Dragon Ball Super, chapter 89: (raw scans) Trunks saves Mai from the latest of Dr. Hedo’s zombie creations

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Dragon Ball Super, chapter 89

The raw scans for Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 were revealed in the early hours of Tuesday, January 17, 2023, by Twitter user and reliable series news source @DbsHype1 (DBS Hype). They sent out six tweets, each including 24 pages of raw scans from the next edition.

While there is no translated version of the raw scans accessible, viewers may still get a solid picture of what will happen in Dragon Ball Super chapter 89. The following issue and current arc, as promised, continue to concentrate on Goten and Trunks’ dual existence as high school students by day and superheroes by night.


Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 sets up reveal of Saiyaman X-1 as Trunks to Mai, Dr. Hedo’s big plan, and more

The spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 begin with Trunks playing basketball against someone called Beta at Blue Hal High School, which he and Goten both go. Readers see Beta stealing the ball from Trunks and scoring instantly, much to Trunks’ surprise and dismay.

In the last panels of this part, Goten is shown playing on the court alongside them, and people watching the game are now fawning at Beta’s performance. Meanwhile, Dr. Hedo and his zombies are viewing surveillance video of Trunks playing basketball, clearly spying on him and implying that they are aware of his actual superhero identity.

The following Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 raw scan spoilers show Beta to be a Dr. Hedo’s patchwork zombie, with a spot on his neck signifying the same. Trunks is enraged and surprised to witness this. Mai is also there, although it’s unknown whether or not she is aware of Beta’s actual identity. However, based on the photographs alone, it seems that she is.

On the next page, Beta throws a football towards Trunk’s head, which he detects and ducks from, causing the ball to ricochet throughout the school hallways. It finally collides with a fire extinguisher, which explodes and sprays all over Beta, much to his dismay and Trunks’ delight. On the last page of the set, Beta tries to hurl hot soup at Trunks in the cafeteria, but Trunks catches it in a bowl on his tray instead.

A now-costumed Beta attacks Goten in the middle of the street in the next round of raw scan spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter 89. Goten deflects the first blow but is unable to deflect the second, leaving Trunks fuming. After checking at his watch, he seems to ask Mai to carry his luggage, implying that he intends to change into his superhero suit to assist Goten.

On the next page, he appears in his superhero outfit, deflecting Beta’s blow and engaging in combat with the patchwork zombie. However, on the last page of this sequence, Beta initially overpowers Trunks, crashing into his stomach and sends him flying back.

The fourth batch of raw scan spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 starts with Beta activating the “B” button on his outfit, enabling a massive mecha to materialize and be piloted by him. On the following page, Beta seems to shoot some type of missile from it, much to the chagrin of Dr. Hedo and Trunks. The rocket also seems to land near Dr. Hedo’s hideaway.

Trunks is then shown battling the mecha, staggering it and upsetting Beta with three jabs and a kick. However, Beta kidnaps Mai, clearly enraged Trunks. Beta then fires many more missiles from his mecha, however these are considerably smaller than the last one.

The sixth batch of raw scan spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 show Beta flying the top part of his mecha away from Trunks as Mai remains imprisoned. The legs of the robot seem to have been replaced with a thruster. Dr. Hedo is seen panicking, while Trunks is shown confidently planning an assault.

Trunks’ strike shatters the mecha and Beta’s suit, exposing him to the elements as Mai crashes to Earth. Trunks certainly rescues her, but at the risk of revealing his true identity, since Mai is reminded of Future Trunks by the person in front of her. He then lays Mai down, says farewell, and flies off.

Trunks and a now-costumed Goten celebrate their triumph against Beta on the school’s American football field in the last batch of raw scan spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter 89. As the two go off, Mai and some of the pair’s pals gaze at them warily, while other students raucously clap for their new heroes.

Trunks is later shown reuniting with Mai, who seems to have developed feelings for the Saiyaman X-1 after he rescued her. It’s unclear if she’s merely adoring him or expressing her suspicions that he’s Trunks. In any case, he seems to want to divulge his identity, but Goten stops him and yells at him.

Beta then returns to an enraged Dr. Hedo, who seems to have identified both Saiyaman X-1 and X-2, as well as Mai, as his current targets. He gives an order to Alpha and the other zombies, who applaud loudly for their commander, while ostensibly whispering another directive to Beta about Saiyaman X-2. This is clear based on “X2” appearing among the Japanese characters.

In summation

Overall, Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 seems to be an action-packed chapter that drives the story forward quickly. What’s particularly interesting is the setting for Mai’s ultimate disclosure of Saiyaman X-1’s actual identity, which is explicitly set up in the issue by her comparison of X-1 to Future Trunks.

The issue also seems to be establishing Dr. Hedo as a true antagonist for the storyline, rather than just someone who is grave robbing and living in abandoned houses. While the arc still gets off to a poor start, the issue is strong overall and sets up the series’ future.