Is Tokyo Revengers finished Status of the series explained

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The highly awaited second season of the Tokyo Revengers anime is about to launch in a few days, and fans have been talking about it nonstop on social media. Fans of anime and manga alike are excited for the second season, with the latter guaranteeing the former that it would be of great quality.

However, some Tokyo Revengers anime fans seem to be interested about the series’ position as both an anime and a manga. While the anime will undoubtedly continue with the launch of the second season, the manga concluded in late 2022 after a turbulent final arc.

Thus, although the anime series will continue to adapt the manga until further notice, the manga itself is concluded. Continue reading to learn about the current state of the Tokyo Revengers anime and manga series.


Tokyo Revengers’ controversial ending has anime-only fans worried about the adaptation’s future
Manga status

The 278th chapter of the Tokyo Revengers manga was released on November 16, 2022, bringing the series’ contentious final arc to a close.

One of the primary reasons the last arc was so contentious was because fans believed author and artist Ken Wakui had fallen out of love with his own series or had run out of ideas.

Fans also complained about a lack of explanation, which was especially prevalent in the series’ final issues. One prominent example is when protagonists Mikey and Takemichi are transported back in time, despite the fact that neither is to blame. Instead, they and Wakui opted to chalk it up to a miracle and leave it as that, alienating a big chunk of the fandom.

While fans loved the manga’s happy-ever-after conclusion, many wished it had been done more thoroughly explained. Similarly, many fans despised the abrupt face changes that several characters displayed. Takemichi and Mikey being friends at an earlier age seemed to miraculously heal problems like broken households and violent parents.


Anime status

Fans may at least look forward to the anime version of the series having a lengthy and successful run. The inaugural season, which lasted from April 11, 2021 to September 19, 2021, was one of the most popular of the Spring 2021 season. The series’ anime adaptation generated a lot of buzz, which certainly impacted the very swift announcement of the second season.

Furthermore, even when the second season concludes, the anime will still have a plethora of high-quality chapters to adapt. Thankfully, the drastic dip in quality of the Tokyo Revengers manga is mostly restricted to the series’ last arc.


In summation

While the mainstream manga for Tokyo Revengers has concluded and the property has gone into prequel/spin-off territory, the anime is still going strong and will most likely continue for quite some time. The most pressing issue after the completion of the manga series is what happens next for Ken Wakui.