My Hero Academia Chapter 412: Release date and time, Where to Read, Spoiler

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With Deku and Shigaraki seemingly reaching the final stages of their fight, My Hero Academia chapter 412 will likely be fully focused on the two exchanging blows.

Inheriting the One for All ability from All-Might, Midoriya goes on a quest to stop villains such as Tomura Shigaraki and All for One. Now, all eyes are set on the next Chapter 412, and here’s when it arrives. Also, find out where you could go through the rest of the Manga chapters.

My Hero Academia Chapter 412, Release Date and Time:

My Hero Academia chapter 412 will be officially released on Monday, January 22, 2024, at 12 am JST. For most international fans, this means the issue will be released sometime during the day on Sunday, January 21. Like Japanese audiences, select international readers will see the issue released early on Monday, January 22. The exact release time will vary by region and time zone.

The Manga can be read by the fans for free on the The release date for the next chapter of My Hero Academia, My Hero Academia Chapter 412, is set to be January 21, 2024.

Timezone Release Time
Pacific Standard Time 7 am, Friday, January 21
Eastern Standard Time 10 am, Friday, January 21
Greenwich Mean Time 3 pm, Friday, January 21
Central European Time 4 pm, Friday, January 21
Indian Standard Time 8.30 pm, Friday, January 21
Philippine Standard Time 11.00 pm, Friday, January 21
Australia Central Standard Time 12.30 am, Saturday, January 21



My Hero Academia Chapter 411 Recap

In the beginning of the chapter, there is a flashback to All Might’s earlier days as a young and ambitious hero. He encounters his mentor, Nana Shimura, the seventh person to possess the One For All power, who educates him about the quirk’s history and its intended usage.

The speaker clarifies that One For All originated from her predecessor, who happens to be the sibling of All For One – the notorious antagonist with the ability to take and bestow quirks onto others.

According to her, One For All represents the determination of the brother to resist All For One, and it has been passed down from one person to another, gaining strength and knowledge throughout its journey.

In addition, she discloses that One For All possesses a concealed capability. This capability enables the present user to communicate with and utilize the quirks of previous users. Furthermore, it allows the current user to perceive the remnants or traces of those past users in a dream-like state.

All Might is given a warning by her that he will come face to face with All For One eventually, and it is crucial for him to be ready to give up everything for the good of the world.

The flashback concludes, and the setting changes to the current moment, where All Might is observing the live transmission of the battle occurring between the heroes and the villains.

He observes Deku, the holder of One For All and his chosen successor, engaged in battle against Shigaraki. Shigaraki is the descendant of Nana Shimura, the previous holder of One For All, who was also the grandchild and successor of All For One.


He witnesses Bakugo, both Deku’s rival and friend, distraught and wounded from Shigaraki’s assault. Overwhelmed with a sense of powerlessness and responsibility, he believes he has let down his students by not adequately safeguarding and preparing them.

He recalls the commitment he made to Deku, assuring him of his steadfast presence and vowing to witness his transformation into a renowned hero before passing away. Contemplating the nearing climax, he questions his ability to uphold that pledge.

The two adversaries collide with astonishing velocity and strength, generating shockwaves and explosive impacts that reverberate throughout the surroundings. They engage in a fierce exchange of physical blows and verbal attacks, each attempting to overpower and convince the other.

Shigaraki argues that Deku is being a hypocrite and just blindly following the will of someone else. According to him, he is the rightful inheritor of One For All and is determined to forcefully take it from Deku.

Deku accuses Shigaraki of being a mere pawn controlled by All For One and vehemently blames him for causing destruction to everything dear to him.