My Hero Academia chapter 376: spoilers and raw scans A class 1-A reunion, Dabi goes up against Endeavor

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My Hero Academia chapter 376

After a two-week delay, My Hero Academia chapter 376 will be published on December 26 at 12 a.m. JST. Today’s spoilers show that the emphasis is still on the Gunga Mountains, with Ochako and Tsuyu joining the continuing Struggle.

The 8th Popularity Poll results and associated artwork are also included in this chapter. This issue also contains information on the second season of Season 6 as well as the new closing theme music. Following the release of My Hero Academia chapter 376, the manga will take another pause for the holiday season.

My Hero Academia chapter 376 spoilers tease Dabi vs Endeavor and reveal the results of the 8th popularity poll


Chapter 376 of My Hero Academia is called Good luck.

Uraraka and Froppy arrive at the Gunga Mountains to begin the chapter. Toga, dressed as Twice, tells them that she is no longer the naive girl they are hunting. The two hero students are concerned about Shoto and Shoji after witnessing Dabi. Jiro and Tokoyami approach them, and the former expresses his worry over Tsuyu’s injured ear. The pupils see the dangers that Dabi and Toga represent to Japan, but they also recognize that they are completely out of their depth.

Endeavor notes Dabi’s chest has X-shaped flames similar to Shoto’s Phosphor. Toya informs him that he tried unsuccessfully to give his younger brother’s corpse to their father. As a result, he is looking for a new target, something or someone that Enji is defending and that Toya intends to destroy. All for One believes that everything is proceeding as planned.

His main complaint is that Kurogiri went to U.A. instead of Gunga; otherwise, he might have used the villains more effectively. Hawks taunts him as he goes to find Tomura, saying that he lost to the current number one hero and is now fleeing. AFO ignores his taunts. Endeavor confronts Dabi and promises to keep an eye on his errant kid.


My Hero Academia chapter 376 is most likely preparing the four class 1-A students to face Toga. Uraraka and Toga’s relationship has been turbulent throughout the series, and it looks that they have reached a breaking point. Sad Man’s Parade is damaging to the Heroes’ intentions, and they will do all in their power to keep it contained inside Gunga. The only issue is how far they are willing to go to thwart a furious Toga.

Horikoshi does not seem to want to include Shoto in the battle between Dabi and Endeavor, which some may regard as a missed opportunity. Enji, on the other hand, seems to be motivated to stop his son, which might lead to a dramatic last confrontation between the Todorokis. Many people are concerned that this war will end in death.

My Hero Academia chapter 376 does not explain why AFO want to join Tomura, but his body looks to be on the edge of collapsing. He seems unafraid of the Hawks’ efforts, and it appears that he arranged for Toga’s change and Dabi’s survival. AFO seems to want to put his objective in Tomura’s hands.

Popularity Poll

The results of the eighth popularity survey are also included in My Hero Academia chapter 376. Bakugo leads the vote once again, with Deku and Todoroki coming in second and third, respectively. Endeavor makes an unexpected showing in fourth position, closely followed by Iida in fifth.

Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia fantastical world is continued in the following artwork. The identical purple shoulder pads worn by Deku and Bakugo, as well as the latter’s right eye resembling Edgeshot’s, are prominent features in this one.