Solo Leveling Chapter 157 Delayed – Release Date and Updates!

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If you are looking for everything Solo Leveling Chapter 157 related, then look no further because you have come to the right place. Solo Leveling has been gaining a lot of attention currently as it embarks on a new arc that will mainly focus on Jin-Woo killing all the unworthy monarchs who have come to kill him. But be warned, Solo Leveling isn’t always about a happy ending. A big twist is expected in the upcoming chapters and fans are eager to find out what it is all about.

Solo Leveling Chapter 157 Release Date Confirmed?

Solo Leveling Chapter 157 is projected to release on July 7, 2021. Assuming there are no delays this time, Solo Leveling should release its latest chapter next week without a hitch. Usually, when there’s a major delay in the release date streak, publishers make sure to get back on track as quickly as possible. And since the plot gets extremely intense, there won’t be a possible delay next week.

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Solo Leveling 157 Late?

solo levelingsolo leveling chapter 157

Solo Leveling suffered a 2 week delay out of the blue. Previously, Chapter 156 was scheduled to release on June 17, but it was pushed back and was supposed to release on June 24, 2021. Also, the release of the chapter was pushed back another week. Now fans are worried if the next chapter will be delayed as well. But don’t worry, we’ll be sure to update you if there’s a sudden delay. For more on the delays, be sure to stay up to date with Spoilerfox.

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Previously on Chapter 156 –

In chapter 156, we see a rank B hunter amidst the commotion in the streets where the guild members are stationed and the city is being evacuated. Suddenly, a huge beast-like person appears and devours the B-rank Hunter who was apologizing for bumping into him. This is followed by a huge explosion that wipes out all nearby hunters.

The president tries to contact Jin-Woo, but since he is on a romantic trip, he is not available. Meanwhile, the German Hunter and Thomas go to visit the Beast-like person who turns out to be the Beast Monarch. Once Jin-Woo gets the news, he is shocked because he didn’t get any shadow information from him.

He quickly asks the president to see if they can find if the Beast has a shadow. This would act as a method to find out if he really is the Beast Monarch. With no time to spare, Thomas advances and comes face to face with the Beast Monarch. The chapter ends.

What are the speculations and possibilities for solo leveling chapter 157?

solo leveling 2solo leveling chapter 157

The next chapter will feature Jin-Woo racing against time to return to Seoul and help his comrades as they have no previous experience in facing divine creatures. And above all, they are here to kill Jin-Woo, who is none other than the Shadow Monarch. So one can call this the “battle of the monarchs” as in ancient times.

In Solo Leveling 157, Thomas Andre will do his best to fight the Beat Monarch who has enormous strength and supernatural abilities that are beyond Thomas’s capabilities. But let’s see if a little Brain can help Thomas win this battle or at least help him stay alive until Jin-Woo arrives.

Where to read Solo Leveling 157?

Solo Leveling is a Korean webtoon originally appearing on Kakaopage. Since it is the original version, it comes in Korean. The English version is released later, depending on the speed of translation and the content of the chapter.

That’s it for today on Solo Leveling Chapter 157, my fellow weebs. The next chapter is simply going to be amazing, featuring jaw-dropping artwork, over-the-top action sequences, and incredible plot twists and turns. I think it’s safe to say that fans should expect the unexpected in the upcoming chapters.