One Piece Who is stronger between Sanji and Jinbe

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Fans of One Piece will recognize the notion of the Monster Trio, which consists of Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji. Luffy is the captain and commander of the Strawhat crew, while Zoro is his right-hand man and the second strongest behind him. Below them, Sanji has always been the group’s third strongest member.

Luffy and Zoro share a number of strength-related characteristics, such as being born with the rare Supreme King’s Haki and having developed that ability to an advanced state. Sanji cannot compete with Luffy and Zoro since he lacks such characteristics. He is, however, a formidable combatant in his own right, making him a deserving member of the Monster Trio.

Jinbe, a fearsome fisherman and former Seven Warlords member, has lately joined the Strawhat Pirates. Because Jinbe is such a formidable character, One Piece fans are discussing whether he or Sanji is the third strongest member of the Strawhats.

Why Sanji vs Jinbe is a trending debate among One Piece fans
Who is Sanji

Sanji is the Strawhat Pirates’ chef and one of the crew’s most notable members. His ambition is to uncover the All Blue, a mythological location where all the waters merge into one.

He is generally a wise person. However, in the company of ladies, his overdone chivalry causes him to lose all of his composure, to the point of being irritating.

Sanji is usually pitted against the enemy’s third most powerful warrior in One Piece. His strongest fighting abilities are his Observation Haki and the speed and power of his kicks.

Sanji’s physique improved dramatically once his family’s genetic upgrades were activated. He also unlocked the Ifrit Jambe, which is a progression of his prior Diable Jambe. He was able to beat Queen, a Yonko Commander and the Beasts Pirates’ third toughest fighter, thanks to this power-up.

Who is Jinbe

Jinbe is the Strawhat Pirates’ captain and one of the crew’s best warriors. He is a whale shark fisherman and highly regarded as one of the strongest examples of his species in the whole One Piece universe.

Jinbe is a strong and prominent pirate whose strength has earned him respect from the Four Emperors. He is a former Sun Pirates commander and member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

Jinbe is the greatest master of Fishman Karate, a martial art that enables the practitioner to control and manipulate any nearby water supply. Jinbe is a difficult guy because to his skill with Armament Haki and innate toughness.

Jinbe confronted Who’s Who, a former CP9 agent and one of the Beast Pirates’ Flying Six members, during the Wano storyline. Jinbe was able to thoroughly crush his opponent after some difficulty.

Was Sanji kicked out of the Monster Trio?

Sanji has always been one of the most strong members of the Strawhats team since his arrival. In terms of strength, he was only second to Luffy and Zoro. Some fans, however, think that Sanji being stronger than Jinbe, the Strawhat Pirates’ newbie, is implausible.

Sanji’s reputation for strength has steadily deteriorated since the beginning of One Piece’s post-time skip narrative. While Luffy and Zoro were taught by two of the absolute strongest characters, Rayleigh and Mihawk, Sanji was trained by Emporio Ivankov.

Despite being a Commander, Ivankov cannot be compared to Rayleigh, Roger Pirates’ first mate, or Mihawk, the World’s Strongest Swordsman. Furthermore, in comparison to his Monster Trio colleagues, Sanji’s performances in the subsequent arcs were relatively dismal.

During the Punk Hazard arc, Sanji fractured his own leg in a fight with Vergo, despite the latter not utilizing his Armament Haki and holding back his finest moves. Sanji was mercilessly destroyed by Doflamingo in the Dressrosa storyline following a brief one-sided encounter.

Even throughout the Whole Cake Island narrative, Sanji’s combat talents were understated. Finally, in the Wano arc, he reclaimed some of the attention as a warrior. He obtained a spectacular power-up that enabled him to beat Queen, the Beasts Pirates’ third strongest member. However, Sanji’s achievements pale in contrast to those of Luffy and Zoro.

Luffy was able to activate both his Advanced Conqueror’s Haki and his Devil Fruit to a higher level of strength. He got the Gear 5 transformation after unleashing the full powers of his Nika-Nika Fruit. Luffy ultimately overcame Kaido, the commander of the Beasts Pirates, after a fierce struggle. This victory gave him the title Emperor.

Zoro and Luffy were both focused in the battle against Kaido and Big Mom. The performance of the green-haired pirate against the two Emperors was exceptional, as he stopped their combined onslaught and seriously damaged Kaido. Later, he obtained the Advanced Conqueror’s Haki, allowing him to destroy King, the Beasts Pirates’ second strongest member.

While One Piece author Eiichiro Oda thought Luffy and Zoro were powerful enough to stand up to formidable opponents like the Emperors, Sanji was never regarded worthy of such a test. To make things worse, Jinbe decided to join the crew.

Jinbe, a powerful and seasoned pirate, was able to withstand assaults from Big Mom and even Fleet Admiral Akainu. Many One Piece fans believe that these exploits are much superior than Sanji’s. With the publication of the new bounty following the Wano arc, the notion that Sanji is weaker than Jinbe gained traction.

Are the new bounties suggesting that Jinbe is stronger than Sanji?

The new Strawhat Pirates bounties were revealed after the Wano arc. The bounty for Sanji’s head was not only less than that of Luffy and Zoro, but also less than that of Jinbe. Because the discrepancy was substantial (many tens of millions of berries), many fans saw it as an indication that Sanji was weaker than Jinbe.

This idea, however, stems from a misunderstanding of what bounties represent. Contrary to popular belief, bounties do not represent power levels or character strength. The bounty’s objective is to measure the amount of harm the World Government believes the person may pose.

Strength is not the only aspect to consider when it comes to bounties. The quantity of the award is also determined by the number of violations committed against the World Government. Furthermore, commanders and captains will always have far bigger bounties than subordinates.

Characters are often given a smaller, or perhaps bigger, prize than they deserve due of their power. In actuality, bounties are not intended to constitute power levels. They do not imply power, and they may not even represent a person’s genuine danger, either exaggerating or understating it.

For example, although being a sizable reward, Zoro’s bounty undervalues his rank in the Strawhat crew and his great achievements in the Wano arc. This is because One Piece author Eiichiro Oda often creates bounties based on puns and jokes rather on the characters’ achievements and fighting ability.

A current example can be seen in Zoro’s newest bounty, where Oda determined the reward numerals based on the character’s birthday (11/11). The same could be said about Sanji’s bounty, which was based on his birthdate (3/2).

Given how unreliable bounties are in strength levels, Jinbe having a higher bounty than Sanji does not imply that the former is stronger. While the fisherman may be more powerful than the latter, there are more grounds to support that claim. For example, the previous Warlord outperforms Sanji and is typically presented as a more strong man throughout the One Piece story.

Sanji’s fighting capabilities as compared to Jinbe’s

Jinbe looks to have greater performances than Sanji to this day. The former fought in the Paramount War at Marineford, defeating his fellow Warlord Gecko Moriah. On that front, Jinbe demonstrated his tenacity by withstanding a lethal strike from Admiral Akainu, one of the series’ most powerful characters.

Jinbe was able to repel a significant onslaught from Big Mom two years later, even counterattacking and forcing her back. While she wasn’t in the finest of shape and escaped Jinbe’s method uninjured, the achievement is nevertheless astounding in its own right.

Sanji’s greatest achievement to date is his victory against Queen, the Beasts Pirates’ third strongest member. Having said that, his win forced the former to offer all he had. Furthermore, the chef was unintentionally supported by Queen, who was distracted by a female and lost concentration on his opponent during the critical fight.

Sanji does not look to be able to reproduce Jinbe’s performances against Akainu and Big Mom at the time. Instead, the former Warlord should be able to beat Queen, but not easily. While both Queen and Jinbe confronted Big Mom, the latter’s performance was much superior.

A hypothetical bout between Jinbe and Sanji would be tight and even. Although the latter is speedier, Queen was still able to attack him multiple times despite his slowness. As a result, Jinbe will most likely be able to keep up with Sanji’s normal pace.

To defeat Jinbe, the blond pirate must employ his greatest speed and the most powerful level of his kicks, the Ifrit Jambe. During the Wano arc, though, Sanji demonstrated that he couldn’t sustain the technique for more than a few seconds before tiring.

As a result, Jinbe could depend on his innate resilience and extraordinary skill with Haki to absorb damage and outlast Sanji. Haki conflicts are an important component of One Piece combat, and Jinbe has been demonstrated to have a significantly greater Armament Haki than Sanji.

The Vinsmoke has a robust genetically modified build. Jinbe, on the other hand, has the appropriate weapon to harm him since the former Warlord is the best master of Fishman Karate.

He has the ability to control the water inside Sanji’s body, bypassing the latter’s impenetrable armor and striking him from the inside. These assaults, along with Jinbe’s better Armament Haki and enormous physical strength, have the potential to seriously harm the blond pirate.

Sanji’s physical strength has substantially enhanced after gaining access to his newest power-up. This was shown when he was able to overcome Queen. Regardless, it remains to be seen if this is sufficient to defeat a more experienced fighter and stronger Armament Haki user like Jinbe.

Final Thoughts

Sanji is undeniably one of the Strawhat Pirates’ most notable members. Throughout the most of the series, he was only placed behind Luffy and Zoro in the crew’s strength hierarchy.

After Strawhats’ newbie, Jinbe, was granted a higher reward than Sanji, One Piece fans began wondering which of these two is the third strongest member of the team.

However, it has been claimed on several occasions that bounties are not only a representation of strength. Jinbe’s reward may have been exaggerated because to his background as a former member of the Seven Warlords and a former servant of the two Emperors, Whitebeard and Big Mom.

While Jinbe’s past may have boosted his reward, many fans remarked that, despite this, One Piece author Eiichiro Oda made the former Warlord’s head worth less than Zoro’s. Oda, on the other hand, had Jinbe’s prize greater than Sanji’s. To be sure, this may be a strong argument.

Oda always respects Jinbe with respect when it comes to achievements. Every time the fishman appears on TV, he creates a favorable impression, regardless of who he has to deal with. The same cannot be true about Sanji. The latter has recently acquired a considerable power-up that has significantly increased his combat ability.

Both sides have proof to back them up. Sanji may be marginally stronger than Jinbe, but he would not win a combat against the fishman with anything less than extreme hardship. Given Jinbe’s continual positive depiction, it’s evident that the One Piece mangaka regards the former Warlord well enough.

Sanji and Jinbe are presently equivalent combatants in terms of strength. At best, one of them may be marginally stronger than the other. While the latter has already peaked and will not develop much in the future, Sanji has more promise. If he hasn’t already, the latter will undoubtedly overtake the former Warlord in future arcs of One Piece.