One Piece Will Vegapunk survive the Egghead arc

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One Piece manga viewers are wondering whether Vegapunk would die in the Egghead arc. After 16 years of buildup, the scientist finally made his long-awaited entrance in the most recent manga chapters. For a reason, Vegapunk is considered as the world’s brightest guy. He can store endless information within his head thanks to the power of the Nomi Nomi no Mi.

Despite his scientific advances benefiting the Marines much, the World Government has concluded that he knows far too much. Agents from CP0 are now charged with eliminating him. In One Piece, his odds of survival are determined by a number of things.

Vegapunk’s survival in One Piece past the Egghead arc is a definite possibility
Why do readers question Vegapunk’s survival?

Simply said, Vegapunk knows much too much about the Ancient Kingdom based on his readings from the Ohara academics’ missing volumes. The One Piece treasure is most likely linked to the kingdom’s past. His death would assure that it was not tainted in any manner.

Imu-sama will be a major threat to deal with

The actual Vegapunk is presently encircled by Luffy and Jinbe, while the other Straw Hats are with the surviving corpses. Rob Lucci will have a difficult time pursuing the scientist. However, since the World Government authorized the strike, they may have a backup plan if the mission fails.

Imu-sama was depicted obliterating the Lulusia Kingdom with an extremely strong sky weapon in One Piece Chapter 1060. Keep in mind that the weapon debuted around the start of the Egghead storyline. This raises the terrifying prospect that Eiichiro Oda may employ it at the very end.

The CP0 agents will not be the primary impediment to Vegapunk. It will be Imu-sama and their capacity to demolish islands. It’s pointless to talk about his survival until we figure out how to cope with it. Assuming he can predict the onslaught in any way, Vegapunk has a few options for escape.

How would Vegapunk escape Imu-sama’s attack?

Given his degree of technological knowledge, Vegapunk might always have a teleportation machine someplace on the island. Of course, for the One Piece series, it may seem to be a sloppy cop-out. There is another method to avoid Imu-strike, sama’s but it requires a painful price.

Based on the cliffhanger conclusion of One Piece Chapter 1067, Bartholomew Kuma is most likely on his way to Egghead right now. Because Vegapunk was the one who turned Kuma into a mindless weapon, it’s feasible that he created a fail-safe to guarantee that Kuma regains his free will.

If everything falls into place, Kuma may be able to utilize the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi’s abilities to rescue everyone on the island. Assuming they are parked on the Thousand Sunny, he will simply repel the ship away from Egghead before Imu-strike. sama’s This is simply speculation, but it would secure Vegapunk’s survival in the relevant arc.

Even if the actual Vegapunk died, he would still have six alternative bodies to carry out his wishes. Rob Lucci said in One Piece Chapter 1062 that all of them must be destroyed or CP0’s mission would fail.

It should also be noted that Punk Records owns the majority of Vegapunk’s expertise. Oda would have no cause to murder Vegapunk for knowing too much if those sections of his brain were obliterated. He merely has to forget the deeper mythology that can be taught later.