One Piece chapter 1072: Release date and time, where to read, and more

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On Monday, January 23, 2023, at 12 a.m. JST, One Piece chapter 1072 will be released. Following a month of reduced releases due to the Christmas season, fans are eager for the renowned manga series to resume its regular schedule. Fans will have to wait a bit longer, with one more hiatus lying between them and the series’ return to regular serialization.

One Piece chapter 1072 and the issues to follow, thankfully, should make the wait worthwhile for series aficionados. Fans are excited to discover what shocks and revelations await them in the final issues of the Egghead Island storyline. While these are uncertain, the forthcoming issue’s publication date has been established.

Follow along as this article deconstructs all of the publicly known release information for One Piece chapter 1072 and speculates on what to anticipate from the episode.


One Piece chapter 1072’s preview teases Sanji and Zoro both returning to the fray, beginning fights vs. Queen and King, respectively

On Monday, January 23, 2023, at 12 a.m. JST, One Piece Chapter 1072 will be published. This corresponds to a Sunday morning local release time for the overwhelming majority of overseas fans. A small number of overseas admirers, such as Japanese viewers, will be able to see the program on Monday night. The precise time of release varies depending on area and timezone.

Official sources for the issue include Viz Media’s official website, The first two services are free, and users may watch the first and most recent three issues of a series. The latter, on the other hand, is a paid, subscription-based service that gives readers access to an entire series.

One Piece Chapter 1072 will be available at the following times in the following time zones:

Pacific Standard Time: 6 PM, Saturday, January 7
Eastern Standard Time: 9 PM, Saturday, January 7
Greenwich Mean Time: 2 AM, Monday, January 23
Central European Time: 3 AM, Monday, January 23
Indian Standard Time: 7:30 AM, Monday, January 23
Philippine Standard Time: 10 AM, Monday, January 23
Japanese Standard Time: 11 AM, Monday, January 23
Australia Central Standard Time: 11:30 AM, Monday, January 23



One Piece chapter 1071 anticipated the events of One Piece chapter 1072. Fans saw the actual Bartholomew Kuma arrive at his destination, which was revealed to be the Red Line at the start of the issue. Meanwhile, in the last moments, Monkey D. Garp begins recruiting troops to assist him in rescuing Koby from Blackbeard.

In the meantime, viewers were given a hint as to what Dr. Vegapunk’s actual purpose was in transforming Kuma into a cyborg, as well as witnessing Eustass Kid and his pirate crew arrive at Elbaf. Dr. Vegapunk also hinted to having one more, mystery ally on the island to rely on, who many believe might be the true Bartholomew Kuma, with the Red Line Kuma secretly being a Pacifista.

Without a question, Chapter 1071 was one of the series’ densest and most intriguing issues in a long time. Fans can only hope that One Piece chapter 1072 has as many explanations and continuations to these events as chapter 1071 did.

What to expect (speculative)

Unfortunately, none of these solutions are likely to be provided soon in One Piece chapter 1072. Furthermore, even if some responses are provided, more than one current topic or development is unlikely to be addressed or elaborated upon. Even so, it’s doubtful that the issue will quickly resolve any problems raised by the preceding issue.

Instead, the chapter will most likely begin with an emphasis on Luffy’s gang as they flee Egghead Island. This will most likely feature a portion in which Zoro overpowers Kaku in the same way that Luffy overpowers Rob Lucci. This would then enable the Straw Hats and the seven Vegapunks to flee the island aboard the Thousand Sunny.

If the Straw Hats manage to escape in One Piece chapter 1072, the problem will most likely be solved by determining where the gang will go next. Dr. Vegapunk, whose safe passage to wherever he’s headed is most likely the start of Luffy and company’s next adventure, will most likely determine this.