Chainsaw Man, chapter 119: What to expect

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Chainsaw Man chapter 119 What to expect

Fans are nervous about the imminent official publication of Chainsaw Man chapter 119, given how the last issue concluded. In the last part, Asa rejected Denji’s date plan of an all-night movie marathon in favor of coming to his place to watch VCRs, which is less costly.

However, Denji cautioned her that if she did not obey the laws of his household, she may perish. As a result, fans are wondering whether Chainsaw Man chapter 119 will show that Nayuta’s Control Devil abilities have manifested in the form of the home regulations she imposes on Denji and all those who enter.

While not verified, supporters anticipate that this will be the major subject of the future issue. However, different scenarios for what fans could witness when Denji and Asa arrive to the former’s house have been proposed.


Chainsaw Man chapter 119 likely to reintroduce Nayuta while setting up her powers as Control Devil

Chainsaw Man chapter 119 will most likely start with Denji and Asa arriving at Denji’s house, where the latter will meet Nayuta. While fans are eager to see these home rules and how Nayuta’s Control Devil abilities materialize via them, it’s doubtful that Fujimoto will reveal them in the future issue.

Instead, Asa may be seen obeying all of Denji’s directions in order to respect the home regulations. Nayuta will be there but not necessary participating in instructing Asa how to observe all of the regulations she is supposedly responsible for establishing.

At Chainsaw Man Chapter 119, Denji and Asa may be preparing to begin their movie marathon, potentially even reserving a room in Nayuta’s apartment. However, it’s probable that this will be the first time viewers see Nayuta’s Control Devil abilities materialize, with her trying to keep Denji and Asa from interfering with her operations.

At the same time, it is more possible that Nayuta would cooperate or perhaps join the two for their movie marathon. Fans may witness Asa get up to do or acquire something on her own, without Denji’s orders, and inadvertently breach a house rule. If the issue is a typical page length, this will most likely be one of the last scenes, setting up the concept for the future issue.

Furthermore, mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto may decide to increase the page count for the following chapter. With Nayuta’s highly awaited part 2 premiere and the series’ return after a one-week hiatus, it would make sense for Fujimoto to mark the event with a special issue.

Fans will most likely observe a dialogue or argument between Asa and Nayuta or Yoru and Nayuta in this situation. If the former situation occurs, Nayuta may be able to separate Yoru and Asa, like the Famine Devil did a few issues ago. This might lead to Nayuta questioning Asa about why she’s hanging out with Denji, even identifying her as the War Devil.

Similarly, in Chainsaw Man chapter 119, Nayuta reveals Denji as the genuine Chainsaw Man during a talk with Yoru. This is plausible if Yoru accurately recognizes Nayuta as the Control Devil’s reincarnation, perhaps setting up a situation in which Yoru tells on herself in order to acquire another ally.

The problem might finish soon after that, with the most recent development focusing on Haruka Iseumi. Given that he was observed spying on the two at the conclusion of chapter 118, it’s probable that he’ll track them down to Denji’s flat. With him knowing about Asa’s abilities, this may lead to some very intriguing occurrences.

However, all of this is just hypothetical, with no confirmed spoiler material for Chainsaw Man chapter 119 available as of the creation of this article.