One Piece, chapter 1076: (Full Summary) Shanks vs. Kid teased as old enemies become unwilling allies

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One Piece chapter 1076 (Full Summary) Shanks vs. Kid teased as old enemies become unwilling allies

On Tuesday, February 21, 2023, fans got a sneak peek of what’s to come in the upcoming One Piece chapter 1076 with the release of its full summary spoilers. These spoilers give us a deeper understanding of the events in the issue, shedding light on details that were previously unclear. With every spoiler, we get more excited to see how the story unfolds.

Get ready for some excitement because in One Piece chapter 1076, the full summary spoilers reveal that Shanks is back and ready to rumble with Captain Eustass Kid in Elbaf. It looks like Shanks is fighting to get his hands on Kid’s Road Poneglyph, but we’re not sure why Kid is so interested in it. Perhaps he wants revenge for his left arm, which was unfortunately chopped off.

Hold onto your hats because in One Piece chapter 1076 spoilers, Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro are teaming up with Rob Lucci and Kaku. But the fact that Luffy and Zoro have some reservations about the partnership could mean trouble is brewing in future issues.


One Piece chapter 1076 sees Zoro begrudgingly team up with Lucci and Kaku at Luffy’s behest

According to spoilers, the latest One Piece chapter (1076) picks up right where the previous one left off. Zoro picks up on Nami’s distress call and realizes they must defend their team and the Vegapunks at all costs. However, the chapter doesn’t offer any new insights or updates on the other groups involved.

To aid their allies, Luffy and Zoro realize they must wrap up the battle swiftly and opt to ditch CP0. Kaku chimes in, offering to be restrained once more if they survive the Seraphim onslaught. Luffy seems content with the proposal and shifts his focus to Lucci, inquiring if he’ll behave once their brawl concludes.

Spoilers reveal that Lucci confirms the news, leading Vegapunk Shaka to hand over the keys to Lucci and Kaku’s handcuffs to Luffy. But there’s a catch: Luffy must guarantee the safety of Stella, also known as the real Dr. Vegapunk. With that in mind, Luffy sets Lucci and Kaku free, although Zoro remains hesitant about their former foes.

The battle heats up as Lucci and Luffy clash with S-Bear, while Zoro and Kaku face off against S-Hawk. Luffy unleashes his powerful Gear Fourth form, and Lucci uses his formidable non-Awakened Hybrid form. But there’s a surprise: Kaku mysteriously refrains from transforming. It’s then revealed that S-Hawk possesses the Paramecia-type Dice-Dice Devil Fruit, which originally belonged to Daz Bones, aka Mr. 1.

In a spectacular display of power, each combatant unleashes their signature moves, sending both Seraphim hurtling out of the building. According to One Piece chapter 1076 spoilers, Dr. Vegapunk awakens in a secret prison within the laboratory. He’s reverted back to his original age but is wounded, bound in chains, and imprisoned alongside Cipher Pol agents who vanished months ago.

The missing Cipher Pol agents were alluded to earlier in the arc when CP0 made their debut on Egghead Island. Dr. Vegapunk is puzzled about how he ended up imprisoned and also questions how his Poneglyph research became known to the World Government. These details serve as further evidence that the traitor is likely one of the Vegapunk Satellites.

In the latest One Piece chapter 1076, we get a sneak peek of what’s to come. We’re taken to Egghead Island, where marine chatter reveals that over a hundred ships are on their way. Just as the tension rises, we’re whisked away to a cozy bar by the shore of Elbaf Island, where the towering Giants call home.

Inside the bar, Shanks and his crew, the Red Hair Pirates, are enjoying a drink. A young boy boldly asks Shanks if he can join their crew, but Shanks declines, just like he did with Luffy back in the first chapter of the series. The bartender advises the child to let it go, but their conversation is cut short when news arrives that the Kid Pirates, one of the crews in Shanks’ fleet, are heading towards Elbaf Island by ship.

As news of the Kid Pirates’ impending arrival reaches them, the Red Hair Pirates start to discuss their enemy’s anger. Benn Beckman notes how the Kid Pirates must be furious, and Lucky Roux hints that Beckman might be the target of their wrath. Despite the tension, Shanks reflects on his joy at reuniting with old friends he believed to be long gone, even if it means they talked for too long.

Standing up from the table, Shanks makes a request to Dorry and Brogy, hoping to minimize the damage that may be caused to Elbaf. In a striking double-page spread, we see the Red Hair Pirates sharing drinks with the Giants, including Oimo and Kashi, confirming that the pair did indeed rescue their former captains from their long-lost adventure in Little Garden.

According to the full summary of One Piece chapter 1076, the Giants’ fondness for Shanks is on full display as Dorry and Brogy pledge their allegiance to him and offer their assistance in the upcoming battle. The trio sets out towards the battlefield, with Shanks dispatching Rockstar to speak with Kid before the fight commences.

In a bold move, Shanks confronts Kid and offers him a choice: fight against the Red Hair Pirates now, or surrender their precious Road Poneglyph and leave. Meanwhile, Kid’s crew engages in a fierce battle with other ships from Shanks’ fleet, the sound of cannon fire echoing across the seas near Elbaf. As they prepare for the fight ahead, Killer reminds Kid of their previous encounter with Shanks’ crew, highlighting their failure to even reach the formidable pirate captain, let alone defeat him.

As they weigh their options, Killer warns Kid of the potentially deadly consequences of their impending battle with the Red Hair Pirates. But Kid remains resolute, unwilling to consider the possibility of defeat and its dire consequences. As the tension mounts and the battle draws near, the chapter comes to a close with Shanks walking confidently towards the coastline, the cheers of his fellow captains ringing in his ears. Unfortunately, the end of the chapter is bittersweet, as the announcement of an upcoming series break next week leaves fans eagerly anticipating the next installment.