My Hero Academia, chapter 387: spoilers have fans raving about Dabi’s new powers

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My Hero Academia, chapter 387: spoilers have fans raving about Dabi’s new powers

The release of My Hero Academia chapter 387 spoilers on Wednesday, April 27, 2023, shocked fans. The chapter highlighted the start of the last confrontation between Dabi and Endeavor, which sparked much intrigue and suspense among fans. The conflict was compounded further by the unexpected and stunning arrival of Rei Todoroki, who added still another layer to the already complex situation.

However, it is not the fight or the arrival of Rei Todoroki that has caught the interest of the fans. Rather, it is the unexpected and startling discovery of Dabi’s dormant abilities that has fans reeling. Dabi had inherited his mother Rei’s Quirk, and it wasn’t until chapter 387 that he started to use it unconsciously. This shocking discovery has caused an explosion of emotions and theories, forcing fans to entirely reconsider their view of Dabi, the Todoroki family conflict, and even Endeavor as a character.

As fans debate the significance of this revelation, this article aims to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the most common fan reactions to Dabi’s newfound abilities as seen in My Hero Academia chapter 387. Join us as we go further into the complexities of this discovery and the responses of fans in the aftermath of this earth-shattering news.


My Hero Academia chapter 387 shows readers that Toya Todoroki may have been the child Endeavor wanted all along
Fan reaction


The discovery of Dabi’s latent talents in My Hero Academia chapter 387 has thrown the series’ fandom into a frenzy. Fans of Dabi and the Todoroki family, as well as casual readers, are all anxious to react on this unprecedented event. Many people have been drawn to the emotional and symbolic significance of Dabi’s awakening at this precise moment.

As fans continue to analyze and dissect this shocking turn of events, it is impossible to ignore Endeavor and Dabi’s turbulent history. Dabi, formerly known as Toya Todoroki, was continually driven by Endeavor to raise his temperature and flame production from an early age, resulting in a difficult and volatile relationship between the two. As Dabi so eloquently puts it, Endeavor only ever taught him “how to turn up the heat,” prompting fans to wonder about Endeavor’s genuine motivations and the influence they have had on Dabi’s progress.

My Hero Academia chapter 387 prompted heated debate among fans, prompting many to suspect that Endeavor’s training techniques may have been the reason of Dabi’s hidden talents just now coming to light. If Endeavor had taken a more hands-off approach to Toya’s training and let him to develop his powers organically, the Ice Quirk inherited from his mother may have been fully realized.

This discovery has the potential to severely alter the lives of the whole Todoroki family, particularly those of Rei and Shoto, who have been the most impacted by Endeavor’s obsessive conduct. Fans have always hypothesized about Dabi inheriting both of his parents’ eccentricities, and this new episode looks to corroborate those fears.

Moreover, fans are captivated by Dabi’s emotional portrayal in My Hero Academia chapter 387, particularly the heartbreaking scenes of Endeavor remembering him as a young, happy, and smiling Toya. These melancholy times are exacerbated by the fact that Endeavor is often caught off guard by Dabi’s strikes.

Fans have also noticed the two hug scenes between Endeavor and Dabi, one of which shows Dabi reverting to his “normal” state. Fans are examining the emotional ramifications of these sequences, as well as the influence on the Todoroki family as a whole, as well as the many relationships within it.