Manga News Roundup Hunter X Hunter manga returns after four years, Sasuke Retsuden is released, and much more

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The week has finally come to an end after seven days of excitement and some exciting manga news. Manga lovers have witnessed the comeback of a long-awaited series and the publication of a Naruto spinoff in the previous seven days.

There was also some heartbreaking news for some cherished shows. Some were reaching the end of their contracts, while others were placed on leave for a few months. The following is a roundup of the most noteworthy news and chapter recaps from the previous week.

Saitama became an A-Class hero in One Punch Man, Tokyo Revengers will end in November and some more manga news

Last week was a sad week for Tokyo Revengers manga fans, as the date for the series’ last chapter was officially confirmed. Fans may locate a page announcing the series’ conclusion in four weeks within Chapter 274.

Chapter 274 also stated that the story would not be interrupted till it concludes. The conclusion of Takemichi’s adventure is approaching, which has created consternation among fans of Ken Wakui’s manga.

After almost four years, the Hunter X Hunter manga returned to Shueisha’s Shonen Jump Magazine last week. Unfortunately, Shueisha chose to rest Jujutsu Kaisen and Black Clover at the same time.

The previously stated series will return to the magazine in next week’s edition, which will be issued in Japan on October 31. Hunter X Hunter will be continued, since the creator verified that the manga is complete up to Chapter 400.

Hajime Isayama, the author of the popular manga series Attack on Titan, will be visiting the Anime NYC conference in November. The convention’s official social media pages and Kodansha officials confirmed his arrival a few days ago.

Isayama will organize an autograph signing session for series fans who want to meet him on November 18, 2022. The next day, the creator will participate in a panel discussion on his manga work.

Antonio Inoki, a legendary wrestler, died earlier this month on October 1, 2022. Keisuke Itagaki, the author of the Baki the Grappler manga, chose to produce a special epilog for Kanji Igari as a tribute to the great athlete. Because this character was inspired by the late wrestler, the author thought it was necessary to give him a dignified finish.

The special epilog will be published in issue 48 of Akita Shoten’s Weekly Shonen Champion magazine. This volume is scheduled to be released on October 27, 2022. On their website Manga Cross, the firm also published nine chapters of Baki The Grappler Gaiden. The battle between Kanji Igari and Mount Shohei Toba is depicted in these chapters.

To Your Eternity, the popular manga series, will take a break before beginning its final arc on January 25, 2023. While no official announcement has been made, numerous reliable sources in the community have stated that the series will not be printed.

As the story nears the end of its Modern Day arc, manga artist Yoshitoki Oima is planning a well-deserved sabbatical. The series will most likely be finished by next year, since the Future arc, which will begin publishing in January, will be the last one.

Versus, a new manga by Tomohiro (aka ONE), the author of One Punch Man and Mob Psycho, will be released on November 26. Trusted leakers such as Shonenleaks have stated that ONE is in charge of developing the plot for the upcoming Versus series.

Little is known about this impending series, albeit a brief synopsis has been shared on social media. Versus tells the narrative of a competition between 47 heroic heroes and 47 terrible monsters to decide humanity’s destiny.

The itinerary for the next Jump Festa 2023’s Super Stages was leaked online a few days ago. While most fans were overjoyed, the Jujutsu Kaisen and Black Clover communities were especially excited.

The Black Clover Super Stage will include several notable voice actors in celebration of the debut of the new film Sword of the Wizard King. Fans will also get Super Stages for popular anime series such as Demon Slayer, One Piece, Chainsaw Man, and many more.

Chapter recaps

Chapter 107 of the Chainsaw Man manga series was published at the beginning of the week. Fans were able to watch the battle between Yoru and Yuko in this entertaining segment. The latter utilized the Justice Devil’s abilities to punish anybody she considered a terrible character, wreaking havoc in the school.

Yoru attempted to stop her but was outmatched owing to her weakened abilities. The Devil Hunting group showed there and demonstrated their outstanding talents. Unfortunately, they were also vanquished. In the end, Yoru relinquished control of the body to Asa, who planned a scheme that terrified Yuko.

In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 274, Mikey and Takemichi had a serious talk concerning the Dark Impulses. The chapter opened by revealing that the Dark Impulses were caused by the curse placed on Shinichiro by the original time-leaper. The chapter also indicates that Kazutora had violent inclinations, which drove him to assault and murder Shinichiro.

The chapter continued with Takemichi pleading with Mikey to cease holding the Dark Impulses within. Mikey was terrified because if he allowed his aggressive urges to take control, he may badly damage his buddy. Takemichi reassured Manjiro that everything would be OK, so the blonde listened and let the Dark Impulses govern his body.

At Chapter 74 of the Boruto manga, Eida and Dameon arrived in Konoha. The young lady fluttered away as the siblings and Amado departed the train that transported them to the hamlet. Boruto and Kawaki, meantime, were bickering over their goal to live with Eida and Daemon.

Sarada, Mitsuki, and Team 10 waited for Eida outside the Uzumaki siblings’ new house. Except for Sarada and Shikadai, everyone fell in love with the robot as she gazed at them. Daemon attacked Boruto and Kawaki as the androids entered their new house. Shikamaru informed the lads when they awoke that Amado was ready to share his secrets.

One Punch Man Chapter 172 was finally published after a lengthy wait. The narrative resumed right after Saitama met Black Sperm and Rover. The hero reluctantly consented to let them stay with him for the time being. While the hero was speaking with the erstwhile criminals, a Hero Association representative informed wealthy people about the luxurious flats for sale.

The guy informed prospective clients about their cutting-edge robots, which would always keep them secure. When Saitama arrived at the new housing complex, the aforementioned robots attacked him for being with two monsters. The machines were promptly destroyed by the bald hero. It was also revealed that Saitama had finally been upgraded to A-Class hero status.

To the joy of fans, the first chapter of the new spinoff series, Sasuke Retsuden, was published out of nowhere. The tale starts with Sasuke traveling to the exotic realm of Redaku. The Uchiha were looking for a treatment for Naruto’s odd sickness. He met a lady called Lyla and her mother, Kail, there.

The latter ran an antique store, where Sasuke discovered a book mentioning a cure at a place called Tatar Observatory. Because the observatory was being utilized as a jail, Sasuke claimed to be a prisoner in order to get entry. The facility director was a guy named Zansul, who was in charge of a strange monster called Meno.

The Hunter X Hunter manga series resumed with Chapter 391 after a four-year hiatus. The conflict for succession between the Heil-Ly and Xi-Yu dynasties continued, with both families battling for power.

Quorolle and Trevelares went to see Morena Prudo. They thought the lady may help them take down Hinrigh. Meanwhile, Zakuro and Lynch kept looking for Hisoka.

With the recent publication of My Hero Academia Chapter 370, the conflict between Heroes and Villains has resumed. The chapter opens with a flashback to Spinner’s origins, depicting the appalling treatment mutants get in Hero Society. Back in the present, an army of mutant citizens led by their love for Spinner stormed Jaku’s Central Hospital.

The chapter reveals that AFO bestowed various Quirks to the lizard-like villain to help him in his mission to rescue Kurogiri. Shoji made himself known before Spinner could strike, halting him with a series of blows. The young hero said that he would not forgive the riots if they injured an innocent person.

One Piece Chapter 1064 was just recently published. The Blackbeard and Heart Pirates went toe-to-toe to discover who was the best. Law and his pals proven to be equally as powerful as Marshall and his men. While the two pirate groups were fighting, Akainu got a call informing him of the situation.

Luffy, Jimbe, Bonney, and Chopper all transform into either older or younger versions of themselves as a result of Bonney’s abilities. The lady described how the World Government coerced her father, Kuma, into participating in a cloning project. Lilith led the rest of the Straw Hat crew to Egghead Island’s main building. Shaka was observed striking a deal with Monkey D. Dragon.

Final thoughts

This past week was a thrilling one for manga aficionados all across the globe. For millions of fans who had been waiting for this moment, the reintroduction of Hunter X Hunter made this week worthwhile. The news that the manga would not be taking a pause for at least another week has made many fans quite happy.

Last week was also full of exciting adventures for our heroes to indulge in. The war against the Justice Devil is reaching its conclusion, and Blackbeard sees how stupid he was to confront Law, as Mikey prepares to face Takemichi one more time. Manga aficionados will most likely have a great time next week.