One Piece manga Chapter 1063: List of every Devil Fruit used by the Blackbeard Pirates

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Early in the week, One Piece Chapter 1063 early spoilers were made public, bringing with them some interesting changes to the setting and main characters of the series. Even though the issue only covers a small number of groups, there are definitely some very important events and times, especially those that involve the mysterious Blackbeard.

The Blackbeard Pirates targeted Trafalgar D. Water Law for his Road Poneglyphs, according to the early previews for One Piece Chapter 1063, which is exciting but not entirely unexpected. The quantity of brand-new Devil Fruits that the Blackbeard Pirates were launched with, all of which are unheard-of in the series, is shocking.

Although nothing is known about the Devil Fruits as of the authoring of this article, fans can at least infer their basic powers and functions based on early spoilers and unfinished scans.

One Piece Chapter 1063’s shocking events see some of the craziest Devil Fruit powers yet introduced

1) Sick-Sick Fruit

1 Sick Sick Fruit
(Image via Toei Animation)

As of One Piece Chapter 1063, Doc Q of the Blackbeard Pirates is in possession of the Sick-Sick Fruit, also known as the Shiku-Shiku no Mi in its original Japanese. He appears to be able to infect a target of his choice with a particular sickness thanks to this fruit that is probably of the Paramecia species, even something as absurd as the “Turn-Into-A-Woman Disease.”

It’s interesting to note that the Fruit’s powers appear to be able to permanently infect a person with a disease. According to Doc Q, even a body that has been healed still has antibodies for the illness that can be reactivated, suggesting that this Fruit may have a separate, albeit temporary, effect. However, as of the writing of this article, this is just conjecture.

2) Warp-Warp Fruit

The Warp-Warp Fruit, known as the Wapu-Wapu no Mi in its original Japanese, is in the possession of Van Augur of the Blackbeard Pirates as of One Piece Chapter 1063. He is known as “The Supersonic,” the Blackbeard Pirates’ sniper, and his nickname is even more appropriate given the abilities of the Devil Fruit, which is likely certainly a fruit related to Paramecia.

Van Augur may instantly transfer a chosen individual to a chosen location with the Warp-Warp Fruit. No Devil Fruit has been able to quickly transport someone to another location, despite the fact that this may seem comparable to other powers seen in the series so far. Van Augur’s Fruit is hence not only exceedingly distinctive but also incredibly potent.

3) Power-Power Fruit

3 Power Power Fruit

The Power-Power Fruit, also known as the Riki-Riki no Mi in its original Japanese, is held by “Champion” Jesus Burgess, the captain of the Blackbeard Pirates. The Fruit is most likely a Paramecia-type, however there is a little possibility that it is Zoan because it appears to have an impact on Burgess’ body’s strength.

This is shown as he effortlessly raises a whole mountain, and it is underlined when he effortlessly launches the mountain towards Trafalgar Law and the Heart Pirates with blazing speed. Burgess’ Fruit is likely the most potent item presented in One Piece Chapter 1063 in terms of quantifiable physical force.

4) Mythical Zoan Horse-Horse Fruit, Model: Pegasus

The Mythical Zoan variation of the Horse-Horse Fruit, known as the Uma-Uma no Mi in its native Japanese, enables its user to change into a Pegasus. Given that Stronger, Doc Q’s horse, is a fabled winged-horse creature known as a Pegasus, it is very appropriate that this Fruit be given to him.

Although Stronger and his abilities are only briefly shown in One Piece Chapter 1063, it is clear that the Fruit’s power has given him the ability to fly. Apart from the standard general Zoan and more specialized Mythical Zoan attributes, strengths, and weaknesses, not much else can be inferred or conjectured about the Devil Fruit.