Nami’s New Attack Explained How Strong is Zeus’ Lightning Blast

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The Wano Country arc is one of the most exciting in the whole series. A lot has transpired, a lot of battles have been fought, and a lot of sides have been switched, making Wano Country one of the strongest arcs in the whole One Piece series. Surprisingly, Nami has appeared often in the series, most notably in numerous battle sequences, which is unusual for her given her lack of abilities in compared to most other characters. Nonetheless, Nami has received major strength gains in this arc, and in this post, we will discuss how Zeus’ new method aided Nami in Wano Country.

Nami obtained Zeus when the latter’s soul united with her Clima-Tact, granting Zeus access to additional powers and skills throughout the tale. Ninpo: Raitei generates a large, movable electric discharge, allowing Zeus to travel about and zero in on his victim, even if it misses them the first time.

The remainder of this article will concentrate on Zeus and his skills and abilities after joining Nami. We’ve previously discussed how Zeus survived and eventually became Nami’s faithful companion, but this article will go into further detail regarding the cloud’s capabilities and talents. There will be spoilers ahead, so proceed with caution!

What is Zeus’ Ninpo: Lightning Blast?

Nami had access to three distinct striking methods once Zeus joined Nami’s Clima-Tact, which proved to be highly effective and beneficial in her engagements. In this part, we’ll go through the basics of each of these strikes so you can compare them to Zeus’ skills while he was with Big Mom.

The Zeus Breeze Tempo is the first of these strikes, and it was unwittingly imposed on Zeus by Nami. Nami gives Zeus numerous Black Balls and a Weather Egg containing a thundercloud, and he becomes extremely enormous as a result. Nami then utilizes her Clima-Tact to influence Zeus’ onslaught, even against his will. The resulting lightning assault combines both her and Zeus’ innate abilities.

The Ninpo: Raitei method is the major topic of this essay. Nami conjures Zeus and feeds him a Weather Egg. As Zeus follows the same movement pattern, she utilizes her Clima-Tact and smashes it into the ground. The move causes a tremendous electric discharge in the region, but even if one avoids it, the current is sentient and may zero in on the opponent until it reaches him, which is how Nami beat Ulti.

Finally, the Grow Up attack is employed as a result of the Pop Green’s ability to evolve into the second model. Specifically, when Nami squeezes the handle of her staff, it expands in size, with the new size controlled by the amount of pressure exerted; the more pressure she exerts, the longer the staff becomes. She may utilize this technique to change the size and form of the Clima-Tact in order to cause more harm to her opponents.

Explaining Zeus’ powers and abilities

Zeus was created from a piece of Big Mom’s soul, making him much more powerful than the other homies. This gives the homie enough fortitude to repel the Yomi Yomi no Mi’s soul protection. He may still be harmed by the Devil Fruit user, as seen when Brook sliced him in half; nevertheless, he was able to survive due to the Devil Fruit’s composition.

Zeus can fly, create both ordinary and “sweet rain,” and unleash lightning bolts powerful enough to kill Vinsmoke Judge in a single stroke when he morphs into a cloud. When he joins forces with Prometheus, he can unleash vast, catastrophic storms. Such tremendous blasts, however, may badly injure Zeus, reducing him and stopping him from fighting for a spell. Zeus may attack his own mistress, Big Mom, as well as inadvertently emit shocks if he is manipulated and the energy he gathers inside of him is released.

Zeus has the ability to expand and become Big Mom’s throne, growing thicker and more solid like sea clouds. Zeus can fly, as shown by the occasions he flew Big Mom after the Straw Hat Pirates to chase them and Pudding and Sanji to the wedding venue. He is also very swift and was employed as a mode of transportation by Big Mom.

Apart from the talents and abilities he inherited from Nami, Zeus also had three unique attacks while with Big Mom. The standard Raitei (Thunderbolt), in which Big Mom summoned Zeus and charged him with electricity before striking her opponent with her great strength and a strong bolt of lightning. Tenman Daijizai Tenjin, the most powerful of them, launches a torrent of thunder assaults from a massive cloud that causes explosions across the region, while Indra was employed to hurl electrical bolts at foes from a distance. Thunders are sentient and can zero in on targets even if they strive to avoid them.

How and when did Zeus join Nami?

During the Wano Country Arc, Zeus was imprisoned by Law, and Big Mom had to labor without him until he escaped. When he returns, however, the empress informs him that she no longer needs his services, while Prometheus chastises him. The lady then tells Hera to devour him in order to grow stronger than him, refusing Zeus’ pleas not to murder him and agrees to vanish from her and never be seen again.

Big Mom, on the other hand, responds that she cannot afford to let him go anywhere and whenever he pleases since she removes a piece of his soul. Zeus then tearsfully apologizes to Nami for betraying her, proclaiming himself a coward for not defying his creator’s commands and stating that he was willing to sacrifice himself for the navigator, whom he begs to examine his last gesture.

He strikes out at Big Mom after being freed from Hera’s hold, but she captures him, removing his soul and giving it to his new comrade. Nami tosses the Black Balls at him, causing him to regain his vitality and flee, but Zeus argues that he cannot feed himself with them due to his condition, and he is consumed by Hera.

He survives, and his soul combines with Nami’s Clima-Tact. He expresses relief as he hears Momonosuke transmit that Luffy is alive, and the navigator is astounded to see her weapon talk. Zeus says that he was able to preserve himself because, just before he was consumed, his soul was transferred to the Clima- Tact, which can now expand and change form as he pleases, making him a valuable addition to Nami’s armory.

Nami responds that she is not mean to have a stressful talking weapon, and he recalls that the navigator has not yet forgiven him, but he admits that he cannot leave the Clima-Tact without Big Mom’s strength. He later assists the troop in fighting Ulti and rescuing Tama during the battle against the Beasts and Big Mom Pirates.

While the gang is fleeing the enemy after Tama, Zeus appears in the shape of a cloud from the Clima-Tact, begging to be Nami’s servant again: when the latter describes him as her buddy, he is ecstatic and electrocutes the opponents in front of them. Zeus laments Big Mom’s loss in front of the baths, so Nami begs him to choose between her and the empress. Her cloud thus strengthens his devotion.