One Piece chapter 1068: editor’s note teases unknown character’s shocking appearance in front of Luffy

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One Piece chapter 1068

Despite the fact that the series is on hiatus this week, One Piece chapter 1068 information has leaked, as has material for other Weekly Shonen Jump titles. Although not as thorough as the spoiler material received by other fandoms at the time of writing, the editor’s note for the chapter suggests a big development.

Unfortunately, fans won’t know much more about One Piece chapter 1068 until the issue’s publication week arrives. As a result, despite the fact that the issue’s official publication date is Monday, December 5 at 12 AM JST, fans are still a long way from knowing anything new about it.

Nonetheless, this recent teaser is quite fascinating. Follow along as this article deconstructs the newest One Piece chapter 1068 plot hint and speculates on what it may signify.

One Piece chapter 1068 could see Luffy vs. Lucci begin based on latest editor’s note

With the publication of spoilers and raw scans for other Weekly Shonen Jump series, the editor’s note for One Piece chapter 1068 was also released. Editor’s remarks are generally given to excite the audience’s curiosity in what could come next, particularly while the series is on a break week. While these notes may not always forecast what will happen next, they do have a strong track record of predicting the near future.

The editor’s note for the issue, released by Twitter user and credible series news account @ONEPIECESPOILE1, teases the appearance of someone in front of Luffy’s crew. While Dr. Vegapunk has appeared in previous issues to Luffy’s gang, it seems superfluous to hype his presence in this topic more. Furthermore, Dr. Vegapunk has already been presented, so it wouldn’t truly be a “tease.”

As a result, fans are divided as to whether this pertains to the newly debuted Rob Lucci and CP0, or to another yet-to-be-presented figure. The former is the more probable scenario, with Rob Lucci likely to discover and appear in front of Luffy at some point throughout the issue. This would also explain Oda’s decision to take a week off this week, since he’d need time to create a battle scene between the two.

Although predicting who will emerge in One Piece Chapter 1068 beyond those already present in Egghead is difficult, one strong possibility is Bartholomew Kuma. While Oda did reveal readers in the previous issue that he was fleeing Kamabakka Kingdom, it was unclear if this was in the past or was happening now.

As a consequence, it is possible that Kuma fled the Revolutionary Army headquarters prior to the events shown in the previous issue. While this is not Oda’s usual approach, he may surprise viewers by framing the series’ plot in an unconventional manner.

If it’s a new character, the most probable solution is a new Marine Vice-Admiral or equivalent rank, potentially even a new SWORD member. This would be an especially intriguing addition to the Egghead Island arc, since it would give validity to the hypothesis that Vegapunk is the leader of the SWORD gang.

However, as of the authoring of this article, no official One Piece chapter 1068 information was available. As a consequence, until the issue’s formal publication on December 4, 2022, supporters should retain an open mind.