My Hero Academia, chapter 378: spoilers and raw scans Gentle Criminal and Lady Nagant’s return turns the tide of the war

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My Hero Academia chapter 378 spoilers and raw scans Gentle Criminal and Lady Nagant’s return turns the tide of the war

My Hero Academia chapter 378 returns after a two-week hiatus. According to the spoilers released today, more and more villains from the past are returning to the present fight. The chapter also looks at where they were at the Tartarus split and how they fared throughout the insurrection.

Furthermore, the emphasis of My Hero Academia chapter 378 remains on UA, and the chapter’s finale implies that mangaka Horikoshi is unlikely to move his attention elsewhere very soon. The chapter also hints at a second narrative centered on All Might.


My Hero Academia chapter 378 spoilers hint at All Might’s secret plans as Gentle Criminal and Lady Nagant join the heroes

My Hero Academia chapter 378 is titled “The Story of How We All Became Heroes Part 3,” according to spoilers. La Brava opens the story by recalling how, before meeting Gentle, she used to hack into Re-firm Destro’s for fun and have all of the monitors taken over by animated cats.

She’s doing the same thing to Skeptic right now, who immediately recalls that this is a hacker he used to have problems with when he was at Feel Good Inc. He transforms his two most critical computers into humanoids and flees, but is pursued by Ms. Joke, Hound Dog, Shindou, and Nakagame.

Tsukauchi dislikes dealing with villains, but he remembers Aoyama and what his transformation means. Meanwhile, despite taking over the UA system, La Brava is unable to save it and must create a new one, which will require time that the still-falling UA citadel does not have.

When the US planes stationed near UA observe Gentle Criminal running across the water, they decide against firing the Twice clones for fear of killing their comrades. In a flashback, My Hero Academia chapter 378 shows that when Muscular demolished Mikuzu jail during the countrywide prison break, Gentle Criminal not only refused to flee but also prevented every single prisoner from escaping.

When allowed to choose a reward for his service, he chose to see La Brava, since the two had grown closer over their separation. Gentle is now using his Gently Super Lover to support the weight of the whole UA structure. He recalls failing to stop a falling guy and wonders whether Deku is still battling to keep someone’s grin.

Deku recalls Shigaraki’s statements from the last conflict about how a lack of knowledge made people become heroes and monsters. When Mandalay tells him about something that looks like an air trampoline, he knows Gentle saved him from falling. Shigaraki is still moving, says Daigoro Banjo, but a bullet cuts his palm apart just as Tomura attempts to move.

Deku turns around and sees Lady Nagant pointing her rifle at Shigaraki from the top of a towering building. Tsukauchi concludes that even if they are villains, they might still be motivated to help others because of their roots. On the last panel of My Hero Academia chapter 378, All Might is shown discreetly leaving the control tower with a bag.


Final thoughts

The reappearance of Gentle Criminal and Lady Nagant plainly represents a watershed moment in the narrative. Deku has long been chastised for sympathizing with criminals and seeking to offer them second chances. However, with the three villains who have returned to the battle in My Hero Academia chapter 378, his trust is validated. This opens the door for Todoroki and Uraraka to persuade Dabi and Toga, respectively, to stop following AFO.

It has long been theorized that All Might would have a larger part in the ultimate battle than just observing the situation. The reason of his escape is unknown, but All Might intends to take harsh steps, according to My Hero Academia chapter 378 spoilers. It looks that even Tsukauchi is ignorant of it.

All Might is plagued by remorse at allowing youngsters to take up his mantle and undertake the unpleasant task. He has been on a mental slide since the Tartarus Escapees arc, which may end in a hasty and self-sacrificial act. Some fans think that All Might may betray the heroes, however no proof of such assumptions has been found so far in the narrative.