Solo Leveling Chapter 156- Beginning of the storm! Release Date, Spoilers and More

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Solo Leveling chapter 156 has left everyone worried about how the sung Jin Woo will fight against the enemies that are approaching from the other end of the gate. The lead, Sung Jin Woo, looks really worried and helpless with the tense air around him. The media and citizens around the world talk about doors. At this time Sung Jin finds a contact saved as a friend, it is none other than Cha Hae In. She had previously come to save herself from the statue incident.

They both unknowingly have feelings for each other. As they both enjoyed each other’s company before the doors opened again. Cha Hae In filled a bit of relief from the day she entered the hunter association for two years. Sung Jin showed him the fun part where the doors opened and he lost her father de ella and the two of them had fun. The previous chapter is about the calm before the storm came.

Solo Leveling Chapter 156 Release Date

No delay has been reported so Solo Leveling Chapter 156 will be released on June 17, 2021. However, if there are any changes, it will be reflected here. The next chapter will focus on the serious moments where the hunters will face the monarchs and do their best to survive.

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Where to read Solo Leveling chapter 156?

Solo Leveling is officially available in Korean on Kakaopage. However, the English translations of the webtoon are released shortly after the Korean chapter.

Solo Leveling Overview

Sung Jin Woo was unable to break through the barrier that has worried him about the troubles that await him and the hunter association on the other side. He had previously promised over Go Gun Hee’s corpse that he would avenge Go Gun Hee’s death and fight with monarchs and revive humans. He feels powerless because breaking down the door with everything he has could result in more losses than savings.

On the other hand, Jin Ah and his mom are thinking of evacuating his place from him. Since that way they can at least choose the place where they die. Jin Ah is sad about the upcoming fights and because he won’t be able to enjoy college like the rest and he has to think about surviving at this hour. However, Jin Ah’s mother believes that her son de ella Sung Jin Woo will save them like her husband did.

Solo leveling’s plot hasn’t always been very predictable. There have been losses along with the happy times where the hunters have survived the hard times. Nonetheless, the previous chapter was comforting as the two shared their final moment before the gates reopened and the monarchs entered.

About solo leveling

Solo leveling is a fiction-based South Korean web novel. The manhua has been serialized on KakaoPage since 2016. Later, D&C Media started publishing the novel. The second season of the novel is supposed to be serialized from August 2020. The art and plot of the web novel have gathered a large fan base. It has prompted fans to translate the manhua into several different languages. Netmarble Corp is also developing a game based on the solo leveling plot. A drama is also being planned.

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The story of Solo Leveling began with a hunter who blindly followed the dungeons to pay for the basic needs of his family consisting of his sister and his mother. Everyone made fun of him because he didn’t have many skills as a hunter. Later, when he and his group run into serious trouble in the dungeon, Sung Jin-Woo takes the lead.

Most of his teammates die, but he is able to figure out the terms of the dungeon and can direct the teammates’ ways of survival. He is also able to outlast some of his teammates from him. He later realizes that some things have changed in him and then begins Sung Jin-Woo’s journey from being nothing to a mighty hunter.

That’s all for Solo Leveling chapter 156. If he wants more updates, he’ll keep an eye on Spoilerfox.