Spy X Family chapter 70 : Anya and Becky ask for help, Squire gets serious

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In Spy X Family chapter 70, which was just posted a few hours ago, Anya was bolder than ever. The famed extremist group Red Circus kidnapped the bus carrying Anya’s class to the museum. The fanatics were armed and enraged, putting Anya and his classmates’ lives in danger.

The last chapter introduced the members of Red Circus as well as their frightening potential. We also witnessed Anya seek and eventually fail to form a relationship with Damian. Spy X Family chapter 70 picked up where the last episode in the series left off.

Anya used her telepathic abilities to help her friends in Spy X Family chapter 70

Release Time

The chapter 70 will release at 12:00 am as per the Japanese Standard Time, which means that it will premiere outside Japan at or around the following times around the world:

Pacific Daylight Time: 9 AM
Central Daylight Time: 11 AM
Eastern Daylight Time: 12 PM
British Summer Time: 5 PM
Australian Central Time: 12:30 am

What happened in the last chapter?

Spy X Family chapter 69 began with the Chief of Police being alerted about the reemergence of the extremist organization Red Circus. Anya and her friends were going on a trip to Berlin City’s museum. Anya attempted to befriend Damian but only irritated him. The head of Red Circus, Billy Squire, boarded Anya’s bus and informed the youngsters that they were captives.

A display of bravery

Master Henderson was notified about the hijacking of the school buses in Spy X Family chapter 70. The elderly instructor inquired if the police had been notified, to which another teacher responded affirmatively. The authorities instructed them not to notify the parents since doing so would generate turmoil. Henderson agreed and instructed his team to keep the event out of the news.

Meanwhile, Anya was being overwhelmed by the thoughts of her terrified students. Squire and his aggressive demeanor scared the majority of the children. Becky attempted to console Anya, believing she was terrified. Damian grew concerned when he observed the pink-haired girl was not feeling well.

Billy Watkins, Anya’s massive classmate, appeared out of nowhere to calm his companions down. The child reminded his classmates that his father was a high-ranking military commander, implying that the army was already hunting for them. Squire spun around and pointed his rifle at Billy, ordering him to be silent. Thankfully, Billy’s remarks kept his classmates’ spirits up.

Squire’s objective

Squire discussed his plans with the kids in Spy X Family chapter 70. The guy was aware that the majority of the youngsters on the bus were the offspring of important and powerful people. He intended to kidnap the children and negotiate with the administration. This was because he required the parents of the children to persuade government authorities to agree with Red Circus’ wishes.

Sylvia was briefed about the hostage situation at WISE’s headquarters. The lady was initially uninterested, arguing that dealing with such a danger was the responsibility of the local police department. When she discovered that Anya and Damian were inside the bus, she ordered her staff to deploy.

One of the spies asked the handler if she could get Loid involved in the investigation, but the lady said it was impossible. Agent Twilight was on an undercover operation at the time. Sylvia instructed her operatives to remain in the shadows and not get too entangled with the cops.

Anya’s skills

In Spy X Family Chapter 70, Damian and his friends were wondering where the extremist group was bringing them. The youngsters started to consider how they might seek assistance without jeopardizing their lives. Anya had the brilliant notion of reading one of the evil guys’ minds.

Because the lady she was attempting to approach was not thinking of anything beneficial, Anya said she needed to visit the restroom to divert her. The Esper’s strategy succeeded, as she found that they were being escorted to Papier Palace Park.

Becky received this information from the pink-haired girl, who said she translated it by reading the woman’s lips. Anya suggested to her buddy that they leave a note indicating the area they were being brought to for a stranger to locate. They may notify authorities and be rescued if they did this. Unfortunately, Anya’s handwriting was too sloppy to read, so Becky had to compose the message herself.

The young Blackbell decided to paste her student ID to a note pleading for assistance. That way, whomever discovered the message would know it wasn’t garbage. Damian overheard his two classmates conversing and wrote them a message inquiring as to what they were up to.