Chainsaw Man Did Makima kill Denji Explained

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Chainsaw Man Did Makima kill Denji Explained

As more Chainsaw Man fans turn to the manga once the anime’s first season concludes, more and more doubts regarding the book’s events arise. While the anime does a fantastic job of slowing things down, Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga, written and drawn by him, doesn’t hold back when it comes to the craziness inside.

The Bomb Girl arc and subsequent developments have profoundly perplexed people transitioning from anime to manga. This is logical, given that the events of Chainsaw Man, which have yet to be adapted, include the majority of the series’ worldbuilding and distinctive craziness.

However, one question regarding Makima and Denji seems to be the most common, and it has to do with the series’ ending.


Question of whether or not Makima killed Denji in Chainsaw Man plaguing new and old manga-readers alike

The question of whether Makima murdered Denji in Chainsaw Man has plagued both new and experienced manga readers.

Her intention was to provide Denji with a pleasant existence before taking it away, so nullifying Denji’s bargain with Pochita, the Chainsaw Devil. This would enable her to resurrect the first Chainsaw Man, a fully-powered Chainsaw Devil.

She has effectively completed her purpose after Power’s death, transforming Denji into a damaged person who is virtually empty on the inside. The next day, she brings him to Public Safety headquarters, where she is attacked by Kishibe and his Anti-Makima team.

She then begs Chainsaw Man to help her, which seems to stir something inside Denji as his intestines shoot out of his stomach and wrap around his neck. Denji pulls his ripcord in a zombie-like condition, changing into the genuine Chainsaw Devil, a terrible entity with four arms and a chainsaw on each of them.

Denji loses control of himself when the actual Chainsaw Devil (rather than Pochita) takes over his body. Denji, as the Chainsaw Devil, continues to combat Makima and becomes engaged in various escapades throughout the Control Devil storyline. These additional escapades also reveal a remnant of Denji inside this now horrific entity.

Makima is able to deliver a death shot on the Chainsaw Devil as the Chainsaw Devil’s might fades as the world’s devotion for Chainsaw Man grows. However, before completing the task, Pochita communicates with the now-deceased Power via the blood she forced Denji swallow, which is now inside of her.

This enables Power to reincarnate as the Devil, where she saves Denji from Makima and transports him to a trash to heal. Their two consciousnesses converse here, as Denji informs Power that he’s done living after a nice run with her and Aki. However, she finally persuades him that life is worth living, culminating in Denji emerging from the garbage in his own body and shape.

While it isn’t mentioned officially, many fans think Denji died when Makima scored a fatal shot on the Chainsaw Devil. Pochita enlisted Power’s assistance after his death, and she finally persuaded Denji that life was worth living. This seemed to enable him to restore control of his body, reversing the metamorphosis and bringing him back from the brink of death.

Makima’s remarks on how Denji wills the Chainsaw Devil to sacrifice itself for Kobeni Higashiyama’s protection reinforce this, with Makima referring to it as a hero’s sacrifice. Despite the fact that the manga series never explicitly states whether or not Denji died, his speech about being alright with dying at this time confirms this.


In summation

While it hasn’t been officially verified, many Chainsaw Man fans think Denji perished at Makima’s hands before being resurrected by Pochita and Power. However, this is unknown, since no one in the manga explicitly states that Denji perished during any of the aforementioned occurrences.