Chainsaw Man, chapter 122: What to expect

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Chainsaw Man chapter 122: What to expect

After introducing a fresh Devil and story arc in chapter 121, Chainsaw Man fans received the unfortunate news that chapter 122 would be delayed by a week. Though better than the series reverting to a bi-weekly schedule, waiting for two weeks still leaves fans feeling let down and eagerly anticipating the next chapter.

Fans remain hopeful that their patience will be rewarded with an exhilarating and action-packed chapter from mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto. With Asa and Yoru present during the Devil’s attack and Denji rushing to Nayuta’s aid, fans anticipate a potential showdown between the characters in the upcoming issues. Nonetheless, their immediate focus is on what will happen in the next installment.

Chainsaw Manm chapter 122: release date and time :

Following a small break of a week, the release date of the popular manga Chainsaw Man chapter 122 is March 07, 2023. Fans can read this chapter on the manga plus app and Viz Media this Tuesday. Chapter 122 of the Chainsaw Man manga will be available to read from 09.00 am according to Central Time on Wednesday.

12:00 PM BRT Tuesday, March 07 (Brasilia Time)
12:00 AM JST Wednesday, March 08 (Japan)
5:00 PM CEST Tuesday, March 07 (Europe)
8:30 PM IST Tuesday, March 07 (India)
3:00 PM GMT Tuesday, March 07 (UK and Ireland)


Chainsaw Man chapter 122 is set to introduce a new Devil, potentially answering the queries related to the impostor Chainsaw Man

Chapter 122 of Chainsaw Man might kick off with a spotlight on Yoru and Asa Mitaka, who found themselves in the crosshairs of an enigmatic Devil, as revealed in the previous chapter’s climactic moments. Yet, the reason for the Devil’s onslaught remains a mystery, as chapter 121 provides no solid leads or hints to follow.

Numerous fans are hypothesizing that Nayuta, also known as the Control Devil, could be involved since the people in the apartment building appear to be under the influence of an outside force. Nevertheless, this theory falls short since Nayuta is currently at her and Denji’s apartment, urging him to investigate the incident. Therefore, it seems unlikely that she’s the one controlling the situation.

Perhaps Chainsaw Man chapter 122 will uncover that the culprit behind the assault on humanity is the Doppelganger Devil. According to folklore, a doppelganger is an entity that resembles a person but represents their evil alter ego. Despite their indistinguishable appearance, the doppelganger and the person they mimic possess entirely opposing values and principles.

Since the doppelganger has counterparts in various modern and historical cultures, it’s plausible that a Doppelganger Devil could exist. Moreover, if it’s established as a Devil that can replicate the looks and abilities of other Devils, it would clarify why the occupants of the apartment building seem to be under its influence.

Introducing the Doppelganger Devil in Chainsaw Man chapter 122 would also address the lingering mystery of the fake Chainsaw Man that remains unsolved as of chapter 121. With Fujimoto potentially resolving two plot points with one Devil, it’s the most plausible direction the story could take.

On the other hand, there’s a possibility that the next chapter may prolong the revelation of the true mastermind behind the ongoing assault. In such a scenario, readers can anticipate Asa and Yoru taking matters into their own hands and attempting to uncover the attacker’s identity independently. This could also lead to a confrontation between the duo and the humans, offering fans a quick and thrilling action sequence.

Yoru’s comment in chapter 121 about having a “bad feeling” could be a critical plot point in Chainsaw Man chapter 122. It’s possible that her intuition is pointing towards her subconscious knowledge of the attacker’s identity, leading to a rift between Asa and Yoru. Asa may suspect Yoru of colluding with their adversary, resulting in further tension between the two characters.

In addition to the probability of Yoru having to defend herself against the manipulated humans, her previously growing bond with Asa may come to an end. If Yoru embraces her demonic nature, which lacks compassion or mercy for her opponents, it could drive a wedge between her and Asa, potentially fracturing their relationship.

It’s important to note that these are all theories and conjectures, as no concrete details about Chainsaw Man chapter 122 have been revealed yet. Therefore, fans should approach the upcoming release on Tuesday, March 7, 2023, with an open mind and without any preconceived notions.