Dr. Stone Chapter 211- Suika’s Round Trip Rocket and Chrome

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Dr. Stone Chapter 211 continues preparations for a trip to the moon, with Suika and Chrome working on the latest research projects with the rest of the Science Kingdom Crew. Dr. Stone exposes the conflict between the opposing scientists Senku and Dr. Xeno, who aims to fight on the moon. We will talk about Dr. Stone Chapter 211 release date and time, raw scans and leaked spoilers, and official sites where you can read the latest chapters legally and for free.

The group tries to figure out why a human would petrify on the moon and the rocket they are about to build, according to the recent Dr. Stone. They understand that the rocket is a one way ticket to the moon and that it may not return as it will be destroyed once it lands. Suika knows that the men heading for the moon won’t notice them until the rest of the team arrives to resurrect them.

Dr. Stone Chapter 210 Summary

The team has started work on the rocket, while Sai works on a computer. Kaseki is collaborating with another team to turn pebbles into aluminum. Senku demonstrated how to work with the crew and drew a map for them. He reveals the materials used to make the rocket. Gen, Kaseki, and Koharu are relieved that Senku’s introduction is simple, but they know it will take a lot of work and patience. Gen is working on the electrical part and analyzing the measures that he has to take.

Dr. Stone Chapter 211 Release Date

On September 17, 2021, Dr. Stone Chapter 211 will be released. Generally, the manga releases on Sundays, but due to certain modifications, Dr. Stone Chapter 211 will release this Friday. In case of any change, the change will be reflected in the publication.

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What to expect from Dr. Stone Chapter 211?

Chrome, Suika, and Sai will collaborate on the return expedition in Chapter 211. Obviously, they will try to keep this a secret from Senku until he finishes the project.

As you might expect, building a return vehicle will require a significant amount of resources, similar to that required for the rocket, as well as hours of computing to ensure a safe return to Earth.

Fans will witness one of the most essential aspects of Senku’s strategy in the next chapter of Dr. Stone. The rocket building process will finally be completed. The crew is now preparing to launch the rocket for a test flight. Before embarking on the mission, Senku and his group of experts will assess the suitability of the weather. As a result, the rocket to the Moon will finally take off in Dr. Stone Chapter 211. Senku and his crew will arrive on the planet and begin the next phase of their mission.

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Meanwhile, Chrome and Suika will go on a mission to build a return rocket on Earth. They will start by collecting all the required raw materials, such as aluminum and copper. They will later take advantage of all of Senku’s rocket-related experience. He will give you the blueprint to build the rocket before he leaves. As a result, the new chapter will start with two missions, one on the Moon and one on Earth.

Where to read, Dr. Stone Chapter 211?

Like the other chapters, Dr. Stone is officially available on Viz Media, Mangaplus, and Shueisha’s weekly shonen manga. Both websites require you to become a member to read the chapters. However, you can read the last three chapters for free.

That’s it for Dr. Stone Chapter 211. For more updates, stay tuned to spoilerfox.