One Piece 4 characters Stussy can defeat (and 4 who can defeat her)

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The publication of One Piece Chapter 1072 spoilers suggests that Stussy has betrayed Kaku, Rob Lucci, and CP0. It’s unclear if she did this to further her own personal goals or to assist Dr. Vegapunk. In any situation, it’s evident that she’s no longer CP0’s buddy.

One Piece Chapter 1072 teasers also revealed that Stussy has a Devil Fruit, which gives her bat or vampire-like powers and abilities, as well as a matching look. While the entire scope of her abilities is unknown, fans are eager to see what her fighting ceiling and floor are.


Jewelry Bonney and 3 other One Piece characters Stussy can beat

1) Kin’emon

Despite being a Wano samurai and a Kozuki clan retainer, One Piece’s Kin’emon is unlikely to be able to stand up to Stussy.

While Kin’emon has come through on few occasions, he lacks the consistency required to overcome a CP0 member. This is particularly relevant given the revelation that Stussy has a likely Zoan-type Devil Fruit.

While Kin’emon’s performance against Kaido was great, he had the assistance of the other Red Scabbards, something he wouldn’t have had if he faced Stussy alone. Similarly, although his endurance and stamina were shown to be good in combat, this was insufficient to defeat Stussy, particularly with her Fruit abilities enabling her to knock adversaries unconscious with a bite.

2) Jewelry Bonney

While Jewelry Bonney has never been seen fighting in One Piece before, one may guess she’s a little danger. For starters, her Devil Fruit ability seems to depend on deception and exploiting foes rather than being objectively effective in a combat.

Meanwhile, Stussy is presumably a very experienced and competent fighter, being a rated member of CP0. With that in mind, it is improbable that Bonney will be able to win. Stussy’s knowledge and expertise will most likely win her the race.

3) Carrot

Carrot is fascinating since she has been demonstrated to be a competent combatant throughout One Piece. Furthermore, as a Mink, she has a Sulong form. Sulong-form Minks, on the other hand, are not indestructible and may be handled with with either sheer strength or by removing them from the moonlight.

Stussy is probably clever enough to devise such a scenario, thereby destroying Carrot’s victory condition in the process. Carrot is unlikely to be able to compete with a CP0 agent without her Sulong form, especially with the experience she’s gathered traveling with the Straw Hat gang.

4) Vivi Nefertari

Vivi Nefertari looked to have thoroughly submerged herself back into the life of a princess when fans last saw her in One Piece. She was all dressed up, attending the Reverie, and even expressing her joy about representing her nation. It is improbable that she has prioritized fighting training since the Alabasta storyline concluded.

With this in mind, Stussy is nearly guaranteed to defeat Vivi. Add in the fact that Stussy was just shown to be in possession of a Devil Fruit, and Vivi’s defeat is all but inevitable, regardless of the specifics of the battle.


Basil Hawkins and 3 other One Piece characters who can defeat Stussy
1) Roronoa Zoro

While Stussy was able to sneak up on Kaku and knock him unconscious with her Devil Fruit skills, it’s doubtful that she would beat him in a fair combat.

Similarly, considering his performance against the Awakened Kaku, it’s reasonable to assume that Stussy wouldn’t be able to beat Zoro in a one-on-one battle.

There’s also the fact that Zoro is presently one of the strongest characters in One Piece, frightening Kaido for a short while. Given his prior awards and accomplishments, it’s a reasonable assumption that he will rule supreme.

2) Rob Lucci

Putting Stussy up against Rob Lucci is really rather intriguing, since One Piece Chapter 1072 spoilers have already hinted at how this would play out. Stussy informs Lucci that she requires him to sleep in the same manner as Kaku did, meaning that she would prefer constrain him this way than confront him in battle.

With that in mind, it nearly looks like Stussy is admitting that her only way to beat Lucci is to knock him out. However, the seasoned fighter is unlikely to make things simple, and if the two fought one-on-one, Lucci would most likely win.

3) Trafalgar D. Water Law

One of the most challenging features of facing Law is his Op-Op Fruit powers, which make it tough to corner him. He can set up a designated region in which he may freely control items, as shown throughout One Piece. This involves taking the place of an item or another live creature.

Similarly, it makes it very hard for Stussy to get into a scenario where she can put him to sleep and win by default. It boils down to who has the stronger defenses, with Law also employing a similar tactic in battles rather than utilizing pure power. Based on what we know so far about Stussy, Law is likely to win in that area.

4) Basil Hawkins

One Piece’s Basil Hawkins, as shown throughout the Wano arc, has an exceedingly rare talent provided to him by his Devil Fruit, the Paramecia-type Straw-Straw Fruit. He may effectively transfer any harm done to him to another person of his choosing, usually a subordinate.

While this is theoretical, it is possible that whatever caused Stussy to knock down Kaku may be conveyed through Hawkins’ Devil Fruit talent. If this is the case, Hawkins may simply provoke Stussy into attacking him, cornering her, and handing him an easy victory by passing the knockout to a subordinate and beating her swiftly.