Jujutsu Kaisen, chapter 224: spoilers and raw scans: Gojo overpowers Sukuna and seems to have no intention to save Megumi

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Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 224 spoilers and raw scans: Gojo overpowers Sukuna and seems to have no intention to save Megumi

Prepare for the mind-boggling reveal of Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 224, which will be unleashed on the eager souls of fans on Monday, May 29, 2023, precisely at the bewitching hour of 12 am JST, exclusively within the illustrious confines of Shueisha’s revered Shonen Jump issue 26. Brace yourselves, because the spoilers that graced our existence earlier today have bestowed upon us a chapter steeped in unbridled action, interwoven with the profound ruminations flowing forth from the depths of Gojo’s intellect, as his unrelenting battle against the indomitable force that is Sukuna continues unabated.

If you dare, recall the preceding chapter’s fateful sequence of events, in which the enigmatic Gojo and the fearsome Sukuna found themselves firmly ensconced in the vibrant locales of Shibuya and Shinjuku, respectively, ready to unleash their titanic might upon one another in an awe-inspiring display of power. Gojo’s ethereal essence was catapulted to unimaginable heights with unyielding dedication and the vital help of Utahime’s sophisticated Cursed Technique, allowing him to tap into a stunning 200% rush of Cursed Energy. Such limitless power manifested itself in the shape of a devastating Hollow Purple onslaught, launched with persistent zeal towards Sukuna’s innermost core. Sukuna, trapped inside the constraints of Ijichi’s powerful barrier, was unhappily ensnared by a botched move, culminating in the terrible loss of his once-mighty right arm as the tides of battle swirled and fate’s fickle hand interfered.


Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 224 spoilers show Gojo’s inner feelings on Megumi’s possession as he fights Sukuna

Prepare to be astounded by an amazing discovery discovered from the depths of Jujutsu Kaisen’s fascinating 224th chapter, an immersive story bestowed upon us under the regal title of “Inhuman Makyo Shinjuku Showdown, Part 2.”

As we go on the perilous trip of this stormy chapter, we are met by the unbreakable presence of Sukuna, who delicately heals the scars that formerly scarred his mighty arm. In an uncanny foreshadowing, he pronounces a harsh judgement on his competitor, Gojo, comparing him to a helpless fish, defenselessly spread on destiny’s cruel cutting board, preparing to surrender its dazzling scales. Nonetheless, an air of baffling amazement engulfs Gojo’s expression, as he watches with deep skepticism that Sukuna continues, despite all difficulties, in covering himself with the face of the youthful Megumi. Gojo, unfazed by this discovery, takes consolation in the idea that Megumi’s remarkable similarity to his despised progenitor, Toji, serves as a source of twisted convenience, allowing him the perverted pleasure of unleashing his rage on this young vessel.

As the catastrophic fight develops, Gojo, steadfast in his sole goal of annihilating Sukuna, pledges to confine thoughts of Megumi to the caverns of his memory, only to be awakened after his perilous mission is completed. He reveals to his persistent foe the complex tapestry of his specialized training, a covert enterprise performed with sole purpose, with unyielding resolve engraved on his face. Gojo dodges Sukuna’s fierce attack, skilfully sending him into the merciless grasp of a huge wall. The clamor of their conflict reverberates against a bridge’s brittle structure as Gojo, driven by an insatiable passion for triumph, relentlessly smashes his sword into vital junctures of Sukuna’s essence, eventually breaking the bridge’s delicate foundation. Gojo hurls the bridge, its staunch King of Curses in tow, speeding towards an unsuspecting structure in a breathtaking show of bravado.

Sukuna, however, eludes the grip of oncoming death, wielding his destructive technique known as “Dismantle,” set to strike at the center of Gojo’s existence. While the attack reveals itself in a harsh, visceral exhibition of destruction, its poisonous teeth find no hold against Gojo’s immovable body, his Infinity acting as an impenetrable fortress, repelling the apocalyptic onslaught. The decaying exterior of a neighboring building reflects the discord that pervades their conflict, as Sukuna seeks to deliver a killing blow, spurred by an irresistible impulse. His aspirations, however, are blocked by the impenetrable barrier of Gojo’s Infinity, which is met with relentless opposition. In a disastrous twist, Gojo deactivates his Infinity, gripping Sukuna’s wrist in a vice-like hold as they fall together into the gloomy depths of the crumbling tower, their primal dance of domination ongoing even amongst the rubble that encircle them.

The intriguing spoilers of Jujutsu Kaisen’s enthralling chapter 224 reveal an odd change of events, as an enormous door appears, preparing to bear witness to the epic clash’s conclusion. Their fists collide with unprecedented power, carving a passage through the ethereal barrier like roaring tempests. However, before their triumphal return, a malicious symphony reverberates through the falling edifice, bringing its enormous weight down on both fighters. Sukuna and Gojo emerge uninjured from the jaws of destruction, their endurance defying the basic principles that govern mortal life. Despite the spectacle of their perilous friendship, Gojo’s grand plan to blame Sukuna shines as a ray of hope until the haunting realization dawns on him—the ever-watchful gaze of Mei Mei, poised to capture their battle for all to see, leaving no room for escape from the damning role he has played in this devastating tale.


Final thoughts

A beautiful tapestry of varied tones emerges from the mysterious maze of Jujutsu Kaisen’s intriguing 224th chapter, a relief from the massive torrent of knowledge that engulfs our heads with each passing issue. Within this perplexing interlude, two prominent themes combine, interweaving the threads of our narrative fabric: Gojo’s labyrinthine reflections about the elusive Megumi, and his easy but brazen supremacy over the fearsome Sukuna. Gojo’s intentions are hidden in a cloud of ambiguity, maybe utilizing the art of bluffing as a strategic ruse, a smokescreen that provides Yuji and Yuta with the precious seconds required to create a clever strategy to rescue Megumi from the grips of hazard.

However, in the ethereal regions of Jujutsu Kaisen’s 224th chapter, a discovery of unprecedented significance unfolds—a unsettling reality that reverberates through the corridors of our mind, leaving us befuddled and unsettled. For, as prophesied by the enticing chapter 224 spoilers, Gojo stands as an invincible force in an extraordinary show of domination, his easy dominion over Sukuna breaking the fundamental laws of existence. However, a disturbing undertone hangs in this great display, a testimony to Sukuna’s unfathomable intelligence and cunning. Sukuna, during this catastrophic battle, refrains from using Megumi’s approach, a deep realization that resonates with spooky importance. Even in the midst of healing, the King of Curses activates his own Reverse Cursed Technique, an expression of his overwhelming might. Following this discovery, questions arise: does Sukuna’s own skill rule supreme, exceeding the brilliance of Megumi’s art? Or does he just bide his time, saving Ten Shadows’ heavenly dance for a climactic moment, a premeditated blow prepared to inflict irreversible harm on Gojo’s impregnable form? The solutions await discovery in the cryptic depths of Jujutsu Kaisen’s fascinating story.