Chainsaw Man, Chapter 123: Release Date, Countdown, Leaks

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 123 Release Date, Countdown, Leaks

Discover the spine-chilling arrival of a new devil in Chainsaw Man Chapter 122. Dive into the thrilling events that unfold in the upcoming Chapter 123 of Chainsaw Man, where you can get all the juicy details right at your fingertips!


Here’s What Happened Before Chainsaw Man Chapter 123

Chapter 122 of Chainsaw Man takes an unexpected turn as Yoshida unexpectedly runs into the Famine Devil at a local coffee shop. It appears that he has a unique way of achieving his mysterious goal – by tending to devils.

Curiosity gets the best of Yoshida as he confronts the Famine Devil, affectionately nicknamed Fami. The reason for his inquiry? A chilling prophecy from Nostradamus regarding the unleashing of an unimaginable evil in July of 1999 that could spell the end of humanity.

Public Safety leaves no stone unturned in their pursuit of knowledge, even if it means offering 30 inmates freedom in exchange for a deal with the Future Devil. Their task? To ask the devil the daunting question of when their inevitable demise will occur.

Out of the 30 convicts who struck a deal with the Future Devil, a staggering 23 were informed that their time on this earth would come to an end in July of 1999, adding credibility to the prophecy. Fami shares with Yoshida that the remaining seven will also perish on that fateful day, as the arrival of the first devil, who will unleash the prophesized terror, has come to fruition.

Just as Fami is about to disclose the name of this devil, we’re whisked away to a different scene where a man excitedly shares news of his promotion with his partner.

A sudden shift in tone takes place as the couple, who were just moments ago discussing their bright future, abruptly decide to take matters into their own hands and plummet off their balcony to their deaths.

In a chilling turn of events, every resident in the block meets the same gruesome fate as the couple, culminating in the formation of a headless, multi-limbed devil right before Asa/Yoru’s very eyes. The once valiant Yoru, who had every intention of fighting, is overcome with fear and chooses to flee instead.


Here’s the Release Date of Chainsaw Man Chapter 123

Get your calendars ready because Chainsaw Man Chapter 123 is set to release on March 14, 2023 in the US, the UK, and Europe, while fans in Japan will have to wait until March 15, 2023 to get their hands on it. The highly anticipated release date can be found on the VIZ app, and while previous delays have been a concern, fingers crossed this one stays on schedule!

Here’s the Release Time of Chainsaw Man Chapter 123

Mark your calendars, as Chainsaw Man Chapter 123 is set to release in Japan on March 15, 2023, precisely at 12:00 AM JST. Assuming the details hold true, here are the estimated release times for other regions:

Pacific Time: 7:00 AM (March 14, 2023)
Central Time: 9:00 AM (March 14, 2023)
Eastern Time: 10:00 AM (March 14, 2023)
British Time: 3:00 PM (March 14, 2023)

Here Are the Spoilers and Leaks for Chainsaw Man Chapter 123

Exciting rumors are swirling about Chainsaw Man Chapter 123, but unfortunately, a preview isn’t available just yet. According to Reddit leaks, the looming and horrifying Death Devil will inflict harm upon Asa, while Yoru will refer to the devil as her elder sister, thus confirming it as the new enemy.

That’s not all – more buzz claims that Seigi, a member of the Devil Hunting Club, will be revealed as the impostor behind the Chainsaw Man.

While these tidbits are certainly tantalizing, it’s wise to take them with a grain of salt as no raw scans have surfaced yet. In the past, some Chainsaw Man scripts and summaries were leaked ahead of release, so keep an eye out for any official news.

Initially, these spoilers proved to be reliable, but it seems they may not hold true anymore.

With recent spoilers being inaccurate, it’s challenging to determine if we’re dealing with genuine leaks or simply fan-made speculations.

To uncover the truth about this potential menace to mankind, we’ll have to wait for the upcoming chapter’s release.

Here Are Our Predictions for Chainsaw Man Chapter 123

Chapter 122 of Chainsaw Man introduced a new devil, leaving readers to wonder about her identity. Fami referred to the devil as a female, leading some to speculate if she is the Death Devil – the sole Horseman yet to be revealed.

With the series shifting its focus from Denji to Asa in Part 2, the story has taken a more subdued turn compared to its previous explosive action.

However, the emergence of this new threat could mean a return to the apocalyptic-level destruction, and it’s unlikely that Denji will sit out on the action.