My Hero Academia, chapter 379: release date, where to read, what to expect, and more

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My Hero Academia chapter 379 release date, where to read, what to expect, and more

Because there will be no break this week, My Hero Academia chapter 379 will be published in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 9. Returning to the normal timetable, the chapter will be available on Shueisha’s official web platforms on Monday, January 29, at 12 a.m. JST.

Lady Nagant’s trek to the light is expected to be the subject of My Hero Academia chapter 379. With Hawks in danger in Gunga, this might bind the senpai and kouhai together in a new feeling of solidarity. Shigaraki may possibly recover control of his body in this chapter.


My Hero Academia chapter 379 will likely continue to focus on UA

My Hero Academia chapter 379 will be available for worldwide readers at the following international times on Viz Media’s official website, Shueisha’s MangaPlus website, MangaPlus App, and Shonen Jump+ app:

Pacific Standard Time: 7 am, Saturday, January 29
Eastern Standard Time: 10 am, Saturday, January 29
Greenwich Mean Time: 3 pm, Saturday, January 29
Central European Time: 4 pm, Saturday, January 29
Indian Standard Time: 8.30 pm, Saturday, January 29
Philippine Standard Time: 11 pm, Saturday, January 29
Australia Central Standard Time: 12.30 am, Sunday, January 30


Recap of My Hero Academia chapter 378

In chapter 378 of My Hero Academia, La Brava proceeded to take over Skeptic’s servers and had him arrested by Ms. Joke, Hound Dog, and Shindo. She couldn’t halt the fortress’s free collapse, though, since she was compelled to develop a new system for UA. Gentle Criminal took on this mission and utilized his Gently Super Lover to halt the fall. Gentle prevented all of the Mikuzu Jail convicts from fleeing during the Tartarus prison breach.

As a return for his efforts, he was able to meet La Brava and assist the heroes of World War II. Deku was glad to learn that Gentle had returned when Daigoro Banjo came next to him and informed him that Shigaraki could not touch the earth. A gunshot removes Shigaraki’s hand from his body before Deku can react, and Lady Nagant is seen seated on top of a roof.

What to expect from My Hero Academia chapter 379

My Hero Academia chapter 379 will most likely remain focused on UA, particularly now that both Gentle and Lady Nagant have returned. The latter is portrayed in a medical gown with wounds wrapped across her torso, making her seem incapable of battling any enemy effectively. Her time with AFO has clearly left wounds on her body, and even her rifle is barely glued together. The next chapter might reveal how she got to be on the side of the heroes.

In the previous chapter, a panel saw All Might exiting a room with a luggage. While it might be from the Tartarus Escapees arc, it could also be from a more recent history, and All Might could appear in one of the bouts in My Hero Academia chapter 379. His mental condition has been steadily deteriorating since Deku returned to UA, and some readers have interpreted this as a death omen.

According to Daigoro Banjo, the merging of Shigaraki and AFO has been undone. It has been suggested that AFO can no longer control Tomura, but if the fusion is totally undone, then AFO will be completely erased, since his physical form in the Gunga Mountains is supposed to vanish shortly. Tomura may emerge as the ultimate adversary for Deku to vanquish in My Hero Academia chapter 379.