One Punch Man Chapter 172: Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, Countdown and Leaks

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Hello there! Today we will provide an update on One Punch Man Chapter 172, including all you need to know about the forthcoming chapter, including its publication date, spoilers, raw scans, and where you can read the new chapter.

One Punch Man is a popular hard-core superhero action manga based on the original webcomic by ONE (who previously wrote Mob Psycho 100) and is illustrated by Yusuke Murata of EyeShield 21. It has some of the most visually stunning battle scenes, as well as incredibly rich art and character writing.

The previous chapter opens with Pig God searching Debris for any creatures. The official of the Hero Association requests that he return for treatment, but Pig God refuses. At that point, the monster Evil Natural Water emerges from the ruins, reduced to the size of a puddle. Pig God quickly swallowed it, and numerous water beans sprang from his body. Saitama and Genos, on the other hand, are seeking for their previous residence. Rover, who has grown to the size of a hog, is discovered there. Saitama chooses to adopt the monster as a pet.

One Punch Chapter 172 Release Date and Time

The One Punch Man manga by ONE and Yusuke Murata is published weekly in Shueisha’s Tonori no Young Magazine on Wednesdays. The One Punch Man manga, on the other hand, has a highly odd publication schedule, and the creator is free to post the chapter whenever he wants. New chapters are usually posted every other Wednesday. Since the previous chapter, ch 171, was released on September 21st, One Punch Man Chapter 172 will be released on Wednesday, October 5th, 2022 at 12:00 AM (JST). The chapter title has not yet been revealed.

However, keep in mind that the English translations will take some time to complete because the entire translation process contains almost very sophisticated stages such as redrawing, typesetting, proofing, and, of course, translating the text.

As a result, you may need to wait at least 3-5 days before the chapter is ready to read in your preferred language.

Release time :

For our international readers, here is the day and time when Chapter 172 of One Punch Man will be available to read on the online website.
Pacific Time: 9 AM on Wednesday
Central Time: 11 AM on Wednesday
Eastern Time: 12 noon on Wednesday
British Time: 5 PM on Wednesday

Is One Punch On on break this week?

No, thankfully, the manga is not on break this month, and chapter 172 will be delivered on time. So far, the author has not mentioned any such postponement.

One Punch Man 172 Raw Spoilers and Leaks from Reddit and Twitter

At the time of writing, raw scans and spoilers for Chapter 172 had not yet been released. Such raw images are typically accessible on online sites such as 4chan and Reddit three to four days before the official release date. As a result, we anticipate seeing them as early as October 3rd.

We’ll keep an eye out for them and let you know as soon as they’re available. Meanwhile, visit its official subreddit r/OnePunchMan for the most recent updates and chapter discussions.

Previous Chapter Recap

Saitama is relieved to have discovered the remains of his demolished apartment and hoists the original building up. Black Sperm flees in fear; being a monster of tremendous speed, and having seen Saitama destroy an Awakened Garou in a single punch, he believes the bald hero is the last person he wants to meet.

Genos notices something that concerns Black Sperm; the cyborg scoops up Overgrown Rover, who has shrunk and become more peaceful, much to Saitama’s amazement, having forgotten he had battled Rover. Black Sperm is surprised to see another of his colleagues executives, yet he observes the dog-like creature has shrunk and become weaker. As he considers fleeing, unwilling to face either Saitama or Genos, he observes Saitama petting Rover like an average dog. As Rover kisses Saitama’s face, he discloses to Genos that he has always had a fondness for dogs.

Before Genos can worry about Rover’s feeding, he receives a telegram from the Hero Association and departs. Black Sperm makes up his mind and swallows his pride, believing that there is no safer place than under the protection of an enormously powerful entity. To Saitama’s surprise, he bursts out of hiding and bounces around, making amusing noises.

Where to read OPM chapter 172?

There are two methods to read the most recent chapter. The first method is to read fan translations, which will be accessible one or two days following the Japanese release.

The second option is to read Viz’s official translations on their website. However, the Viz translations are three chapters behind, so you’ll have to wait 2-4 weeks for chapter 170 official translations.

You may also buy prior volumes on that website and read them both online and offline.