Is Kingdom Season 3 Episode 14 delayed Everything you need to know!

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Kingdom has been entertaining us since 2012. But with each episode, the plot gets more interesting. After the last release of Kingdom season 3 episode 13, everyone was waiting for the 14th episode. However, a delay has been reported, it is said that the episode will not be released on July 4 or 11, but will be released a week later.

Sanyou’s campaign has been successful. Li Xin is closer to a dream King Ying Zheng once had of unifying China. The Qin army now controls the warring states of the east. Everything has been possible thanks to Wei, who had left a geographical footprint.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 14 Release Date

A delay has been reported. According to the latest announcements, Kingdom Season 3 Episode 14 will be released on July 18, 2021. The next battle will reveal more details about the ongoing Hangu Pass battle. Will Qin’s generals be able to withstand the consequences of the war?

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Where to watch Kingdom season 3?

The studio responsible for the animation of Kingdom is Signpost. Shueisha handles the production with NHK. Funimation handles the licenses. Yasuhisa Hara is the creator and illustrator of Kingdom and the plot has been an inspiration for many years. The journey will continue until Qin achieves his goal of unifying China. Also, it is recommended to watch the series legally and support the creators through Funimation, if it is available in your country.

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