Dr. Stone, Season 3: English Dub Release Date, Where to Watch And More

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Dr. Stone Season 3 English Dub Release Date, Where to Watch And More

In recent years, Dr. Stone has evolved as a critically praised anime show, noted for its distinctive combination of science fiction and adventure aspects that attract fans worldwide. The show has a big fan base, and the approaching English dub release for the third season is greatly anticipated by fans and reviewers alike, who are impatiently anticipating any word on the program’s future trajectory. The complex nuances and exciting twists in the anime have left spectators with several questions about the future season, such as where to watch the program and what to anticipate from the new release. This article strives to give a complete summary of everything you need to know about Dr. Stone’s Season 3 English Dub Release Date, Where to Watch, and More, going deep into the highly-anticipated series’ most detailed elements and interesting insights.


When Dr. Stone Season 3 English Dub released?

The enthusiasm among Dr. Stone fans is evident, as the upcoming release of the much-anticipated third season has created an unprecedented degree of excitement and expectation. With the first two seasons winning the hearts of countless people across the globe, the stakes are greater than ever for the producers to match or surpass expectations in the impending release. The announcement of the official release date of Dr. Stone Season 3 English Dub on Thu Apr 20, 2023, has come as a breath of fresh air for English Dub fans, igniting a renewed feeling of excitement among die-hard fans. As the curtain rises on the latest installment of the beloved anime series, fans can expect a slew of new challenges and adventures that will test their favorite characters to their limits and beyond, in a riveting display of skill and strategy that will have them on the edge of their seats.

Dr. Stone, Season 3

Dr. Stone Season 3 Storyline

The anime series Dr. Stone is based on the manga of the same name, which was written by the legendary Riichiro Inagaki and drawn by the South Korean artist Boichi. The show’s production is a partnership between the prestigious studios of TOHO Animation, Shueisha, and 8PAN, with TMS Entertainment at the forefront of the process. With each episode lasting around twenty to twenty-five minutes, the anime delivers nonstop action, drama, and tension.

An mysterious flash of light sent chills down the spines of everyone who watched it, throwing the globe into turmoil. Taiju, a high school student, awakens from a long hibernation to find himself in a world invaded by dead statues. In this harsh world, he is not alone. Senku, his science-loving companion, has been hard at work from the bottom up, forging a route ahead with his extensive knowledge and expertise. Senku begins on a quest to reconstruct civilization that will test the boundaries of his intelligence, ingenuity, and fortitude, encouraging his friends and allies to accompany him on this epic trip of a lifetime.

Dr. Stone Battles & Events

A catastrophic flash of light converted the entire people into stone statues on a day that will be permanently written in the annals of human history, leaving behind a desolate earth devoid of life and energy. Millennia pass, and Taiju, a high school student, wakes in a world that is significantly different from the one he knew, abandoned in a sea of dead statues. In this dismal reality, he is not alone. Senku, his buddy and colleague, has been toiling away for months on end, formulating a big plan to resurrect the Earth and usher in a new age of technological wonders. The brand name anime series Dr. Stone takes you on an unforgettable journey through a world fraught with danger, adventure, and intrigue, as Taiju and Senku join forces to unlock the secrets of the past and rebuild the future, with pulse-pounding action, heart-wrenching drama, and gut-wrenching suspense.

Where to Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 English Dub?

The highly anticipated English dub of the third season of the famous anime series Dr. Stone has won the hearts of fans worldwide, enthralling spectators with its thrilling narrative and unforgettable ensemble of characters. As the anticipation grows, fans are looking for information on where to watch the current season of this critically regarded anime.

With so many streaming services to select from, choose which one to use may be difficult. Crunchyroll and Funimation, on the other hand, stand out as two of the most popular platforms among anime fans, providing a diverse range of classic and contemporary anime releases. Are you ready to begin on a voyage into the interesting world of Dr. Stone Season 3 English Dub now that you have this knowledge? Join us as we explore further into the enigmas and miracles of this enthralling anime series.

Dr. Stone Season 3 English Dub Cast & Character

Character Japanese Voice Artist English Voice Artist
Asagiri, Gen Kawanishi, Kengo McInnis, Brandon
Chrome Satou, Gen Shipman, Matt
Ishigami, Senkuu Kobayashi, Yuusuke Dismuke, Aaron
Kohaku Numakura, Manami Angelle, Felecia
Nanami, Ryuusui Suzuki, Ryouta Chapin, Clifford
Ogawa, Yuzuriha Ichinose, Kana Lauda, Brittany
Ooki, Taiju Furukawa, Makoto Fajardo, Ricco
Francois Sakamoto, Maaya NA
Ginrou Murase, Ayumu Briner, Justin
Hanada, Niki Tanezaki, Atsumi Barr, Katelyn
Kaseki Mugihito Green, Kenny
Magma Mamiya, Yasuhiro Tatum, John Michael

Dr. Stone Season 3 review

With its elaborately developed narrative, the anime series Dr. Stone has captivated the interest of both seasoned anime fans and neophytes. Following a wonderful suggestion from a close friend, I was utterly taken aback by the story’s intricacy, full with exhilarating adventures and compelling twists and turns. The creators, Boichi and Riichiro Inagaki, are to be recognized for their exceptional efforts in making such a stunning masterpiece, with a superior animation style and quality that beyond the usual.

Science aficionados will undoubtedly like Dr. Stone, which incorporates diverse scientific topics across the whole tale. The anticipation for the upcoming third season is strong among the fan community, and I, for one, am anxious to see what the creators have in store. Dr. Stone is an unrivaled masterpiece in my opinion, and my sincere gratitude goes out to the whole production crew for their arduous work in bringing this gorgeous creation to life.

It is highly advised that one indulge in the original Japanese audio with accompanying English subtitles for the most realistic watching experience.

Dr. Stone Season 3 English Dub Episode Guide

Episode No Episode Title Release date
Episode 1 New World Map Apr 20, 2023
Episode 2 Greed Equals Justice Apr 27, 2023
Episode 3 First Contact May 04, 2023
Episode 4 Eyes of Science May 11, 2023
Episode 5 Science Vessel Perseus May 18, 2023
Episode 6 Treasure Box May 25, 2023
Episode 7 TBA Jun 01, 2023
Episode 8 TBA Jun 08, 2023
Episode 9 TBA Jun 15, 2023
Episode 10 TBA Jun 22, 2023
Episode 11 TBA Jun 29, 2023
Episode 12 TBA July 06, 2023
Episode 13 TBA July 13, 2023



The anxiously expected debut of the English version of Dr. Stone Season 3 has driven anime fans into a frenzy of excitement. The magnificent blend of science and action that is the trademark of this renowned program has enchanted and enchanted audiences all over the globe, and the idea of reaching a larger audience via the means of an English dub is nothing short of exhilarating. The meticulous attention to detail and expertly crafted voice acting present in the dubbing process will undoubtedly provide fans with an immersive and all-encompassing viewing experience, engendering a true sense of involvement with Dr. Stone’s vibrant and unforgettable world and its rich tapestry of captivating characters. In essence, both series fans and newcomers are strongly invited to enjoy the magnificent joys of the English dub of Dr. Stone Season 3.