One Piece Chapter 1062: Does Zoro want to find a cure for SMILES?

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Although Roronoa Zoro has something to say in One Piece Chapter 1062, many fans have already guessed what it is.

Vegapunk particularly asks something from Zoro throughout the events in this chapter. However, the scenario changes before the reader receives their answer. It will most likely be answered after One Piece Chapter 1062.

Some readers assume Zoro intends to develop a cure for SMILES based on a prior storyline in Wano Country.


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Zoro asks Vegapunk something in One Piece Chapter 1062, and it may have to do with SMILES

One Piece Chapter 1062 requires some context for readers. Zoro was followed by a mysterious man who always smiled near the beginning of the Wano Country arc. Yasuie was a very friendly Ebisu Town resident. He was always concerned about the poor residents and provided them with food rations on a regular basis.

It didn’t take long for Zoro to learn about the residents’ dark secret. They were forced to consume faulty SMILE fruits. They can only express “happiness” without actually experiencing it. Kurozumi Orochi was a cruel and corrupt shogun who thought it would be amusing to be cruel and corrupt.

Needless to say, Zoro was enraged by what had occurred and developed a dislike for the former shogun. It should be noted that Orochi did request that Vegapunk be turned over to the World Government for research purposes. This could come into play again after One Piece Chapter 1062.

Vegapunk could solve the SMILE problem

One Piece Chapter 1062 raises the potential that Eiichiro Oda would return to a past plot. Orochi is no longer alive, but the SMILE fruits continue to affect the people of Ebisu Town. The Wano Country story arc concluded with no resolution.

The concept of hope runs throughout this series. It would be odd if the SMILE fruit consumers were never healed of their ailment. Given his technological skill and broad knowledge, many readers assumed that Vegapunk would play a big part in that subplot.

In One Piece Chapter 1062, Zoro has no other reason to ask Vegapunk for something. He’s not as interested in scientific equipment as Franky or Chopper. Remember that the swordsman has a connection to Ebisu Town. It’s in Zoro’s nature to look after the folks.

Now is the perfect time for Zoro to ask Vegapunk

Zoro is one of the friendliest Straw Hats, despite his appearance. Back in the Wano Country arc, he was a big fan of Ebisu Town. Of all, if he does question Vegapunk about the SMILE fruits, Zoro will still be pondering about them by One Piece Chapter 1062.

The swordsman would have every cause to seek this. Nobody in Wano Country possessed the scientific expertise to discover a remedy. Now that Vegapunk is playing a key part in the Egghead narrative, he might be just who Zoro is seeking for. He is the most intelligent character in the entire series.

Readers are excited to discover what Oda has in store for them. Eiichiro Oda may finally settle the Ebisu Town narrative, whether it’s Vegapunk dispensing a cure or teaching Chopper how to build one.