One Piece 10 anime characters who can solo the Blackbeard pirates

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One Piece chapter 1063 spoilers revealed that the Blackbeard Pirates are one of the most ferocious pirate groups. These vicious criminals have traveled the globe in search of the most potent Devil Fruit, even if it means killing the user to get it. As a result, each member of the crew has incredible strength that may overwhelm even the most powerful fighter.

While the Blackbeard Pirates are a worthy opponent, there are numerous anime characters that can dispatch them in the blink of an eye. The cruelest bunch of pirates from One Piece would have no chance against the most powerful anime characters in existence. This article will discuss eleven anime characters that might eliminate One Piece’s Blackbeard crew on their own.

Saitama and 9 other anime characters whom One Piece’s Blackbeard Pirates do not stand a chance against.

1) Shigeo Kageyama

Shigeo, better known as Mob, is the main character of the blockbuster television series Mob Psycho 100. Our hero, born as one of the world’s most powerful Espers, attempts to utilize his talents as little as possible owing to his hatred to violence. Mob will avoid fighting whenever possible since he is satisfied not to use his abilities until in emergency.

When Mob is enraged, he can unleash such terrible force that whole towns are blown up in a moment. The black-haired child can use his tremendous brainwaves to halt people’s motions, send them tumbling into buildings, or just assault their brains. The Blackbeard crew of One Piece will never encounter someone as strong as Mob, and they are unlikely to prevail.

2) Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto, who was once regarded a failure and a problematic kid, grew up to become one of the Shinobi World’s top ninjas. Naruto became history’s greatest hero thanks to his tough training, the assistance of his friends, and the power increase granted to him by Kurama. Because of his powers, the Ninja World may now live in peace and harmony.

If the youngster was transferred to the world of One Piece and forced to face Blackbeard and his crew, he would most certainly win in a flash. Naruto is not only almost as swift as light, but he is also one of the strongest characters in the Naruto series. The Blackbeard Pirates will be unable to employ their abilities against the Uzumaki.

3) Gojo Satoru

Despite his friendly demeanor and jovial demeanor, Gojo is undoubtedly the most powerful sorcerer in Jujutsu Kaisen. The white-haired sorcerer has been described as a guy who could murder everyone without even trying. He not only possesses one of the series’ largest cursed energy supplies, but he also has the most powerful powers.

His family’s technology, called Limitless, gives him atomic-level mastery over space. As a result, Gojo has the ability to manipulate the fabric of the universe in order to create huge black holes that destroy everything around him, slow down the matter around him, or totally destroy everything he desires. Blackbeard and his companions must hope that Gojo never joins the One Piece world.

4) Rimuru Tempest

Do not be fooled by Rimuru’s lovely looks; this adorable slime is one of the most powerful beings in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. Rimuru was a typical Japanese guy who died protecting others from an accident in a former life. He was resurrected into the body of a blue slime, which bestowed upon him a variety of intriguing and highly strong talents.

Still, the capacity to absorb any creature into his body and receive that individual’s abilities is the one he utilizes the most. He could use it to absorb any member of One Piece’s Blackbeard crew and get their Devil Fruit abilities. Rimuru would end up being tremendously stronger than he was before, given that every one of Marshall’s subordinates has an incredible talent.

5) Giorno Giovanna

Giorno has the most powerful Stand of all the characters in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Gold Experience Requiem was created as a result of the Stand arrow’s abilities and its user’s desire to win. Giorno has the ability to return any action to zero, thereby nullifying any strike, thanks to this strong sentient Stand.

If a person is killed in fight by the Stand, they will inhabit a new reality where they will die endlessly. If Marshal and his crew were to visit the world of One Piece, they would have no method of dealing with such a strong and dangerous warrior.

6) Meruem

Hunter x Hunter is a series famous for its legendary and terrifying antagonists, many of whom have caused chaos on Gon and his pals. However, none of the series’ antagonists can match to Meruem, King of the Ants. Born with a higher intelligence than any other creature, his strength and agility can outperform the majority of the characters in the program.

Meruem was already defeating academics in a game of wits and killing one of the franchise’s greatest warriors minutes after birth. During their time in One Piece, Blackbeard’s crew could never have fought such a formidable creature.

7) Ainz Ooal Gown

Ainz was a typical person who grew fascinated with an MMORPG before ascending to the throne of the Sorcery Kingdom. He was transferred into his favorite activity just before his favorite game was going to be shut down for good. He rose to become the most powerful creature on the planet, mastering both magic and warfare.

His body was transformed into that of a Lich, a creature comprised of pure magic and very unbreakable bones. In Overlord, we saw Ainz absorb strikes that would kill a man and behave as if nothing had occurred. No matter how many crewmembers joined the battle, Ainz would easily defeat One Piece’s Blackbeard Pirates.

8) Sosuke Aizen

The Shinigamis in Bleach represent the peak of skill and refinement in battle. They are among the most powerful entities in the cosmos, with numerous talents that mortals may only dream for. Aside from the various natural talents that come with their divine nature, they are also superb swordsmen who, as Aizen has shown several times, can kill most opponents with a single slash.

Aizen is more powerful than the usual Shinigami due to his ability to influence a person’s five senses from a distance. He may utilize this talent to create hallucinations that confuse and overpower his opponent. Regardless of how strong Blackbeard and his crew are, they would be powerless against Aizen’s abilities.

9) Goku

For more than two decades, the protagonist of Dragon Ball has been regarded as one of the most powerful anime characters of all time. He can destroy whole planets with a single punch, move faster than light, and has a variety of transformations, each greater than the last.

None of the characters in One Piece’s Blackbeard Pirates could hope to compete with Goku’s strength and agility. Marshall and his colleagues would be beaten by Goku in a matter of minutes, despite their powerful Devil Fruits.

10) Saitama

Every day, Saitama transformed from an average guy to the most powerful hero in One Punch Man by doing 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and a ten-kilometer run. As the title suggests, Saitama has become so strong that he has destroyed most of his opponents in a single strike.

Because the bald hero has no boundaries to his might, the more powerful an opponent is, the stronger he becomes. We’ve seen him battle against entities filled with almighty strength and emerge uninjured. If Marshall and the rest of the Blackbeard Pirates want to live long lives, they should hope that Saitama never discovers a way to invade the realm of One Piece.

Final thoughts

The next One Piece chapter 1063 confirmed that Blackbeard and his gang are finally moving. The wicked pirates waited until they were powerful enough to take on the most powerful pirates, such as Law and his Heart Pirates.

Nonetheless, they are not powerful enough to compete with anime’s most powerful characters, such as Saitama. While it is doubtful that the Blackbeard Pirates will ever face any of these warriors before the conclusion of One Piece, it is interesting to see who can hold them in check in the event of a future crossover event.