One Piece chapter 1072: Major spoilers to expect from the chapter

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On January 23, 2023, at 12 a.m. JST, One Piece Chapter 1072 will be published. The new chapter is available for reading on Shueisha’s Weeky Shonen Jump Magazine, MangaPlus, Viz Media’s website, and Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ app.

The last episode concluded with Garp dropping a bombshell about beating up the Blackbeard Pirates and saving his subordinate, Koby. Meanwhile, in Egghead Island, Luffy and his crew seem to have been betrayed by Vegapunk’s enigmatic friend.

With so many new happenings, Chapter 1072 is certain to be exciting. Furthermore, the narrative will see a number of big name characters face off against each other as the Egghead arc nears its conclusion, with raw scans of the One Piece chapter releasing next week.

Garp vs Blackbeard Pirates, Kizaru’s plan, and other spoilers to expect from One Piece chapter 1072
1) Garp fighting the Blackbeard Pirates

Garp’s act to save Koby has led some fans to anticipate that he will confront Blackbeard with Trafalgar Law in manga chapter 1072. Garp was able to face off against the likes of Roger and Whitebeard in his heyday, giving supporters optimism that he would give Blackbeard a run for his money.

Garp, on the other hand, heading alone to Blackbeard Pirates area with no substantial backing is a suicide mission. As a consequence, Aokiji may be able to stop him before he reaches Hachinosu.

2) Kizaru’s plan to stop the Straw Hats

In chapter 1072, fans predict Kizaru will arrive with every marine vessel he can muster in order to prevent Straw Hats and Vegapunk from fleeing Egghead Island.

Kizaru also intimated in the last chapter that he had something in mind that would make the Straw Hats’ escape difficult. One Piece chapter 1072 may shed more light on this secret trump card and reveal the actual scope of the admiral’s ambitions.

3) Revealing the identity of Vegapunk’s mysterious ally

The identity of Vegapunk’s buddy, who also resided on Egghead Island, was one of the most interesting mysteries in the previous chapter. Fans have been wondering about who this figure is for a few weeks now, which is why they may discover a solid solution to this topic in One Piece chapter 1072.

Furthermore, many fans believe that this guy is a villain who works against the Straw Hats. In Chapter 1072, we may find out whether or not such hypothesis is correct.

4) Finding out why Kuma went back to Mariejois

Kuma returned to the Holy Land of Mariejois for an unknown purpose in the previous chapter. Many people have been inquisitive about what led him to make such a dangerous action since then, which is why chapter 1072 may throw some light on his motivations.

Furthermore, Sabo risked his life to enter and rescue Kuma from Mariejois, so the fact that he returned there suggests that something significant would be revealed in the next episode.

5) Zoro fighting Kaku

Kaku jolted Zoro awoke from his snooze by launching an assault on the Thousand Sunny in order to eliminate the Straw Hats’ last means of escape from Egghead Island. Zoro, on the other hand, effortlessly blocked the strike and made Kaku clearly uneasy with his presence.

Fans anticipate a full-fledged clash between the two characters in One Piece chapter 1072. According to the forecasts, Kaku would be demolished by Zoro, who is now on a completely other level of power.


What happened in the previous chapter

One Piece 1071 was a fast-paced chapter that included a variety of characters and touched on numerous key story themes. Kuma arrived at Red Port, the starting point of the Red Line and the location of Mariejois. Meanwhile, Straw Hats and Vegapunk were about to depart when the scientist sought assistance from an unknown ally who had been on Egghead Island the whole time.

During all of this, the border dome protection system was disabled, allowing the CP0 to invade Vegapunk’s lab. Once inside, Lucci and Kaku saw the Thousand Sunny, and Kaku leapt in to destroy the ship, preventing the Straw Hats from escaping Egghead. That plan, however, was foiled by Zoro, who was sleeping aboard the ship.

The action then turns to the Kid Pirates nearing Elbaf, the Giant’s island. Vice Admiral Garp appeared at the conclusion of the chapter, assuring Helmeppo that they would rescue Koby and beat up all the Blackbeard Pirates.



There are currently no significant spoilers or leaks for One Piece chapter 1072. A rough scan of the upcoming chapter titled Where will Straw Hats journey next in this volatile world? So yet, just this information has been disclosed.

Chapter 1072 spoilers are likely to appear on January 17, 2023. Furthermore, raw scans and the chapter’s entire synopsis should be accessible by January 19.