Chainsaw Man Chapter 153: Release Date, Time & Where To Read, Spoiler

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 153

The current arc has been dealing with the Chainsaw Man Church, a group of mostly teenagers who are fans of Chainsaw Man and hunt devils in his name. Asa is not only a member, but also the poster girl for them. She is stronger than ever, sometimes attracting more attention than even Chainsaw Man himself.

While she fights many devils and saves civilians, Denji is doing his best to live a normal life. The public safety devil hunters want him to stay quiet, but the Church wants him to act. So he finds himself again in a situation where people are trying to control his life.

Fans surely want to know what will happen to Denji and Asa. If you’re curious to know when the next chapter will be released, you’re in the right place.


Chainsaw Man Chapter 153 Where To Read ?

Chainsaw Man chapter 153 will be officially released on Tuesday, January 23, 2024, at 12 am JST. For most international fans, this means the issue will be released sometime during the day on Monday, January 22. Like Japanese audiences, select international readers will see the issue released early on Tuesday, January 23. The exact release time will vary by region and time zone.

The Manga can be read by the fans for free on the The release date for the next chapter of Chainsaw Man, Chainsaw Man Chapter 153, is set to be January 23, 2024.

Timezone Release Time
Pacific Standard Time 7 am, Tuesday, January 23
Eastern Standard Time 10 am, Tuesday, January 23
Greenwich Mean Time 3 pm, Tuesday, January 23
Central European Time 4 pm, Tuesday, January 23
Indian Standard Time 8.30 pm, Tuesday, January 23
Philippine Standard Time 11.00 pm, Tuesday, January 23
Australia Central Standard Time 12.30 am, Wednesday, January 23


Chinsawa Men Chapter 152 Summary

Denji transforms back into Chainsaw Man, scaring off nearby bystanders in the process. In response to this, Miri Sugo and the Spear Hybrid release Fumiko from their grasp as they transform into their Hybrid forms. Seeing that their situation has worsened, Nayuta tells Denji to flee but he refuses. As Nayuta is taken to safety by a bystander, Denji monologues to Pochita about his current situation but admits that he feels grateful as he gets to be Chainsaw Man again.

Miri and the Whip Hybrid both charge at Denji, who fends them off with his chainsaws. However, Denji is caught offguard by the Spear Hybrid pinning him down from above. Despite this, Denji bisects both of them and proceeds to consume the Spear Hybrid to regenerate his wounds, shocking everyone around the area.

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Horrified by this, the Whip Hybrid tries striking Denji down with a whiplash but he swiftly dodges this attack. He then cuts off the Whip Hybrid’s left leg before delivering a brutal beatdown by repeatedly slamming his chainsaws into her body. Seeing that his other allies have been defeated, an enraged Miri charges at Denji. The two Hybrids impale each another using their respective weapons, but Denji prevails as Miri goes limp.

A worried Nayuta calls out to Denji, who rambles about giving massages to other people. Confused by these words, Nayuta pleads for him to flee but Denji warns her to not get involved with him anymore for her own safety. Despite the pain he’s experienced throughout his life, Denji feels great about it and begins laughing hysterically while tearing through Miri’s body.