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Dr. Stone Chapter 212 continues the world tour in search of resources, with the Kingdom’s science team acquiring materials all over the world. In the last chapter of Dr. Stone, the journey to the moon continues. According to Dr. Stone’s most recent chapter, the unit’s next stop will be Indonesia, where they will gather all the materials needed to create a rocket.

Senku’s crew is relieved to have landed in a jungle rich in rubber trees. For their next science experiment, they start collecting water from rubber trees. Later, the group learns that they have discovered Rubber City. Corn City, Fluorite, Math, Aluminum, Superalloy and Rubber City are among the places they have visited.

Kohaku knows that she will meet up with Ruri and the rest of the villagers, and she is excited to share the good news with them. Senku feels that Ryusui’s suggestion about memories is a good one. The crew discussed all the wonderful things they enjoy on the islands, as well as what motivates them to bring everyone back to life. Chelsea adds that they could try introducing people to different foods to pique their interest. Chelsea, according to Kohaku, is looking for delicious dishes. Ryusui adds that he wants it too. Francoise asks about the food in Japan.

Dr Stone Chapter 212

Rice is Japan’s comfort food, according to the crew. Ryusui and his colleagues went out to look for rice. The rice is harvested in April, after the rainy season, which is the time of year for them to do so, according to Francoise. Sai, Chrome, and Suika are working on a math project. Kaseki is working on what Senku told him to do. They were able to build a machine that helped them replant rice crops. Gen assumed that they would wait until the following year to plant rice.

Senku replies that since there is no winter in this place, there is no ten billion percent to make it. It’s because the location is so close to the equator, Gen realizes. Kohaku is puzzled how this place manages to avoid the cold. Senku informed the two that if they planted rice three times a year, they would have a good yield.

Ryusui believes that each harvest will leave the land less fruitful, but things will change if they use high-quality fertilizer. Francoise comments, as she usually does, that the wish is honorable. Senku replies that they should be thankful for the strength of science. Ukyo and his team are working on a Pink Rock project, which they claim to have obtained from Naru Island.

To finish their experiment, they mixed wood ash, nitric acid, and phosphorite. Later, the team obtained rice with the help of Kaseki’s team. Senku and his companions are relieved that the rice is similar to those found in Japan. Rice is the favorite food of the Science Kingdom crew.

Senku and Ukyou reflected on the past and stated that it was time to return to Japan, where their adventure began. After two days, the team will be in Japan and they are already gone.

Dr. Stone Chapter 212 Release Date

On September 26, 2021, Dr. Stone Chapter 212 will be released. Generally, the manga releases on Sundays, but due to certain modifications, Dr. Stone Chapter 212 will release this Friday. In case of any change, the change will be reflected in the publication.

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Where to read, Dr. Stone Chapter 212?

Like the other chapters, Dr. Stone is officially available on Viz Media, Mangaplus, and Shueisha’s weekly shonen manga. Both websites require you to become a member to read the chapters. However, you can read the last three chapters for free.

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