Naruto: Did Zabuza love Haku ?

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Naruto has had several classic narrative arcs that laid the groundwork for the approaching climax. One of the earliest, Land of Waves, introduced the viewer to the series’ first big villains. Because of its influence on new viewers, it is still regarded as one of the finest in history.

Even after nearly 23 years, characters like Zabuza and Haku are still spoken about. This demonstrates how big of an effect they made, despite the arrival of other important characters in the latest plot arcs. Another aspect of the individuals that drew viewers in was their friendship with one another.

Despite the terrible finale, several showgoers were perplexed by the nature of the two’s emotions. Some saw it as a poisonous connection, while others saw it as nothing more than a father-son bond. The following article will assist to clarify the link between Zabuza and Haku.

Zabuza treated Haku like a tool due to the former’s traumatic upbringing in Naruto

Readers should be aware that Zabuza and Haku’s relationship was far from loving and caring. While going through a town, Zabuza came into Haku, who was a beggar owing to the terrible death of his family. Zabuza decided to take Haku under his wing and utilize him as a tool since he had an efficient skill.

However, there is a genuine explanation for Zabuza’s cold-hearted attitude toward someone who loved deeply for him. Zabuza’s upbringing included being compelled to murder his peers after becoming a full-fledged ninja. This drove him even farther into repressing his feelings, leaving him unable to express adequate gratitude even when he wanted to.

Haku, on the other hand, was always eager to assist someone, which was also his sole purpose for living. Seeing how Zabuza took him in, Haku’s main goal in life became to die for Zabuza, for which he grew substantially more powerful than he had ever been.

Until this time, their relationship might be described as “one-sided love,” as Haku developed a massive Martyr complex in which he was prepared to die at any cost for the sake of Zabuza. The latter couldn’t care less since he was dead intent on Haku being a dependable tool for him.

When both Ninjas met Team 7 in the Land of Waves arc, everything changed, and Haku threw himself into Kakashi’s Chidori to save Zabuza, ultimately sacrificing his own life. Naruto then went on an intense tirade about how Haku had loved Zabuza his whole life and how it’s horrible to not feel anything for him, even in death.

This appeared to strike harder than any wounds on Zabuza, when he was revealed to cry for the first time for Haku. Zabuza also claimed that he has been aware of Haku’s grief and compassion his whole life but has chosen not to express his feelings.

Their tales come to a conclusion as Zabuza sleeps alongside Haku’s body, remembering all the times he had Haku join him while taking his final breath.

As a result, it might be believed that Zabuza cared for Haku someplace deep inside, but as previously said, his horrific past caused him to conceal any feelings for anybody.