One Piece Is Dragon inspired by Vayu, the father of Hindu god Hanuman Explained

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According to a recent video from YouTube user and famous One Piece content maker Rocks Review, Monkey D. Dragon was inspired by a Persian/Hindu divinity. The video has generated quite a stir among the series’ devoted following, quickly becoming a hot subject of conversation.

This new One Piece idea expands on an earlier notion that Monkey D. Luffy is modeled on the Hindu hero Lord Hanuman. Rocks Review then claims that Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy’s father, is based on Vayu, Hanuman’s father.

Follow along as this essay deconstructs the newest One Piece idea and its implications for the tale.

One Piece theory paints Dragon as a dangerous, unstoppable wild card just waiting for the right moment

The Hindu deity Hanuman is said to have inspired Luffy, according to Rocks Review. The YouTuber then talks about Hanuman’s father, Vayu, telling viewers that Vayu is the deity of the wind. Rocks Review also informs viewers of the widely held fan notion that Dragon has wind-like abilities.

The One Piece content producer then delves into Vayu’s Persian origins, stating that he is a two-faced deity in Persian mythology. They go on to say that Vayu is the only divine being that does not fully belong in either the realm of darkness or the world of light, which explains why the God would sometimes collaborate with the Lord of Darkness, Angra Mainyu, and sometimes with the Lord of Light, Ahura Mazda.

Rocks Review then compares this to the conflict between the Marines and pirates in the One Piece universe, with Dragon acting as an outside, third-party army of his own. The YouTuber emphasizes how Vayu is renowned as the most peaceful deity, comparing this part of his nature to Dragon’s dislike of fight and violence.

They then point out that when Vayu grows enraged, he is akin to “an unstoppable storm in any dimension.” This is most likely a reference to Vayu’s association with both the Lords of Darkness and the Lords of Light, implying that neither entity has the ability to stop him when he gets genuinely enraged.

Rocks Review then compares this to Dragon, claiming that the reason he despises war and confrontation and is constantly holding back is that if he gets angry, there’s no stopping him. In this yet-to-be-seen state of total, unadulterated wrath, this may be contrasted to Dragon being unmanageable by both the series’ Marines and pirates.

The idea concludes with Rocks Review claiming that his statements would be proven correct before the conclusion of the series. Except for the fact that it is based on other, well-established ideas, the hypothesis is highly sound. However, the whole house of cards might crumble if it is revealed that Dragon does not have any wind-based Devil Fruit abilities.

Having said that, it’s a widely held and virtually impenetrable fan theory that Dragon has wind-based abilities.

As a consequence, this One Piece idea about his power and eventual position in the tale is outstanding, drawing on already acknowledged series influences