One Piece 1056 Theory Sabo Will Challenge The World Government

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Fans are thrilled about the release of the latest chapter of One Piece. It was difficult for all of us to wait a month. The Road to Laugh Tale pieces, on the other hand, were amazing. Especially the one that provides us with all of the reward rankings. Anyway, fans are getting ready for One Piece 1056. Eiichiro Oda has mentioned that, because the manga is getting close to its end, he will do his best to draw all of the series’ mysteries.

We’re all aware that One Piece is riddled with mysteries and unanswered questions. That is why fans continue to create these hypotheses.

As a wild guess, given that we will get about 32 chapters per year, that comes up to 160 chapters a year for the last saga. That’s why we predict that the final saga will continue for at least 5 years. Wano has almost 150 chapters, while all of the prior sagas have 100 or more chapters. So it’s only natural that the last one is the largest and, perhaps, the greatest. Based on what happened in this chapter, we have to wonder about Sabo’s influence, how the Celestial Dragons are doing, and how strong Akainu is. A massive conflict is clearly on the horizon. Perhaps we’ll find out in One Piece Chapter 1056.

We also anticipate that the bounty of Straw Hats will be revealed in the following chapter.

The revolutionary Sabo

Fans have been concerned about Sabo’s well-being for quite some time. The last we heard of him, the entire world had received heartbreaking news. We assumed Sabo was dead or something because he had entered the realm of the Celestial Dragons.

The news devastated everyone who knew Sabo. We were terrified that he would be killed or taken by the marines. In fact, many spectators anticipated a second Marineford-like That, however, turned out to be a forgery.

Sabo murdering Nefertari Cobra was most likely the surprising news. Huge news like this significantly alters the situation. Cobra is regarded as one of the world’s best kings.

One of the 20 nations that founded the World Government is his own. Consequently, his murder is a serious matter.

We also see Sabo complete his mission to save Kuma. He and his team were able to beat off two admirals and numerous Celestial Dragon thugs in order to rescue Kuma and then flee the situation. This indicates that he is a true force to be reckoned with.

The World Government versus Sabo

The revolutionaries intend to destabilize the government. They move about liberating nations and attempting to free them from tyranny. We watched how Dragon rescued Sabo from the harshness of the Goa Kingdom. As a result, Sabo’s celebrity is a wonderful thing.

The death of Cobra remains a source of contention. We don’t know what happened or what caused it. Many things may go wrong during a rescue attempt. Perhaps One Piece 1056 will clarify this news, but we must wait.

More importantly, Sabo has been elevated to the position of Emperor of Flames. His reputation is on an equal level with that of Monkey D Dragon, the most deadly guy in the world and the only one who ranks higher than him Given their immense power, we trust Dragon and Sabo to make significant and active efforts toward subverting the government.

On the other hand, we can see that Akainu is also prepared to battle. He realizes that anarchy will soon rule the earth. And it will be his responsibility to clean up after the pirates and revolutionaries alike. Akainu is prepared to destroy them all.

The battle will be incredible.