Chainsaw Man, Chapter 119: Release Date A Dangerous Home Date!

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 Release Date A Dangerous Home Date!

The Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 release date has been set, and regrettably, this chapter will not be released on a weekly basis, but rather on an alternative weekly basis. However, the forthcoming chapter will be one of the most fascinating since the events building up to it are outrageous.

Fans were worried about the newest part of the series, and some were even certain that Denji would perish in it. Denji was believed to be presented as a minor character in the current volume of Chainsaw Man, leading fans to assume that when Yoru was going to convert Denji into a weapon, it was the real thing.

But she was unable to make Denji into a weapon, and she now has additional intentions for Denji. Yoru determined that Denji’s lack of love for Asa was the reason she couldn’t use her into a weapon, and hence Yoru would continue to attempt to make Denji fall for her.

Asa, on the other hand, is dissatisfied because, after going through all of this, Denji still has no affections for her. Yoru has a new strategy, and Asa will follow it since she wants Denji to develop affections for her. Denji’s offer of a movie night has transformed into a home date movie night, which might be catastrophic for Asa if she does not obey the house rules that Denji is going to set down.

What will occur in Chainsaw Man Chapter 119? Isn’t that what we’re all wondering? We won’t know for sure until the chapter is posted at the end of the month, and there are no spoilers for the chapter as of this writing. But no one is prohibiting us from talking about what may happen in the next chapter.

Thus, in this piece, we will forecast what to expect from Chainsaw Man Chapter 119, including telling you of all the information you will need for Chainsaw Man Chapter 119, such as the delayed publication date and the chapter’s varied timings. This article will also provide information on how to read the most recent chapters of Chainsaw Man for free. With that stated, here are the most recent changes on the next Chainsaw Man chapter.


Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 Expectations And Spoilers

The first and main thing we can certainly anticipate from Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 is to learn what type of house rules Denji has and why breaking them would end in death. It is undoubtedly tied to the control Devil, but it will be fascinating to discover what this new devil figure is about.

There are some early unverified spoilers for Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 that claim Haruka, who is pursuing Yoru and Denji, seems to be a servant of the Famine Devil and will likely be notifying the Famine Devil about Denji and Asa’s home date.

Yoshida, who is likely intrigued about what Denji is intending but is unwilling to tell him, also interferes with him. According to unverified speculations, Asa will attempt to entice Denji by dressing up in attractive outfits, and when they meet up for their house date towards the conclusion of Chainsaw Man Chapter 119, we will most likely find Yoshida and Famine nearby.


Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 Release Date And Time

Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 is set to be released on Wednesday, February 1st, 2023 at 00:00 hours JST. Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 will be released on Tuesday in most territories due to the chapter’s varying release dates. The following are the different release dates and timings for Chainsaw Man Chapter 119;

07:00 hrs Pacific Time on Tuesday, 31st January 2023
09:00 hrs Central Time on Tuesday, 31st January 2023
10:00 hrs Eastern Time on Tuesday, 31st January 2023
20:30 hrs Indian Standard Time on Tuesday, 31st January 2023
02:00 hrs Australian Standard Time on Wednesday, February 1st, 2023


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