Boruto’s Eyes The True power of Jougan

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Jougan’s eye had already revealed a lot about the creature, although its true strength had yet to be fully revealed.

For a long time, the main draw of the Naruto series has been the use of elaborate visual abilities such as Sharingan, Byakugan, and Tenseigan. Likewise, the latest Boruto series seems to follow in the footsteps of the previous series, as Boruto suddenly receives a new dojutsu known as Jougan, which only the Otsutsuki clan inherits.

Unfortunately, nothing is known about the full extent of Jougan’s abilities, but the fact that someone like Tonari Otsutsuki refers to him as the “Star of Hope” suggests that he must be something very unusual in his own right. Tonari’s growing interest in Boruto also adds to the intrigues surrounding the Jougan Mystery.

To tell Boruto about the power of his “clear eyes”, she even appeared in a dream she shared with him. Frankly, he indicated that the Gogan missile would be a critical weapon in preventing future destruction.

He also stated that he will also lead Boruto to the Light that will expel the darkness. Does this mean that Jougan is something even Otsutsuki should fear or avoid?

I’m sure you’re scratching your head now after reading the last paragraph, but don’t worry; We bring you everything we know about Jougan so far, plus information about what might happen in the future.

How did Boruto get Jougan from him?

Several hypotheses have been put forward regarding the origin story of Jougan from Boruto. Some believe it’s an advanced version of the Tenseigan, in the same way that the Sharingan evolves into a Rinnegan, while others believe it’s an entirely new dojutsu that no one has seen before. Below, you will find two compelling hypotheses about how Boruto obtained this mysterious gift.

1. Inheritance is a type of inheritance.

Do you remember how Hagomuro and Hammura joined forces against Kaguya and were finally able to seal it? He simply stated that the composition of the chakra should be the key to unleashing an unparalleled power that could even defeat someone as strong as Kaguya, but he didn’t go into details.

Back in the present, he refers to Hinata as Princess Byakugan and receives chakra from Hamura during the Fourth Great Ninja War; On the other hand, Naruto received the chakra from Hagomoru, and because Boruto, his son, he must have inherited this crazy combination of chakras, resulting in the development of the Jougan from him.

Tonari Otsuki is number two on the list. It was handed over to Boruke. This idea contains no logic beyond the field of rocket science. For the good of the planet, Tonari Otsutsuki must have offered Jougan to Boruto as a victim. The fact that only Boruto is able to take on such a huge responsibility and unleash Gougan’s full power should give him reason to believe that’s the case.

Jougan’s abilities are as follows:

As far as we know, Jougan allows Boruto to discover the dark chakra, which is undetectable to the human eye, as well as the Byakugan and Sharingan, based on what we’ve seen so far. Furthermore, it allows Boruto to locate barriers and intervening tunnels, and through this talent he manages to save Somer from certain death. Since Sasuke lost the Rinnegan from him, he no longer has the option to use ninjutsu in time space, so I think Jougan will be helpful in establishing a safe future for Konoha.

When Boruto comes into contact with an opposite component, Jougan is automatically activated. It works similar to Byakugan in that it allows Boruto to see everyone’s chakra flow and vital point, but with significantly more accuracy. This is just another indication that Jougan may become an advanced version of Byakugan, which was previously hinted at. Also, based on the fact that Boruto’s Jougan automatically activates whenever he encounters a strong opponent, it’s safe to believe that Jougan also provides a huge boost in strength and agility; Otherwise, he wouldn’t have had a chance against Momoshiki.

Is Jougan a member of Kekkei Gengan?

Since none of the Shinobi’s Hidden Leaf has ever heard or seen anything like Jougan, there’s a good chance that Jougan isn’t even a human trait in the first place, but more of a kekkei genkai to Otsutsukis. As a result of the way even the strongest Otsutsukis were shocked to see Jougan, it has been speculated that Jougan may be an ancient kekkei genkai that has not been seen for several generations.

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