One Piece Chapter 1070: spoiler shows Luffy trying to eat Lucci

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One Piece Chapter 1070

On Tuesday, December 20, fresh spoilers and raw scans for One Piece Chapter 1070 were leaked, bringing with them a really exciting issue. Fans were surprised to see Luffy and Lucci continue to battle, with Luffy retaining the upper hand as predicted due to the overwhelming strength of his Gear 5 form.

However, there is one panel in One Piece Chapter 1070 that shows Luffy’s unique fighting style, which fans like. A Gear 5 Luffy inflates his head to monstrous dimensions before attempting to consume and swallow Lucci as an assault in the panel in question.

One Piece Chapter 1070 has fans amused by Luffy’s hilarious combat methods

One Piece Chapter 1070 opens with the revelation that Sentomaru survived Lucci’s assault. This rapidly evolves into S-Snake, S-Shark, and S-Hawk fighting CP0 with their Devil Fruit abilities and weaponry. They effortlessly dispatch numerous regular agents, but Kaku and Stussy refuse to fight.

S-Snake interacts briefly with the Straw Hats here, showing herself to have the same demeanor as the actual Boa Hancock. Meanwhile, the battle between Luffy and Lucci continues, with Lucci actually unable to touch Luffy. Nami is still in the lab with Dr. Vegapunk, who claims that Seraphim are the pinnacle of science he can build and the strongest people in the sea.

Dr. Vegapunk, on the other hand, says that manufactured Devil Fruits may not have Awakening potential. He then adds that owing to their simplicity, Zoan Fruits are now the only ones that can be successfully duplicated. Mythical Zoans need too much time and money to manufacture, but Paramecia Fruits require the real user’s lineage component to generate “Green Blood,” which gives the Seraphim their abilities.

Dr. Vegapunk then explains that Logia Fruits are very difficult to get, but he tried his best. Interestingly, he makes no mention of how he recreated Kizaru’s Fruit here. Back in the struggle between Lucci and Luffy, the former is reliving Enies Lobby as his awareness fades. Luffy’s buddies encourage him to hurry up and rush to the escape rocket if he wants to rescue Atlas as Lucci is blasted away.

Dr. Vegapunk then informs the other Straw Hats that Luffy would be joining them, to mixed responses. One Piece Chapter 1070 then sees Bonney wakeup and go for Vegapunk once again. Meanwhile, Lucci is awake with bandages and now has command of all four Seraphim present. The issue concludes with confirming Kizaru’s departure for Egghead Island.

Fans are generally ecstatic about this issue for a variety of reasons. One of the most prominent debates is obviously Lucci against Luffy, in which the latter was able to completely destroy the former while practically simply playing about. Fans have so far welcomed the current focus on their respective power disparities.

One Piece Chapter 1070 is especially popular since it accelerates the Egghead Island storyline. With this issue, fans seem to be racing towards the end of the arc, with the Straw Hats and Vegapunk all set to go. While Kizaru’s entrance will surely disrupt these preparations, the arc’s conclusion should come much sooner rather than later.