One Piece chapter 1071 Kid arrives at Elbaf as Garp sets off to rescue Koby from Blackbeard

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One Piece chapter 1071 Kid arrives at Elbaf as Garp sets off to rescue Koby from Blackbeard

Despite the fact that the series’ official publication is on hold owing to Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine’s Christmas vacation, spoilers for One Piece chapter 1071 were revealed this week. Fortunately, mangakas often create and submit their issues around this time period, resulting in a regular spoiler procedure for this issue.

One Piece chapter 1071 is an exciting issue that introduces numerous new story aspects for the series’ foreseeable future. The first arc of the last epic continues to excite fans, vying to be the most interesting portion of the series to witness weekly in quite some time.


One Piece chapter 1071 focuses on the future as Egghead Island arc continues to set up final saga

Destination arrival and help called in One Piece Chapter 1071

Bartholomew Kuma eventually arrives at his previously undisclosed location in One Piece chapter 1071. He was heading towards the Red Line, which is where the city of Mariejois is located. This is the city where Kuma was imprisoned until Sabo and his friends liberated him.

Bartholomew Kuma crashes through the cliff wall of the Red Line at the Red Port, tumbling into the city below. Citizens of the Red Port swarm around him, recognizing him as Kuma and recounting his past as the Celestial Dragons’ indestructible slave. Kuma gets up and stares to the sky as the region is quarantined, his body seeming to be much more wounded than before.

The focus then moves to Egghead Island, where Lucci orders CP0 agents to close down all potential escape routes for Dr. Vegapunk. He even gives them permission to destroy the ships, claiming that the situation is still difficult even with the Seraphim on their side.

Stussy remarks on Lucci’s determination to defy the Marines’ instructions, claiming that he does not recognize Luffy as a Yonko. Meanwhile, Vegapunk Shaka informs the Straw Hats about CP0’s intentions and maneuvers, describing them as “shrewd” in that they demolish all conceivable escape routes. While Vegapunk Lilith seeks vengeance, Vegapunk Pythagoras observes that CP0 is unlikely to reach the lab stratum.

As Vegapunk York continues to eat, Dr. Vegapunk declares that CP0 will not let them depart without a battle. Vegapunk Edison announces a new innovation, while Vegapunk Shaka criticizes Lilith for wanting to assault with a hasty strategy. The latter wonders why they can’t retaliate, leading Shaka to remind her that Dr. Vegapunk’s escape is the first concern.

Dr. Vegapunk then laments what happened to Sentomaru, while Pythagoras jokes about having one more buddy on Egghead that they may depend on. However, Edison notes on how the Straw Hats would be jeopardized as well, noting that they will have nowhere to hide in that situation.

Meanwhile, Dr. Vegapunk contacts an unknown someone and requests assistance, to which the individual responds that they have “always been preparing for this order.” As he hangs up, the former joyfully informs that aid is on the way, with the Vegapunk Satellites celebrating escape for everyone but Dr. Vegapunk, the Stella body.

He then announces that all seven Vegapunks will be there, including the presently wounded Vegapunk Atlas, who isn’t with the others. Meanwhile, inside the lab, Jewelry Bonney is fleeing Monkey D. Luffy and Tony Tony Chopper in order to face Vegapunk about both her father’s and Vegapunk’s “use of bugs against [Bonney].”


Defenses down causes bouts to begin in One Piece chapter 1071

The Lab Stratum Frontier Dome defenses are currently down, according to an unexpected statement in One Piece chapter 1071. No one is in the control room, according to the Vegapunk Satellites. Meanwhile, CP0 wonders whether this is a trap, stating how such an unexpected problem looks “a bit too handy.”

The gang then ascends to the Lab Stratum by Skywalk, musing on how destiny has abandoned Dr. Vegapunk given the timing of the incident. When the three see the Thousand Sunny and the old robot, Lucci declares that the ship must be destroyed. Kaku fires a Tempest Kick Sky Slicer at the ship, possibly bringing the Straw Hats’ home to an end.

However, in One Piece chapter 1071, Zoro awakens just in time to deflect the onslaught and save the ship. He wonders who disturbed his snooze, and Kaku is surprised to find him aboard the ship. The Frontier Dome has been restored, according to Pythagoras, but CP0 agents have already penetrated, leaving the Thousand Sunny unprotected.

One of the Vegapunks remarks on how Zoro and Kaku are already battling, implying that the two are engaged in close battle. As Luffy and his crewmates arrive and reconcile with their crewmates, Lilith exclaims with joy that they will finally be able to go to battle. However, the captain of the Straw Hats is upset to learn that they are already going, stating that they should not waste this chance.

The other Straw Hats then react on the issue in One Piece chapter 1071. As Luffy inquires about Bonney, Nico Robin remarks on Dr. Vegapunk’s absence. The episode then switches to Bonney following Dr. Vegapunk, asking him whether the scientist can transform her father, Bartholomew Kuma, back into his completely human state.

Dr. Vegapunk regretfully states that he cannot, but explains why. The focus then swings back to “somewhere in the seas of the New World,” where Eustass Kid and the Kid Pirates are cruising. Killer encourages Kid to wake up, stating that they are close to shore and asks whether they should go explore.


Arrivals at Elbaf as Garp sets off in One Piece Chapter 1071

Kid wonders why Killer is even asking, given that he’s never turned down the opportunity to explore an island before. The latter responds by saying that this island is most likely Elbaf, the home of the Giants, which piques Kid’s curiosity. This seems to back up a common fan idea that the “guy marked by flames” described by Kid at the conclusion of Wano is Jaguar D. Saul, who is now on Elbaf.

The G-14 Naval Base is thus the center of One Piece Chapter 1071. Vice Admiral Doll is conversing with Vice Admiral Garp, informing him that the whole base is going to depart for Egghead and that no personnel can be spared. The latter urges her not to be like way, but Doll answers that his desire to launch an attack against a Yonko is no laughing matter.

Doll then asks Garp whether he has cleared this with “the upper brass,” but the latter wonders why he would do so. The former wonders how he’s had such a lengthy career with the Marines by behaving this manner, but Garp assures her that she shouldn’t worry since he’s already at G-14.

Garp then arrives at the base, shouting for Helmeppo to come outside in One Piece Chapter 1071. Before witnessing Garp’s ship, those in the base wonder whether it’s a pirate raid, causing Helmeppo to come to the window and express his desire to meet his old instructor. Helmeppo reveals that Koby has been kidnapped by Blackbeard, bemoaning his helplessness to assist his pal.

Garp answers that his whimpering is difficult to see and that he has to jump on board right now so that they can go to Hachinosu and rescue Koby. In the closing panel of the issue, Helmeppo and Hibari (a SWORD member) exclaim their joy at finally being able to rescue Koby.


In summation

One Piece Chapter 1071 is an intriguing issue that establishes several potential narrative aspects for the series’ near future. This fantastic issue sets up or introduces Kuma’s return to the Mariejois region, Kid’s arrival at Elbaf, Dr. Vegapunk’s mystery conspirator and his motive for not turning Kuma back.

What’s particularly intriguing is Garp’s choice to save Koby, as well as the possible ramifications for Yonko-World Government ties. This would be particularly true if Blackbeard succeeded in snatching Law’s Devil Fruit during their battle in few issues previous to One Piece chapter 1071.

While a confrontation between Garp and Blackbeard seems to have a predictable ending, the former is regarded as the “Hero of the Marines” who previously stood against Rocks D. Xebec and his crew. With this in mind, fans may anticipate Garp to at least give Blackbeard a run for his money and to finally see him battle a genuine opponent.