My Hero Academia, chapter 390: Release date and time, countdown, what to expect, and more

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My Hero Academia chapter 390 Release date and time, countdown, what to expect, and more

Prepare yourselves, My Hero Academia fans, for chapter 390 is about to unleash its narrative mayhem on us! Mark your calendars for Monday, May 29, 2023, at 12 a.m. JST, when the tense story will take an exciting turn. Prepare for an explosive finale to the Todoroki family drama, which seems to be nearing its conclusion. The burning issue on everyone’s mind: who within the Todoroki clan will confront Dabi’s lethal blast? The air is charged with anticipation as fans anxiously anticipate the resolution of this conundrum.

Unfortunately, my readers, the enticing specifics of what lies between the pages of My Hero Academia chapter 390 remain elusive, shrouded beneath a veil of secrecy. But don’t worry, the dawn of wisdom is approaching. Rest confident, the spoiler gods will descend upon us shortly, revealing the heart-pounding contents that await us. So keep a look out for official release details for this highly awaited edition, which is set to emerge in the coming days like a spring flower in full bloom.


My Hero Academia chapter 390 likely to finally see Dabi blow just as Shoto arrives on the scene
Release date and time, where to read

Prepare yourself, My Hero Academia fans, for the historic arrival of chapter 390! The major reveal is set for the glorious Monday, May 29, 2023, at exactly midnight in the mysterious land of JST. However, for the fervent international fans distributed across the world, this temporal anomaly translates to the problem surfacing at some point during the prior day, Sunday, May 28, giving them a head start on the developing tale. However, the ethereal veil of slumber will be shattered in the early hours of Monday, May 29, marking the advent of the much-anticipated chapter for the selected few, the Japanese audience. Oh, how the temporal fabric unravels, revealing the cryptic release timings, distinct to each place and inextricably linked to the delicate dance of time zones.

Fear not, dear fans, because the entrances to the enthralling world of My Hero Academia await your anxious arrival. Explore the sacred halls of Shueisha’s free MANGAPlus service, where the stories develop, and Viz Media’s official website, which welcomes readers with open arms. These prestigious platforms graciously provide access to the series’ first and most recent three chapters, enticing the senses with a peep into the ever-evolving tale. However, for those who want to immerse themselves completely in the stunning world of heroes and villains, the key to unlocking the full of this enthralling narrative lies inside the hallowed zone of Shonen Jump+. A magnificent place, although one that requires a little monthly fee, where readers may wallow in the glory of a full series, a literary haven that cradles the faithful inside its loving embrace.

My Hero Academia chapter 390 is set to release in the following dates in the corresponding time zones:

Pacific Standard Time: 8 am, Sunday, May 28
Eastern Standard Time: 11 am, Sunday, May 28
Greenwich Mean Time: 3 pm, Sunday, May 28
Central European Time: 4 pm, Sunday, May 28
Indian Standard Time: 8:30 pm, Sunday, May 28
Philippine Standard Time: 11 pm, Sunday, May 28
Japanese Standard Time: 12 am, Monday, May 29
Australia Central Standard Time: 1:30 am, Monday, May 29


Chapter 389 recap

A rush of reports erupted in Chapter 389 of My Hero Academia, delivering the terrible news that Dabi’s searing temperature rise had started to cease its blazing climb. The menace remained ominously, like an imminent explosion with an unavoidable conclusion. Throughout this upheaval, the Todoroki family worked hard to control their cold abilities, hoping to cool the scorching fire that threatened to engulf them and their suffering relatives. And there, among the confusion, Dabi found his eyes fixed on the watching crowd, doubting the feelings surging through him. In a moment of reflection, he pondered why such an apparently simple task had been agonizingly delayed, while his surroundings bore testimony to Endeavor’s anguished expression and the rapid withdrawal of courageous warriors and hapless citizens.

fractured images emerge with fractured significance in this chaotic tapestry. The anguished souls of Toga’s Twice clones are captured by the ethereal lens, each a mirror of a warped world. A fierce conflict follows among the commotion, as Ochaco Uraraka heroically tackles the intriguing Himiko Toga, while allied heroes strategically retire from the battlefield. Among this tumult, the story switches, focusing on three unwitting youngsters whose lives intersected with Shoto and Bakugo’s during their temporary license makeup training. Their little eyes were now glued to a live broadcast, enthralled by the developing events that seemed to change the world around them.

A tenacious news reporter records the scene of Dabi’s flaming heat sphere, its brilliant wrath recorded by the lens of truth. Meanwhile, the youngster who once stood as Endeavor’s unshakeable pillar returns to the screen, their eyes filled with hope as prayers for the fallen hero climb to the sky. The camera pans across continents, exposing a café in the heart of the Philippines, where a lady, too, finds peace in quiet devotion. And suddenly, as if directed by fate’s fickle hands, the trio of youngsters reappears, their voices echoing with unflinching conviction, exclaiming that everything will be fine since “Five Wieners” is at their side. An intriguing image that serves as the finale of this enthralling chapter’s narrative dance, bestowed upon the tenacious Shoto Todoroki, who begins on a frenetic sprint astride the back of Tenya Iida.

What to expect (speculative)

Prepare yourself, My Hero Academia fans, for the furious continuation of the Todoroki family drama tale in chapter 390. Oh, how destiny has entangled us, since novelist and artist extraordinaire, Kohei Horikoshi, has skilfully constructed a narrative web that entangles our own souls. The stakes have been elevated, the tensions have risen, and the narrative has coiled around us, refusing to let go.

Shoto, our gallant hero, looms on the horizon, preparing to come into the forefront in My Hero Academia chapter 390, as the narrative threads converge on the edge of disclosure. Diverting our focus and wandering into alternative regions defies all logic in the magnificent tapestry that unfolds. The scene is established, and the main point is obvious. Fans await the start of the climactic crescendo, the completion of a B-story that has persisted throughout the series’ long voyage, with bated breath.

Oh, the mystery of what lies ahead, tantalizingly out of grasp, enticing us to go through the sacred pages of the next issue. Our hearts pound with excitement as the story tightens its grasp, providing a look into the storm of emotions and disclosures that will follow. Brace yourself, for the epic symphony of the Todoroki family’s destiny is about to reach a crescendo, and the echoes of this critical chapter will reverberate for eons.

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