Kaguya-Sama Chapter 229 (Delayed) -“Jealousy”, Release Date and Latest Updates!

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If you are looking for the latest updates on Kaguya-sama Chapter 229, then you have come to the right website. Here you will find everything there is to know about the latest chapter of the Kaguya-sama manga. As everyone may have noticed, Kaguya-sama 229 is on hiatus. Unfortunately, the decision has been made to postpone the release of Chapter 229. But don’t worry, today we will update you on the delayed release date and possibilities for the latest chapter.

Is Kaguya-sama chapter 229 delayed?

Unfortunately yes. The romantic comedy manga series has taken a break to prepare for the future arc and special plot twists that will offer fan service and unexpected plot twists. As most people say, things tend to get better with time. Needless to say, Kaguya-sama Chapter 229 will return with an amazing story.

Is Kaguya Sama Chapter 229 Release Date Confirmed?

Recent reports suggest that Kaguya Sama Chapter 229 will be released on July 1, 2021. The beginning of next month will be prosperous as we will learn the result of Lino’s jealousy. To learn more about such updates, be sure to keep an eye on Spoilerguy.

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What happened in Chapter 228?

Chapter 228 was really interesting and different. Although, the chapter started on a familiar note with Ishigami and Lino having a wild fight. The president and Fujiwara watch them fight and Fujiwara seems to be pleased to see them fight as usual.

The point of the fight was that there wasn’t much communication between the two and Lino wanted Ishigami to pay more attention. Ishigami states that she spends most of her time on Discord and wishes that she would join her as well. To which Lino replies that she would join only if others did.

Fujiwara, being a member of Discord, immediately joins Ishigami and invites him to his server. Later, Ishigami goes home and plays all night. As a result of which he feels sleepy and weak the next day. He meets Kuromo and finds out that she was one of his playmates on Discord and they start having a conversation. But Lino doesn’t seem to like this, he fears that Kuromo is popular and that a player might steal his precious Ishigami. Is this the start of a Jealously Arc?

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What are the chances of Kaguya-sama 229?

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kaguya-sama chapter 229

Ishigami and Lino make a great couple. Lino tries her best to be friendly and close to Ishigami to portray her feelings for him. Regardless of her obstacles, it is obvious that she wants to be with him and spend more time with him. If we were to speculate, we might note that Lino makes some changes to herself to get Ishigami’s attention or try to destroy what Kuromo and Ishigami have together.

Read Kaguya-sama Chapter 229 online!

If you are looking to read the latest Kaguya-Sama chapters including Kaguya-Sama Chapter 229, Tonari no Young Jump magazine is the place for you. Also, romance manga lovers can wait and read all the chapters for free on Viz Media when it is released on the website. With that being said, we highly recommend using official platforms to read all Kaguya-sama chapters as it helps the creator and his team.

Are the spoilers for Kaguya-Sama 229 already out?

When we talk about spoilers, we mean raw scans which are leaked images/manga panels that are then translated by amateur translators online. It usually takes some time and is published 2 days before the official release date of the manga. In the case of Kaguya-sama 229, the spoilers will come out on June 29, 2021.

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