails – A massive beast formed by the union of Kaguya’s chakra and the God Tree.
13) Toneri – An Otsutsuki clan member. He had the Tenseigan, allowing him to utilize a lethal Chakra Mode.
12) Indra – Hagoromo Otsutsuki’s oldest son.
11) Ashura – Hagoromo Otsutsuki’s youngest son.
10) Momoshiki – A formidable Otsutsuki clan member with terrifying attacking capabilities.
9) Hamura – He assisted Hagoromo in sealing Kaguya as his brother.
8) Obito – A former Kakashi comrade who gained leadership of the Akatsuki. He was the jinchuriki of the Ten Tails during the Fourth Ninja War.
7) Might Guy – The series’ strongest taijutsu fighter. His physical prowess was astounding, enabling him to corner even Madara.


Supreme God Tier Level

A few people represent the utmost peak of strength in the Naruto universe. They are transcendent entities who can achieve heights no other character in the series can.

Among them are divine ninjas like Madara, Kakashi, Naruto, and Sasuke. They are related to the enthralling aliens of the Otsutsuki clan.

6) Sasuke – The series’ co-protagonist. He was given a unique Rinnegan by Hagoromo.
5) Kakashi – A brilliant ninja who served as Team Seven’s leader. He achieved god-tier deeds against Kaguya by using the tremendous talents of his Mangekyo Sharingan.
4) Naruto – The series’ protagonist. He got the entire Nine Tails abilities as well as the all-powerful Six Paths Sage Mode.
3) Madara – The Uchiha clan’s strongest member. He became the Ten Tails’ jinchuriki and released his Rinnegan.
2) Hagoromo – The guy dubbed the “Sage of the Six Paths.”
1) Kaguya – The everlasting Goddess of Chakra. She was the series’ penultimate adversary and fiercest antagonist, with unrivaled abilities.


Final Thoughts

Many formidable figures have appeared in the Naruto series. Some new characters were added in the last installment of the series, while a few recurrent ones got extraordinary boosts, pushing their power to the maximum levels.

Kaguya, Hagoromo, and Momoshiki are members of the Otsutsuki clan, an extraterrestrial tribe that is even more deadly than Madara. Others are among the few ninjas capable of competing with the hazardous Otsutsuki. Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Guy, and Obito are examples of this.

Several Naruto characters with visual abilities, such as Rinnegan and Mangekyo Sharingan, are among the strongest. There are, however, exceptional martial arts experts as well as flamboyant combatants that depend on Tailed Beast chakra.

Tobirama, Minato, Nagato, The Six Paths of Pain, Kabuto, and Itachi are among the other great combatants in Naruto. Despite being highly powerful characters in their own right, they fall short of the preceding ones. The same is true for the remaining Kage and Akatsuki members.

There are ninjas with fascinating abilities even at lower levels. These individuals have terrifying bloodline skills or can employ strange tactics inherited from the clan to which they belong.